Sunday, March 3, 2013

Republicans like Jan Brewer Utilize Scare Tactics to Demonize Freed Latino Immigrants while Revealing True Reason for their Anger! Loss of Filled Private Prison Beds!!!

Jan Brewer unwittingly revealed the real reason right wing Republicans are ANGRY over the release of low-risk detainees. They are angry because of the loss of FILLED Private Prison beds! Brewer said, The news is especially concerning when coupled with DHS' acknowledgment today that it may not be able to maintain operation of 34,000 immigration jail beds, as mandated by Congress.”

Her statement reveals the True Reason for all of this Republican angst. Their friends in the Private Prison business are losing their government funding with every unfilled bed. These Big Business Owners pay their Republican Political Puppets plenty of campaign dollars to keep their Prisons full! Over the last few years, Arizona's Department of Corrections awarded more contracts for expansions of private prisons ordered by state lawmakers and signed by Gov. Jan Brewer.
Brewer considers these Latino Border Crossers as “jail bed occupants.” The Private Prison Owners pay big $$ to the Political Action Committees of many Republican politicians, particularly in Southern Border States like Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Atlanta and North Carolina – the states with Republican Governors and loaded with Private Prisons and their Lobbyists.
Now that sequester is underway and many government departments are forced to slash their costs, it is not surprising that the Department of Homeland Security has released two thousand detainees with plans to release 5,000 more by March 31, bringing the number down to 25,748 (as reported by AP). The detainees who are released are still expected to appear in Immigration Court when scheduled and potentially may be deported.

The Department of Homeland Security currently has 30,733 Immigrants in Detention Centers. The cost to house these detainees is $164 a day for each detainee. This equals a savings of approximately $60,000 for each detainee and approximately $2 Billion a year for the detainee population.

Though it is the Republican Party that is demanding the sequester budget cuts, they are talking out of both sides of their mouths! They are vocally opposing these releases even though these actions will save the country billions. Republicans Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the Judiciary Committee and Mike McCaul of the Homeland Security Committee, as well as Sen. Dan Coats of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Sen. Chuck Grassley of the Senate Judiciary committee are all attacking Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security for these releases. They are claiming these uncharged, primarily Latino Immigrants, who have no criminal records, will terrorize the streets upon their release. This is a Lie and a Scare Tactic, painting these Latino Immigrants as the Boogey Man. Those that are being released are NOT felonious criminals. They are students, passengers in cars, workers, many of them caught up in “Suppression Sweeps” in Latino neighborhoods – as often occurs in sleepy Arizona towns.
These Republican zealots are spouting the Tea Party rhetoric. They are spewing the views of the ANTI-Latino Hate Groups including F.A.I.R, NumbersUSA and Alipac who have pushed these scare attacks against Latinos for years. Republican Politicians are Lying to the American Public about SCARY LATINOS ROAMING THE STREETS AND TERRORIZING TOWNS. 

What is mind boggling is that Republicans claim they are the party that wants to cut costs, yet they are willing to waste $2 Billion Dollars a year to detain Latino Students and Workers. Their antics make you shake your head and wonder why. These Republicans are alienating Latino Voters now and in the future.


Anonymous said...

Here is what your Dictator in Chief is up to supposedly advocating for cuts in SS and Medicare now:

He's specifically putting means-tested Medicare on the table because retirees who actually saved for retirement vote strongly Republican. It's a political move -- he's saying, well, you want cuts to entitlements, here I'm going to offer the one that would hurt my (Obama's) base the least and yours (Republican's) the most.

Now, he knows this won't fly, but, it lets him say "well I offered cuts to entitlement spending but they didn't take me up on it", which is technically true, and low information voters (and heck, high information voters who don't step back and think about it) won't realize what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Obama realease low-risk American citizen detainees instead of illegal aliens?

At least an American realeased back into our society has the right to work in this country and more than likely would have family that would help support them also.

Illegal aliens don't even have the right to work in this country. How are they going to support themselves? At least an American detainee would have a valid ID so that we would know who they really are and more easily kept track of.

Hmm, I think Obama had a agenda here that goes along with his DACA and amnesty proposals. To hell with American detainees, right? If you and other Democrats can't see what he is up to then you are wearing blinders. But since it you the ethnocentric you are applauding this latest action of his instead.

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