Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seven Obstacles Preventing the Passage of Immigration Reform

Despite what you've heard, there are Seven Obstacles that are a Hindrance to the Passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform:

Problem 1

Talk Radio, Cable News, Right Wing Media

The right wing pundits are ruthless. Their only motivation is ratings. They know and understand the more discussion and anger they derive, the higher their ratings!

Problem 2

Republicans Aspiring to be President

List them off: Rand Paul, Rubio, Cruz and so many others. They don’t care about Immigration Reform. They care about being elected President. We’ve already seen their flip flopping. Yes they are for a Pathway. No, don’t say Pathway. All they care about is achieving their goal of becoming the 2016 nominee.

Problem 3

Hate Groups, Tea Party, Website News Commenters

The Hate Groups are Up in Arms! They are upset that ANY Republican considers a Pathway to Citizenship. We’ve seen the effect on potential future Presidential candidates. We’ve witnessed their flip-flopping.

These groups have Organized. I’ve witnessed their attacks on various websites. As commenters, they are filling any websites that discuss Immigration Reform with hate-filled, ANTI Latino, ANTI Immigration Reform comments. They’ve expanded beyond their typical Right Wing websites including Drudge Report, Alipac and Daily Caller. They’ve now extended out to the Left Wing sites, including Huffington Post.

Problem 4

Gang of 8 Secrecy and Border Security Measures

They talk of a Pathway to Citizenship and they also talk about Increasing Border Security – But What are the Details? Why the Secrecy?

Problem 5

House Republicans

The House Republicans are split. While it is true that the Republican leadership is making efforts towards influencing fellow Republicans to support Immigration Reform, the Grass Roots right wing extremists (funded by the Hate Groups) are sending calls and emails to deter their efforts.

Problem 6

Opposing Lobbyists

Unions vs Business – do they really have shared principles? We don’t know how either sides efforts will play out OR who the majority supports.

Problem 7

House Democrats

Now, this is the trickiest part of all. While the majority of Democrats and our President supports Immigration Reform, there are some Democrats, particularly those in restrictionist Districts, that can be negatively influenced towards the opposing view. We just don’t know who they are or what they will do.

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Vicente Duque said...

Business Millionaires and Tech Executives invest Big Money to push for path to citizenship for undocumenteds. Strong Business Group advocates long-term economic issues. Business and Money interested in Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg eyes political push on immigration
The 28-year-old Facebook CEO and billionaire is joining with other executives to form an issues advocacy organization, with an initial focus on comprehensive immigration reform, according to sources familiar with the discussions.

March 23, 2013


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