Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Help Baby Boomers! Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now!

America, we need to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now! We need workers and taxpayers to help us as our Baby Boomers enter their Senior Years. Look at the chart. Even now, Seniors (60+) outnumber every other age group except for school age children. By 2028, Aging Seniors will be over double the size of most other age groups.
The U.S. will be facing massive Labor Shortages starting in the next Five Years, particularly in the Medical and Healthcare fields. These jobs cannot be outsourced overseas. These jobs must be done here, in America.
There will be a massive need for Elder Care homes and facilities. Many small business will grow and thrive in these fields as long as we have workers who are trained and will do the jobs.
However, there are two obstacles our country needs to overcome in order to fill the demand:
1. People in America to do the jobs: We need young, hard working people.
2. Education and Training: We need to start them on their Training and Career paths now.

We must start our efforts now. We should encourage our children to enter into the Medical Field. Additionally, Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the Dream Act will allow us to increase our number of U.S. Workers. The Dream Act will allow us to encourage young people to enter into the Medical Field.

The Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) addresses Educational and Training needs for ALL Americans, including New Americans brought in through CIR.
If we work together to find solutions, we can meet our future needs. This includes encouraging our children/young people to become trained and educated in these careers, not only for their sake but for all of our sakes, especially for WE BOOMERS.

The President's policies have saved us from the DEEP CHASM created by Republican policies. CIR, the Dream Act, ACA and other Presidential Policies will help guide us to resolving our job shortages in the future.

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