Thursday, March 7, 2013

O'Keefe Caught with his Pants Down! Forced to Pay $100,000 for his ACORN LIES!

James O'Keefe, the right wing nutjob who hid a camera on ACORN, just got his due. He has agreed to pay a $100, 000 settlement to an ACORN employee that he LIED TO and SCAMMED for his Fox TV video falsely accusing ACORN.

According to the last 5 pages of the agreement, Idiot O'Keefe and his legal counsel agreed to pay $100K for their tom-foolery scam.

Will Fox News apologize for their LIES? Will apologize for their LIES? Will the insane right wing politicians apologize for their flagrant attacks and LIES against ACORN that ultimately dismantled them? NO,. No. No. They won't.

However, the rightwing nutjob responsible for the LYING Video and ALL of the stupid, lying LIES against an honorable group like ACORN, will FINALLY face his due. James O'Keefe, the LIAR and right wing nutjob, has been ORDERED by the court to pay $100,000 to those he victimized. And he has ADMITTED and AGREED to PAY!

And Justice Prevails!

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