Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Happy Easter! I've loved the Easter Holiday since I was a child.

Our family is Catholic. As children, we always went to Mass every Sunday. We always dressed up to go to church. We wore our best dresses, white ankle socks and shiny shoes. We had ribbons in our hair and a small veil over our heads.

At church, our family sat in the same pews each week. We read through our missalettes and followed along with the priest during Mass. We listened to his sermon and we received Holy Communion.

Afterwards, we walked from the church, our parents shaking hands with the priests as we left.

Easter Sunday is the Best Holiday!

Girls wear pretty new dresses for Easter, usually in pastel colors. I love yellow dresses with full skirts and frills.

For Easter, we wear hats instead of veils.

Mom always said we dressed so pretty to celebrate Jesus Rising from the Dead to save our souls.

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