Monday, March 4, 2013

I Demand An Apology from Adam Carolla for his Disrespectful Statements Against Latino and Black Families!

I am so angry, I can hardly type. For you, my readers, I go to the right wing websites to see what they are talking about. Today, I went to the "Daily Caller."

One of their lead articles was titled: "Adam Carolla grills Gavin Newsom on minority groups." Carolla calls himself a comedian. He has, what some call, a droll sense of humor. He frequently ridicules those he deems beneath him. He is not very successful, nor very popular. He was a child of privilege, born to parents of wealth. Obviously, he was a disappointment to them when he dropped out of college and established a career, attacking those who were born less fortunate than he was.

Of late, he has been searching for some venue that will accept his form of humor. Recently, he has sidled up with the extreme Right Wing, especially those on extreme Right Wing Talk Radio. Today, there was an article on the far right wing website "Daily Caller" which was founded by the nutcase Tucker Carlson. Do you remember Tucker? He was booted off of CNN and MSNBC for being an idiot. Then he was booted off "Dancing with the Stars" for having no rhythm. We all know Tucker Carlson is a LOSER. His website "Daily Caller" is a LOSER. And we know Adam Carolla, a child of privilege, he lost respect of his own parents for not studying, being disciplined or finishing his college career, instead pandering jokes on those he deemed lower than himself, is a LOSER. Given all this, somehow, the Daily Caller is given some level of credibility. This site is linked to by several Republican sources and Talk Radio sites.

Yet, NO ONE calls them out! No One says, "Anything these far right extremists say is full of racism spewed by disreputable racists and extremists." No one says this. Yet it should be known,, almost like a surgeon general's warning.

Well, guess what. I am calling out the Daily Caller and Adam Carolla, right here right now!

Carolla - You are wrong! Latinos have STRONG, FAMILY VALUES. WE ARE CHRISTIAN. WE LOVE OUR FAMILIES. How Dare You say what you said. I am personally calling YOU OUT right here and right now. If you said what the Daily Caller said you said that "the reason why poverty strikes African-Americans and Hispanics in such high numbers IS" is because "the difference was the lack of a strong traditional family structure among blacks and Hispanics — specifically the lack of fathers in stable households." Then I am calling you a RACIST, the Lowest of the Low. How Dare You!!!
And I demand an Apology for ALL the Latino and Black Families in America!!


Anonymous said...

I demand you show your comments on your site. My guess is that many people are calling YOU out on the number of mistakes you have and lack of fact checking. Adam carolla is not from a privileged family but instead a family on food stamps and welfare. He isn't successful? Well, he's got the number 1 podcast of all time, so most people would say that's pretty successful. I highly encourage you to fact check and know what you're talking about prior to complaining about people who are basically speaking the truth and throwing PC to the side. If you love America so much, you should accept our ideas of free speech and not require an apology from anyone you disagree with. Get it on!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dee, you have no idea what you are talking about. Adam's family was on welfare and he never attended any college. He calls himself functtionally illeterate. Also, Adam has been quite successfull, a couple of comedy central shows, a couple of radio shows, a couple of New York times best sellers and now the #1 listened to podcast. If you had listened to the interview you would have heard that it was Gavin Newsom who said blacks and latinos are being taken advantage of. Adam asked why blacks and latinos and not asians? Adams point is lets be honest about what our problems are and fix then rather than simply trying to help people have less crappy lives.

Anonymous said...

adam carolla grew up poor, he made his own money, he is the number 1 podcast, good job on your fact checking. listen to his rants on scummy white people before you toss around the racist nonsense. he says this about all people who are a drain on society, ,perhaps you should research the socio-economics of which he speaks. also stop letting your heritage blind the worlds reality around you. I am white and I hate trashy crackers who drain society thru their actions and wont take responsibility for their problems. oh yea and screw republicans and democrats.

Anonymous said...

I understand that you are upset by Adam Carolla's comments, but when you state "He was a child of privilege, born to parents of wealth" it proves that you know nothing about the person that you are trashing and calling racist. The fact that you call someone racist without knowing anything about them besides they are white makes you the racist!

Dee said...

It is obvious that you supporters of Carolla are his fans and only hear his bloviating perspective of his egotistical self.
Look at the issue. Look at what he said. He condemns Latinos and Blacks and talks about our "lack of father's in stable households." How can he say this???

First of all, his OWN family was a family of divorce, yet he Condemns Latinos and Blacks for not having stable households. (what a ....)

Second: His father was a successful psychologist. They had money. His maternal grandpa was a famous screenwriter, yet YOU call him a child of poverty? Hah!

Third: He was such a spoiled, pig-headed kid that he didn't get his HS diploma certificate because he REFUSED to pay his fines for overdue library books. He went to LA Valley College, but was too lazy and dropped out.

YOU say he is speaks the truth? Then you are just as racist as he is.

Dee said...

None of you has commented on his horrible, racist remarks. DO YOU SUPPORT these remarks?

If not, then you should tell him to apologize for them. They ARE in fact, Racist!!

All the Latinos and Blacks I know are very, very hard working. We actually grew up in poverty. As I've stated so many times on my blog, When we grew up, we were migrant workers. At five years old, I was picking crops. My father and mother were hard workers. We believe in God. They believed in the American Dream, Equal Rights and Human Rights. They taught us that Education was the key to success. Complete our Education, find good Careers, Stay close to family, always.

We did this. We have Fine Families.

Yet, Adam Carolla deines us, ALL Latinos and Blacks as: "the reason why poverty strikes African-Americans and Hispanics in such high numbers IS" is because "the difference was the lack of a strong traditional family structure among blacks and Hispanics — specifically the lack of fathers in stable households."


Dee said...

Another thing, you say Carolla was on Food Stamps at one point in his life? I've heard him on talk radio. He condemns those that take food stamps. He calls them Takers.

This is what I don't get about Republicans. Most of them, at one time in their life, have used some time of assistance. In fact, many in the Teaparty are on Social Security and Medicare. Don't they know their own party is out to END these programs? Sheesh! Your party doesn't make any sense at all!

Anonymous said...

Please provide proof that most regular Americans of the Republican party have been on some kind of government assistance in their lives. Prove for once in your miserable life that you're not lying!

SS and Medicare are not welfare programs. We pay into them all of our working lives.

Dee said...

Bad Anon,

Oh Brother! You Teapartiers are so delusional. You don't even know your own Republican Party calls Social Security and Medicare "Entitlements" and "Handouts." And they want to change them, cut them, stop increases for inflation, privatize them, cut them via "Means Testing." Etc. They DON'T CARE that we paid into them all of our lives.

What is mind boggling is that most teapartiers bellyaching against our President don't even know this.

Anonymous said...

Carolla laid a big hint on idiot Newson who was too PC to take the hint....the Black and Mestizo Hispanic groups generally do not have strong father lead families and these 2 groups are also a standard deviation lower that Whites and Asians on the intelligence scale. Serious disadvantages with only one (family) that may be modified.

Dee said...

You are as dumb as Carolla.

He is a child of divorce. If his stats were true, then he is admitting he is an idiot.

The reality is, Latinos and Blacks have STRONG family values. And, guess what, your constant racist stereotypes will result in our NEVER voting for repubs again.

Good Riddance!

calmdownbuddy said...

Dee, I am a Democratic voter and a Carolla fan. Carolla's been pounding the "focus on family" issue since he was on Loveline. He's made the point for years now that unwanted children are a drain on society that keeps on draining (starting with welfare, then moving to the criminal justice system).

Certainly you and many others can find exceptions to this generalization, but when looking into solving problems you have to consider the big picture.

Newsom was the one who stated that Blacks and Latinos, in far greater numbers than the norm, had "no access to bank accounts." What ensued was Carolla trying to get Newsom to answer questions about why, which Newsom dodged repeatedly. Carolla's no bigot. He was simply frustrated with his politician guest being unwilling to finish the debate he (Newsom) started.

Nobody talks about race in this country, because whenever race is mentioned in any context, whatever group was mentioned gets all defensive without considering the context of the argument. You're doing it over and over again on your own message board, which I suspect may have been your intent all along.

Your assumptions about Carolla are way off base, by the way. He grew up poor and was pretty poor as an adult until he reached his thirties.

Anonymous said...


Of course, there are countless Latinos and African Americans with strong family values. There are countless of intelligent, talented, and bright individuals from these groups. However, we cannot deny that people from these groups struggle in our society more than other groups. Some of these issues are because of outside factors (racism, immigration policies, poverty, over incarceration, etc.). But, there are also numerous, and very serious issues, that exist internally. As members of these communities, we should fight against the external discriminations, but we should be equally vigilant against the internal ills. The latter may be more important because they are things that we can actually control.

On to Carolla. Yes, he can be snarky and an asshole at times. Yes, he can even be offensive. And, if you actually listened to the whole dialogue, and were offended, I respect that. But his whole argument is that politicians will not answer tough questions and actually try to address the serious issues because it is easier to just say what the masses want to hear. "It's not your fault." "It's somebody else's fault." And so, the outside factors will largely remain the same, people like you and me will shy away from calling out our own communities, and the cycle shall continue.


The issue really is more magnified in the African American community, but the Hispanic community is not far behind. The statistics show that 72 percent of African-American children are born to unmarried mothers. Compare that to 17 percent of Asians, 29 percent of whites, 53 percent of Hispanics and 66 percent of Native Americans.

Of course, there are amazing fathers that are black, hispanic, white, purple, any and every color. But look at those numbers. Where are these dads?

And then look at these numbers from a site that is supportive of African American issues (

Homes without fathers ultimately affect children in numerous tragic ways:

* 63 percent of youth suicides are from fatherless homes
* 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes
* 85 percent of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes
* 80 percent of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes
* 71 percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
* 75 percent of all adolescent patients in chemical-abuse centers come from fatherless homes
* 85 percent of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes

Can you honestly say that this is not a huge issue? Is it racist to bring this issue up or is it more racist to turn a blind eye and just tell everybody what we think they want to hear?

"You're all doing fine." "It's somebody else's fault."


Jeff from KC

Anonymous said...

Corolla is a loser trying to get people to listen to his podcast. When you have no talent like Corolla, you race bait for a living. He has been in comedy for decades, he's getting old now, and all he has to show for it is a....podcast.

His peers are making millions in royalties and syndication with their TV talk shows, movies, sitcoms, and he has a...podcast. NO royalties or syndication money from that. That's the minimum wage of media. LOL

I can think of LOTS of minorities in Adam's field who are more successful than he is and not stuck doing some low paying podcast!

Anonymous said...

Adam you are a looser high school diploma holder

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