Tuesday, April 20, 2010

White Supremists Rule Arizona State Government! Birthers and Racial Profilers have GONE BERSERK!!

Brown Skinned people beware! Do Not Venture into the State of Arizona! Arizona is instituting "OPERATION WETBACK" all over again! All Americans who are against social injustice, against Racial Profiling, against a Government Take-over should invoke a National Boycott against Arizona. Shout this out near and far, from east to west, north to south! Contact your business owners, organizations and all who conduct Meetings, Gatherings and Vacations. BOYCOTT ARIZONA!

The state has GONE BERSERK! The AZ State Senate, lead by White Nationalist supporter, Ole Boy State Senator Russell Pearce, are passing two RACIST Bills:
1. Racial Profiling Bill: AZ has passed an ANTI Immigrant bill allowing trained Gestapo (aka: arpaio's masked henchmen -- see picture on right) to stop any/all Brown People, WITH NO CAUSE, and demand their citizenship status. A driver's license is NOT good enough. They require PROOF of Citizenship until they are satisfied you are a citizen. Otherwise they will take you into custody until you PROVE, to their satisfaction, you are a citizen. This may require your Birth Certificate, social security card, and any other documentation until the arresting officer is convinced of your citizenship status. If you are brown skinned and have an accent, BEWARE!! Most assuredly, you WILL BE DETAINED!

Note: I just heard both sides' argument on MSNBC:
PRO: The law promotes Racial Profiling. It's unconstitutional. It violates Civil Rights. I'm against a government take-over.
ANTI: It is better to Racially Profile all Latinos than to let the Border Violence continue. Are you against law and order? Do you support Border Violence? Are you against Drug Cartels? (mentions ranch owner murder -- see next post which I will detail out and refute their lame argument)

2. AZ Birther Bill: Ole Boy Pearce also pushed through a Birther Bill. The Arizona House on Monday voted for a provision that would require President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate if he hopes to be on the state's ballot when he runs for reelection. The House voted 31-22 to add the provision to a separate bill. The measure still faces a formal vote. Even if they pass this bill, it violates the Constitution. They cannot keep a seating President OFF OF THEIR 2012 Presidential Ballots. I thought these Birther, Tea Party types supported the Constitution. Shades of goony Orly Taitz! The AZ legislature would be a laughing stock if these ridiculous Bills they are passing weren't so demonistic! Has someone been putting LSD in their drinking water? If it passes, they will waste millions of dollars supporting this bogus bill in court, all for naught. It is unconstitutional and NO COURT IN THE LAND will uphold this bill! Their State Senate is racist and insane!
To all my Viewers:
Act Now! Shout it from the rooftops!
Message to our President: You need to step in here and stop Arizona's "Operation Wetback." We the People of America will not stand for this violation of the Constitution and of our Civil Liberties!


Anonymous said...

There is no anti-"immigrant" bill. Do your lies ever stop? And no, LE cannot just stop anyone and ask for their status in this country for no good reason. It is based on "reasonable suspicion" and that does not include stopping anyone simply based on the color of their skin. More of your lies!

No one will have to produce a birth certificate either unless they can't present a valid I.D. More of your lies! Get a grip. You are totally off the wall with your racist, ethnocentricism and disloyalty to this country.

What you going to do when you don't get your amnesty/CIR? (and you won't) You will just have to let your dream of whitey becoming the minority in this country and of your Hispanic utopia in this country. Move somewhere else. There are 22 other countries on the Western Hemisphere that are Hispanic dominant. Plenty to choose from. We don't need to become the 23rd one here by illegal immigration from south of our border.

ultima said...

As I have said there is no reason why this should be made into a civil rights issue. The ACLU has already been ruled against in Estrada vs Rhode Island.

All we need is a little cooperation from everyone and this need not be a big issue. Two facts are undeniable: (1)what we are currently doing is not working, and (2)it is not a major imposition on anyone to carry citizenship papers in the border states and elsewhere if necessary to facilitate the identification and apprehension of illegals.

This is being blown up out of all proportions. The major thrust of our comments should be for the proper training of police officers so that they treat all citizens with respect and courtesy while soliciting their cooperation in achieving the objective of catching the border violators. Thanking them for their help. If there were no illegals in Arizona, there would be no need for this.

Me thinks thou doest protest too much! Let's make it work for all of us, instead of the illegals.

ultima said...


Never happen, GI!

Dee said...

Evil Anon,
I posted your comment so viewers can view what trash I have to wade through as I write my blog.

Of course this is Racial Profiling. We have already witnessed what the evil Sheriff Arpaio is doing with his racial profiling and his masked goons. This picture on this post is of one of arpaio's henchmen. They continually rampage Latino neighborhoods and racial profile the innocent. Hundreds upon hundreds of Latinos have been raked through the coals by Arpaio. From
being scared shxtless during their confirmation mass.

to a Latina Mayor being harassed relentlessly (Mayor of Guadalupe) by his masked henchmen, to a father and son to testified before Congress

And YES, MANY CITIZENS HAVE BEEN DETAINED and had to provide documentation far beyond a driver's license and were told to wait until all of these documents were received, reviewed and approved by the masked henchmen.

And the father who testified before Congress was ill, and told to stand for 8 hours, handcuffed on the side of the road, and when he had to urinate, had to urinate, in handcuffs, on the street, in front of the public. Let's see how YOU feel when YOUR MOTHER is forced to do this! She looks like a militia member. She should be racial profiled too! What is good for ONE is good for ALL! Not Fair? Not FAIR FOR LATINO CITIZENS!! NOPE! NOT AT ALL!!

Volunteers from the MMs, Militia, KKK and who knows what other groups...but their identities are hidden by their masks!


Dee said...


This is America. Racial Profiling for ONE is good for ALL!

Are you willing to allow your WIFE and MOTHER to be racially profiled by masked henchmen looking for militia types? These masked henchmen trained by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Looking for militia types? Held for 8 hours by the side of the road, unable to urinate unless they do so in handcuffs, in public, on the side of the road?

Fair is fair! Racial profiling for one is good for racial profiling for ALL!

Until you are willing to let YOUR WIFE and MOTHER go through this, DO NOT ask ME to Allow MY MOTHER or Sister to go through this!


Dee said...

Arpaio recruits his masked henchmen, unpaid volunteers, from the Minutemen and from local militias (read KKK and White Supremists.)

These volunteers WEAR MASKS. Arpaio says it is to protect their identities from retaliation.

How ridiculous.

Think about it. Why should Law Enforcement feel they must wear masks? ... unless they KNOW they are GUILTY of Wrong doing!

Think about it!

El Politico said...

Please call the Arizona Governor every hour on the half hour. 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM etc. until 4:30 PM. We have successfully interrupted their phone system the last two days. We need your help!!! Call 1-800-253-0883. For ten minutes straight every hour on the half hour. Help us shut down the Governors phone system. You can call from out of state! Everyone can call!!! Say NO to SB1070, that simple!


Dee said...

El Politico,
Thank you for the update.

I will post this alert on the frontpage of my Blog.

Anon-az said...

Actually, I have to agree with Dee (except the white supremacist part), shocking I know.

The immigration bill here would allow anyone who witnesses an officer NOT ASKING ABOUT STATUS to SUE THE CITY- of all people, not just brown people. Requiring employers to verify someone's status is one thing, this is something much worse.

Welcome to "May I see your papers please".

I hope the Governor will veto it, but won't since she is up for election (not re-election since she never ran) and feels the need to pander to certain groups.

The birth certificate bill is actually a reaffirmation of the Constitution requiring people to verify that they are eligible to run for president on a state level. While this might be connected to the 'birther' controversy, it isn't such a bad idea to make sure that someone is in compliance with the Constitutional standards for the office until an amendment can be made.

I've always contemplated running for state office, maybe it's time....

ultima said...

When we think about profiling and the improvements in indepth border security, we should keep in mind the following quote from Hillary Clinton:

"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society."

We can easiily extrapolate that quote to fit the present situation. We have to stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is in the national interest and best for our society. Surely no one wants to argue that there are circumstances in which this does not apply. It applies in to the illegal aliens situation in this country and in the border states.

Hillary was right. The citizens in the Hispanic communities in our border states have to stop thinking about themselves and begin thinking about what is best for our country. Arizona needs an addition to the police cruiser communication devices to enable them to do an E-verify check on green card and ss card, names and numbers so that Hispanic citizens are not detained any longer than is necessary. This could work just like the communications equipment that allows cruiser to instantaneously check auto license numbers. l

ultima said...

Dee asked,"You still REFUSE TO ANSWER.
This is America. Racial Profiling for ONE is good for ALL!

Are you willing to allow your WIFE and MOTHER to be racially profiled by masked henchmen looking for militia types?"

Yes, if we moved in those circles and there was probable cause, I would be willing. By that very act I would know the police are doing their job and are on top of the militia problem. I have suggested that there is a way to avoid the situation of the gentleman who appeared before congress. Police communication devices and e- verify coupled with some laminated id. The new immigration reform bill prescibes a biometric ID for everyone. Record the coded ssn and name, license number number and name, green card number and name if applicable on that card and make it machine readable against a national data base of same using an E-verify like system would solve the problem.

I beleive detainees should be made comfortable but without putting the officer in jeopardy. Normally, old folks and families with children are not dangerous but sometimes they are. So I think the police rules of engagement could be loosened a litttle for old people and families with children. Isn't there some room for compromise here so that citizens are treated like citizens and they in turn cooperate with the police so they can do their job?

The problem here is that too many simply don't care whether our borders are secure or not. They are unwilling to endorse the tools needed to secure them. I don't want Hispanic citizens to be abused in any way shape or form but I do want our borders to be secured so as Hillary suggested, we may have to give up some individual rights to serve the greater good of sending a clear message that border jumpers are not wanted and will be identified and apprehended.

A combination of this with employer penalties and temporary worker laws that allow America's labor need to be met would work for all of us.

There is no reason why this so-called profiling should be substantially different from sweeps and stops for potential DUIs which no one objects to, except the drunks.

ultima said...

"Birther" is a derisive term for those who merely want all presidential candidates and incumbents to prove their bona fides through the release of all of the pertinent original documents. Seems like a very reasonable idea to me. I don't know why Democrats choose to overlook the fact that the failure to release those documents is inconsistent with Obama's claim of transparency but consistent with a very real concern about. No one has explained to my satisfaction why Obama chose the route of secrecy rather than disclosure. With the stroke of a pen he could put this issue to bed once and for all. His failure to do so is very incriminating to every objective thinker. If a copy can be disclosed, why not the original if there is any question? What is he hiding? Was he illegitimate? Was his father someone else altogether than the Kenyan he says? Can any of this be so embarassing that he feels he must refuse the reasonable request for proof of his bona fides. Why has he exacerbated the problem by his obstinacy on this issue? Again I ask, "What is he hiding?"

ultima said...

"...their identities are hidden by their masks!"

Hidden from potential drug smugglers, gansters, murderers, etc. who have already threatened to kill the police officers and their families.

ultima said...

I have to agree with this much of Anon's post. This is not an anti-immigration bill. Although I personally believe we need to have immigration laws that would enable us to stabilize our population, SB1070 has no such objective.

ultima said...

In the heat of the moment one tends to forget that this bill was passed by the majority of the duly elected representatives of the people of Arizona. They and those they represent must feel that this is an urgent matter that requires additional laws.

Surely, you don't want to turn this on its ear and say well if it's passed by whitey it must be racist, but if Obama is nominated and elected on the basis of the Black and Brown vote that that is okay and no one should complain.

ultima said...

The product of a fully debated action by elected representatives deserves better than to be characterized as white supremist racial profilers gone berserk. If that is legitimate criticism then the investive hurled at liberals in Congress is also.

ultima said...

Do you have a URL for the story about the guy that appeared before congress regarding his immigration stop?

ultima said...

Would Brown supremicists and profilers be more acceptable?

ultima said...

Why can't this just be accepted at face value as a badly needed measure to control or eliminate illegal entry into and through the State of Arizona? There is nothing more clear than the fact that what we are doing so far is not working.

Dee said...

Thank you for your voice of sanity. Being that you are from Arizona, even though you lean toward the ANTI perspective, you know and understand how wrong this Bill, if enacted, will be, especially for ALL Latinos in AZ.

Arizona reminds me of the environment around the ole "Operation Wetback" or "Japanese Internment" days.

Dee said...

Stop thinking of the individual? OMG Ultima. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves at the thought of the loss of our freedoms. One ethnicity should never be the Victim of Racial Profiling. True Americans would never condone this loss of civil liberties, freedoms. We are ALL EQUAL.

White Northern Europeans are not MORE Equal than others. We are EQUAL regardless of color, ethnicity.

We live in America! Not Nazi Germany!

Dee said...

Obviously you are NOT following the antics of arpaio and his masked goons or the number of deaths and illnesses due to inhumane conditions in his jails.

In court cases against arpaio, maricopa county has lost over $40M in lost court cases for his vile abuse.

ultima said...
I beleive detainees should be made comfortable but without putting the officer in jeopardy. Normally, old folks and families with children are not dangerous but sometimes they are. So I think the police rules of engagement could be loosened a litttle for old people and families with children.

Anon-cal said...

Wow, what a hypocrite! You could care less about "individualism" unless it affects your precious illegals! You also display your obssession and hatred with Americans of white Northern European ancestry. You see this country as a "white Northern European" one and can't wait until that population is extinct or greatly diminished in this country. How very racist and bigoted of you! It was those very same "Northern Europeans" who established this nation, provided the blueprint, and laid the ground work to enable this country to become the very same one that "your people" are crawling through the desert to get into because they are so damned inept in creating their OWN first-world countries! Your hostility and antipathy towards those of "white Northern European" descent is really pathetic and bigoted. I am eternally grateful to this group of people for establishing such a great nation that ALL people were able to come here legally and to help it prosper! We have flourished here and so have many Mexican-Americans! What a hypocrite you are to continue to denigrate this group of people!

You're right about "white Northern Europeans" not being more equal than anyone else! But, this isn't about "white Northern Europeans!" This is about massive illegal immigration and illegals not having the "right" to remain in AZ or any other state! And they ARE NOT EQUAL in their right to remain here as compared to American citizens!

The Arizonian said...

I generally don't care for the "anti" title. I, like so many others, am not anti-immigration. Illegal immigration is another issue entirely.

I'm I anti-gun if I believe that those convicted of felonies and foreign nationals should not be allowed to own firearms?

There is a saying that I've always liked:
“Free software” is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”.

I feel the same way about 'open borders'.

I guess it depends on whether you want the United States to be open like a grocery store, or semi-open like a strip club.

The Arizonian said...

BTW, have you seen the documentary The Least of These?


It's...... Interesting.

Dee said...

Hmmmm. My readers are seeing the ANTIs come out of the woodwork now. My, my. Try reading the article and my bio. I don't "hate white northern europeans." Pardon a hackneyed phrase, but some of my best friends are white northern europeans. My husband is one and my children are 1/2. Sheesh!

Try re-reading the blogs and the articles I write and reference. I research the facts and tell the truth. Then I allow people from both sides of the aisle to discuss the issues/facts as presented. I consider my politics left of center. I don't hide this fact. I am a Humanitarian. I've also studied the Immigration history of our country over the last hundred years and know how we reached this point in time with this debate. That is what I write about.

The only comments I do not publish are those who use profane language or go off topic by attacking me. I have one person (I call Bad Anon) who stays awake all night and sends me 3am profane, off topic, rude posts. I rarely post what Bad Anon comments. Just too profane and I know he would enjoy it too much. Although occassionally I do post them just to show how extreme Bad Anon is and if he doesn't swear too much.

One more thing Anon-Cal. My family has lived in this country over 200 years, like so many Latino families in the SW corridor of the U.S. Our families have helped Nation Build this great country of ours and have been an integral factor in this nation's success. We love our USA! We stand tall, and are proud to be Americans. Those coming here, particularly from the south, yearn for the land of the free, home of the brave. They love this country too and were enticed here by jobs they were hired by Americans to do. Many have been here over 20 years. I don't support open borders. I support Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Allow them (who are felony free) to get in line and apply for citizenship.

ICE and the Police should go after the Drug Cartels and partner with our neighbor and friend Mexico, to curb the violence and end the cartels.

Dee said...

Glad to have you back.

The gun advocates might think you are anti-gun, but I wouldn't.

I am against guns and violence and drugs and drug cartels. I think all perps (murderers; drug cartels; violence committers)should be arrested and if convicted, serve their time, and if "illegal", deported. If it were up to be, guns would be restricted from gangs and drug users. I would ban all assault weapons. But that's me.

Dee said...

I haven't seen the video but it looks like a good one. I'll try and see it this weekend.

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