Tuesday, April 20, 2010

White Supremist supporter Pearce EXPLOITS Good Samaritan's Untimely Death for their Racial Profiling, Anti-Immigrant Agenda!

Russell Pearce, Arpaio and other like minded, white supremist supported extremists are promoting the death of rancher Robert Krentz as the reason their xenophobic and restrictionist laws should be passed. This is an aberration.

Let me tell you the story of Robert Krentz. Rancher Krentz was known among fellow ranchers as a good Samaritan who often helped injured illegal immigrants trying to cross the boiling desert border into Arizona. He was a churchgoing man who routinely went out of his way to help those in need. He said, " if they come in and ask for water, I'll still give them water," he said. "I -- you know, that's just my nature."

Rancher Krentz owned a ranch about 35 miles outside of the Mexico Border town of Douglas, Arizona. His family has been ranching in southern Arizona since 1907.

On Saturday, March 27, 2010, while tending to his ranch, he was shot and killed. Police have not made any arrests and they do not have any suspects.

That Saturday morning, Krentz radioed his brother Phil between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m. He said he encountered an illegal immigrant, and was supposed to meet Phil on the ranch at noon. Hours later, when Krentz didn't show up, Phil called police, and a search team was soon scouring the sprawling desert 15 miles north of the border, near Douglas, Ariz. At around 11 p.m. that night, over 12 and a half hours after the morning call, a state police helicopter found Krentz slumped over his ATV, the engine and lights still on. Nearby, his dog lay critically wounded, also hit by a bullet. The dog died the next day. The police, utilizing tracker dogs, discovered footprints which trailed 15 miles southward, into Mexico.

The police have arrested no suspects and have no idea who committed the crime. They do have some potential scenarios which include:
1. Drug Cartel Scout: The Chirachua mountains in southeast Arizona are 11,000 feet tall, rugged and remote. It is a popular drug corridor and the killer may have been clearing the way for a load of drugs moving north when Krentz surprised him.
2. Suspect belonged to a Band of Thieves: A band of thieves have been terrorizing the remote ranches spattered around the Douglas area. Not only is this a Police scenario, this is a scenario supported by other ranchers. Rancher Krentz was shot with a 9mm Glock. Coincidentally, a 9mm Glock was stolen from a home in Portal just a few miles away," said rancher Roger Barnett. "There is no way to know for sure it was the murder weapon. But the bullet that killed Rob and his dog was a 9mm."
3. Retaliation: The day before the killing, Krentz's brother Phil stopped a caravan of illegal immigrants carrying 280 pounds of marijuana. All eight were arrested by the border patrol and the pot was impounded.

These potential scenarios are all GUESSES by the police and local ranchers. They actually have NO IDEA who shot Rancher Krentz. The odd part, according to local land owners, is that the killer was apparently alone. Illegal immigrants crossing the border usually hire coyotes to help them pass and travel in groups or 5, 10, 20 or more. They NEVER cross alone.

None of these FACTS deter the xenophobes like Russell Pearce, Arpaio or J.D. Hayworth who are pushing the ANTI Immigrant, ANTI Latino agenda. They exploit Rancher Krentz's sad and untimely death for their own political purposes and to push their own xenophobic agenda. For them to do this totally denigrates Good Samaritan Krentz's image. He was known as a Humanitarian and died an untimely and sad death. For the xenophobes and white supremist supporters to use his name and his death for their unscrupulous purposes is WRONG! They PRETEND to support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but yet they rush to judgement, accuse an ENTIRE RACE of being GUILTY of this crime, and Rush to Judgement by imposing unconstitutional Racially Profiling Laws all in pursuit of their own xenophobic agenda.

The TRUTH IS, the Police and local Law Enforcement DO NOT KNOW who murdered Rancher Krentz. All we know is he called his brother at 10:30 am on that Saturday morning, and was not found until 11pm that night. He was shot and killed by a 9mm Glock. The police found footprints who they suspect might be the perpetrator, leading into Mexico. Was it the murderer? Was he part of the group committing robberies in the area? Was he an illegal immigrant? Police suspect a lone person. If it was a lone person, then that lone person is the perpetrator, NOT all Latinos and NOT ALL undocumented people in the U.S.

ANTIs should follow their own advice. Don't Rush to Judgement. Let the police do their job. Find the perp. Charge him. He and he alone is Innocent until proven guilty. If found guilty, he will serve his time. DO NOT exploit this man's death for your own Racial Profiling agenda!
Illegal Immigrant Suspected in Murder of Arizona Rancher


Anonymous said...

No one knows who killed Robert Krentz. I understand the anger that people have over this murder. But where was this anger, and where was the mainstream media coverage when Arivaca resident Raul Flores, 29, and his daughter, Brisenia, 9, were allegedly killed by the border vigilante, Shawna Forde and two other men?

The nativists are up in arms over the murder of Krentz, but the only energy they used after the Forde murders was to distance themselves from their fellow minuteman killer.

Dee said...

Very true. The nativists DID NOT care about Brisenia Flores (and her Dad)'s murder. All they did is distance themselves from Shawna Forde.

The MM violence and threats of violence has been escalating. Do you hear an outcry? The silence you hear is the murdered children crying in the wind.

MMPete said...

Wrong! The legitimate MM didn't need to distance themselves from this trash, they already had before this incident occured.

We expect all murderers to be punished for their crimes including the perpetrators of this crime.

Why don't you ask the mainstream media about it if you feel it didn't get enough coverage. We don't control the media. No one does.

What the hell is a nativist anyway and what has it to do with Americans being afraid of violence spilling over our borders?

MM violence is increasing? For God's sake the group isn't even a group anymore so what are you talking about?

I don't know why I even post in here anymore when there just isn't any honesty in here but silly accusations of others. I have even defended myself against false accusations made of me in here about things I never even said but they don't get posted. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Murdered children? That is a plural. There was only one child murdered. More of your exaggerations. You never stop, do you?

Dee said...

It has been well reported that the extreme right wing violence has significantly increased since President Obama has been elected. Extremist Radical Michelle Bachmann calls our government the derogatory term "gangsta government." Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and Fox News promote this extreme level of anger and the overthrow of the government.

The Hutaree Militia listened.
The MM leaders you distance yourselves from - Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush - listened and murdered Brisenia Flores and her Dad.
Richard Poplawski listened when he gunned down those policemen.
Right Wing volunteer Dannie Baker listened when he gunned down the Chilean Students. (yes anon, here are the plural children who were murdered along with Brisenia).

And to your point, maybe the MMs have changed their names to Tea Party or Militia or extreme right wingers or Conservatives. And I am not saying ALL. I am saying the numbers resorting to violence from the extreme right wing are dramatically increasing.

Consider the fact that death threats against our current president are triple that of any other president at this point in their tenure; and threats against the Dem members of Congress have TRIPLED over the last three months. YES. The violence has increased by the extreme right wing. That is a FACT.


MMPete said...

You take some radical militia group and attribute them to all other ring wing Americans? Regular conservative Americans aren't like them nor do they desire overthrowing our government. They are just angry at those in power. That isn't the same thing as wanting to overthrow our government.

Americans have a right to be angry with our government for the past two administrations I might add not just the Obama one. Since when can't an American express anger against our government? And no, regular right wing, conservative Americans are not violent. Stop doing that!

MMPete said...

"The Hutaree Militia listened.
The MM leaders you distance yourselves from - Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush - listened and murdered Brisenia Flores and her Dad.
Richard Poplawski listened when he gunned down those policemen.
Right Wing volunteer Dannie Baker listened when he gunned down the Chilean Students. (yes anon, here are the plural children who were murdered along with Brisenia)."

What does this militia have to do with the MM orgnization? They are two totally different groups. The MM were only about border security.

What do any of the crimes you mentioned have to do with regular, right wing, conservative Americans? I could post all kinds of crimes committed by illegal aliens also but what would be the point since they aren't all criminals? Can you grasp that concept?

Who cares about the "extreme" right wing anymore than we should care about the "extreme" left wing? Why don't you focus on regular Americans instead of this nonsense?

MMPete said...

By the way, I asked you why you said that the MM violence is escalating and you didn't answer. For one thing the law abiding MM of which most of the group was composed of were never violent and second the group doesn't even exist anymore.

I note that you insinuate that some MM have become tea partiers who are non-violent in nature and/or these radical militia groups that are. I wouldn't be doing that without any proof of that whatsover. It is not nice to make flamatory remarks like that without any proof.

Neither the tea partiers nor these militia type are really about illegal immigration but the MM were so I don't know how or why you are trying to make a connection between these three groups. They all stand for their own entirely different agendas.

Dee said...

I most certainly did answer. I said the MMs have joined other groups, many in the extremist right wing and militias. The FBI has reported violence has significantly increased in the extreme right wing groups and militias.

As I said. I NEVER said YOU did this. I said violence has increased in the extreme right wing groups and militias.

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