Saturday, March 30, 2013

Racist and Unapologetic Republican Don Young Should Resign for his "Wetback" reference.

Every time I think of Rep. Don Young's "WETBACK" comments, the more disgusting his words become. In that one word, he dehumanized ALL Latinos who have ever harvested crops.
You would think Don Young would be grateful to the hard working Latinos who harvested his father's tomatoes. Without their backbreaking work, his father would not have been able to support their family. Rep. Young should have thanked them then and he should be apologizing and thanking them now.

Young, like so many racists, dehumanized those he views as inferior to white people. People like him throw around words like "Wetbacks," "Illeeegals," "Spicks," "Beaners," etc. From Don Young's perspective, these sub-humans swam across the Rio Grande and their backs were still wet from the river. He views them as inferior to his White Brethren, so he felt it was ok then and it's ok now to label them as "Wetbacks."
Even his words at their core make no sense. All he saw were Brown People doing back breaking work. He didn't know where they came from. He didn't know their legal status. He didn't care that they performed back-breaking work, 10 hours a day in the HOT California son so his father could take the crops to market and so his father could support his family.

As my long time readers know, MY FAMILY picked crops each summer. Our family, along with numerous other Latinos, migrated from Farm to Farm to help the farm owners harvest their crops. Like most of the other workers, we were all citizens. We grew up in Michigan. Many of the other families came from Texas or from the Midwest. We picked Cherries, Strawberries, Apples, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Onions. Picking the fruit from the trees wasn't nearly as difficult as bending over and picking row after row of Strawberries, Tomatoes and Onions. Even as a child, at the end of the day, my back hurt from the bending.
Then and Now, the word "Wetback" is one of the most hateful, de-humanizing and racist terms imaginable. Rep. Don Young has yet to apologize to Latinos for his hateful, hateful racism. Anyone with those kinds of views should NOT be a Congressman. Incidentally, Rep Don Young has a long history of making inappropriate comments and using foul language. He should resign.
Note to Bad Anon: You and many Right Wing Commenters are erroneously attempting to equate a caption MSNBC used saying Ben Carson was "Blinded by the White Elephant" to Young's "Wetback" attack. There's no comparison. Here's why:
1. MSNBC is not a sitting Congressman
2. MSNBC did not call Ben Carson a name.
3. In viewing the audience at the Republican Convention, 99% of the audience was White.
4. The Republican Party uses an Elephant as their Symbol
5. In that context, "White Elephant" was used to denote the Republican Party as being, in its current state, "difficult to maintain, burdensome."

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