Thursday, April 8, 2010

Extreme Right Wing Teapartiers No Better than Al Qaeda! Need to take Citizenship Classes and Gain Loyalty to America!

I haven't written a blog in a few days. Why? Because I am saddened by all the rhetoric and abusive, racist language and actions by the extremists in the right wing. Their actions are absolutely insane and on the brink of domestic terrorism. They go far beyond their past idiotic claims of "Socialism", "Communism" or "Messiah" talk.
What is mind-boggling is these extremists say they are Christian. They say they are Patriotic. I say to them, their actions are NOT Patriotic. And most of all, their actions are NOT Christian. Their actions are, in fact, EVIL! I suggest they go back to church and read the bible. Begin with:
. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. [Matthew 7:120]
. Judge not, lest ye be judged. ~ Matthew 7:1

Recently, many of their actions are those of Domestic Terrorists, drawn from PURE EVIL! Who do these people think they are? They are no better than al qaeda. They need to take citizenship classes and renew their loyalty to America!

Recent Actions by these Domestic Terrorists:
1. EVIL Rhetoric:
Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman, a breast cancer survivor, was confronted by a Tea Party protester that said God cursed her with Breast Cancer because of her vote for Healthcare. During her townhall meeting, anyone supporting Healthcare was attacked. Example: Healthcare supporter Marjorie described how she'd been struggling to get health-care coverage in the years since the accident that caused the memory loss -- while working as special education teacher, a student threw a metal ball, hitting the blond woman in the head."Good!" declared the elderly teaparty supporter, apparently pleased to learn of Marjorie's becoming disabled. Another teapartier screamed, "I will try to get you fired. I will try to get [the health-care reform] bill repealed."

2. Congresspeople Threatened:
. Gregory Lee Giusti, made threats over the phone to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In at least 13 calls to Sen. Patty Murray (D) of Washington, Charles Alan Wilson of Selah, Wash., allegedly told the senator that she had a “target on your back.” Mr. Wilson was arrested Tuesday.
. CHARLES ALAN WILSON, 64, of Selah, Washington, was arrested this morning and charged by criminal complaint with threatening a federal official. WILSON became the subject of a federal investigation after a series of threatening phone calls to the office of Washington's U.S. Senator Patty Murray.
. A propane gas line was cut in March at the Charlottesville home of Rep. Tom Perriello's (D-Va.) brother after a self-identified "tea party" activist posted the address on the Internet and said it was the congressman's house. . A brick was thrown through the window of the Niagara Falls district office of Rep. Louise M. Slaughter (D-N.Y.) , and someone left her a voice mail suggesting that the children of health-reform supporters would be targeted by snipers.
Rep. Bart Stupak (Mich.), the leader of a bloc of antiabortion Democrats who eventually cut a deal with the Obama administration and voted for the bill, received a fax with a drawing of a noose and an anonymous voice mail saying: "You're dead. We know where you live. We'll get you."
. At least 10 Democrats and “a handful of Republicans” received violent threats last month. Lawmakers reported 42 threats in the first three months of this year.

3. Racist Proposals: Republican Governor Governor Bob McDonald of Virginia, declared April 2010 Confederate History Month. He completely overlooked the history of Slavery in America. He did so at the request of the very racist group: The Sons of the Confederate Veterans. Their spokeman said, when they made the request: "We decided to bide our time and waited until we had more favorable politicians in Richmond."

4. Racist Actions: Congressman spit upon: Racial epithets were hurled at members of the Congressional Black Caucus by angry protesters who had gathered at the Capitol to protest health-care legislation, and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver was spit upon. The most high-profile openly gay congressman, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), was heckled with anti-gay chants.

5. Sex, Lies & Videos: ACORN Videos Proven False: Undercover "pimp" videographer James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles LIED in the editing of their infamous ACORN videos, according to California Attorney General Jerry Brown who acquired the full, unedited versions of the tapes.

6. Domestic Terrorists: Hutaree Militia Domestic Terrorist Threats: In a speech to relatives and others while riding in a van, Hutaree militia leader David Brian Stone Sr. called for a war with “the New World Order.” The Associated Press obtained a transcript of the secretly made audio recording that includes the speech. It lists Stone as saying: “You kill enough cops, you can’t get enough people to take the job.“Why? I’m not gonna become a cop and go die.”

I call upon ALL True, Loyal Americans to stand up and say these (above) actions are wrong. We should ALL support and defend our Country, our President, our Congresspeople and our Troops! God Bless America!


US Immigration said...

I thought this is more on immigration but I'm sorry to say, I sensed hate in the way you wrote this article but of course I understand your point of view. Each of us has it's own opinion and I respect you for that. You have many good points on your article and you express it well.

Anonymous said...

"4. Racist Actions: Congressman spit upon: Racial epithets were hurled at members of the Congressional Black Caucus by angry protesters who had gathered at the Capitol to protest health-care legislation, and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver was spit upon. The most high-profile openly gay congressman, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), was heckled with anti-gay chants."

There is a $10,000 reward for ANY VIDEO showing this, since most people there didn't see or hear this......

Anon-az said...

I would ask that people read this article, from Canada none-the-less.

Do Democrats commit hate crimes against black Republicans
By Frances Rice Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Racists! That incendiary charge hurled by Democrats at Tea Party activists protesting against ObamaCare was shown to be totally false by Jack Cashill in his article “A Closer Look at the Capitol Steps Conspiracy”.

Given the Democratic Party’s 150-year record of racist rhetoric and racial violence - from the days of slavery until today - it is astonishing to see Democrats sanctimoniously playing the race card. A display of unmitigated gall describes how Democrats are falsely comparing anti-ObamaCare protesters to the anti-civil rights racists of the 1960’s who were Democrats. Democrats get away with this racial hypocrisy because they know with absolute certainty that the true history of civil rights has long been buried, and the racism exhibited today by Democrats against blacks, particularly black Republicans, will be ignored by the mainstream media.

ultima said...

Something you might want to think about: TEA Party Being Hijacked by La Rouche Extremists.

The dangerous Lyndon LaRouche cult is attempting to hijack the TEA party movement. This cult consists of fanatical followers of LaRouche's peculiar brand of Marxism. Interestingly, one of LaRouche's former high level associates, Webster Tarpley, is now openly working with self-described "patriot" Alex Jones, who runs the infowars and prision planet web sites. Tarpley appears in two of Jone's films, "The Obama Deception" and "Fall of the Republic." Many conservatives have bought these films, thinking they have critical information abougt the threats to freedom that face us today. But the films are actually thinly-disguised propaganda meant to deceive and distort the real situation.

The TEA Party must wake up -- and wake up fast -- before these political extremists carry out a strategy that will divide and discredit the movement. We have already seen some evidence of that in the extremist signs held by some participants in the TEA party demonstrations in Washington and elsewhere.

Lyndon LaRouche is a former member of the Trotskyite Communist Socialist Workers Party (SWP), and his first political organization, the National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), began as a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the same group that laid seige to college campuses in the 1960s. This is the group that spawned terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. The NCLC became the U.S. Labor Party.

In the 19602, La Rouche built a political intelligence network with about one thousand operatives stationed in North America, Europe, and South America. In a series of lectures in 1976, titled "What only Communists Know," La Rosuche described his network as the "world's Marxist labor movement."

The network created a series of front organizations and publications that included the National Democratic Policy Committee, the New Solidarity International Press Service (NSIPS), the National Anti-Drug Coalition, the Fusion Energy Federation, and the Executive Intelligence Review - all directed by Lyndon LaRouche. He ran for president under the US Labor Party banner; and then again in 1980 as a Democrat.

In 1978, following the presidential election of Jimmy Carter, LaRouche began a new effort to spread his influence by attempting to create ties to the American Right. Through the US Labor Party, LaRouche followers began to fan out across the nation, contacting conservative leaders. One of themes was that they possessed documentation that Carter had stolen the election and that there was a possibility the election results could be overturned. This was a blatant attempt by LaRouche to infiltrate the conservative movement. His followers continued in this mode to date successfully helping to discredit the Right or promote the Soviet position.

The strength of the LaRouche appeal to some TEA partiers was dramatically demonstrated in a recent election when LaRouche-Democrat Congressional candidate Kesha Rogers won the nomination in the 22nd District in Texas. She campaigned on one main issue -- impeach Obama. That message had great appeal to many in the freedom movement and they came across party lines to nomimate her.

Rogers victory has done massive harm to the freedom movement by giving LaRouche the one thing he lacked - his own political foothold on the elective battleground. He used the TEA party movement to give him what he never had - legitimacy.

Wake up TEA partiers and toss out this ugly LaRouche philosophy!

ultima said...

I think we should begin first by declaring all gangs to be domestic terrorists. When enough members each gang are convicted of peddling dope, killing or mutilating innocent human beings, especially officers of the law and their families, to protect their territory,etc., Eric Holder should declare them to be domestic terrorists within the meaning of the Patiot Act.

So where are you on that conversation we were going to have about how to secure the borders, given that what we are currently doing isn't working; and how are going to penalize miscreat employers of illegal when we do not have full implementation of E-Verify across the board? (Utah is only most recent state mandate e-verify. Why has the federal government abdicated its responsibility in this area?)

Remember you were going to suggest how we could secure our borders without these tools even though it is not happening with the present rules and procedures. I am really serious about this because I don't think it can be done. What would you do if you were in charge and you could be impeached if you failed to achieve your primary duty of secure borders? It is the inaction of the feds that bring out the worst in everyone. My local congressman caught hell in his town hall meeting last night because he had no answers.

Anonymous said...

Loyalty to America? Since when is advocating for illegal aliens who have broken our immigration laws and have stolen jobs from Americans and sucked our tax coffers dry, being loyal to America?

Dee said...

Breitbart posted a blog boasting a $10K reward. One of the commenters provided the video proof. Guess What. Breitbart took down the comment. Good thing I made a screenshot of the page.

Here is the comment:
VoiceofLogic 1p · 5 hours ago
Get out your checkbook, Andrew. On the second clip: at 10-11 seconds someone says, "Kill the Nigger" and 12 to 13; "Kill the Jew". Have a listen yourself:

Dee said...

I agree with you. As I said before. I am NOT saying ALL the TeaPartiers are racist/evil. I am saying extremists right wingers within the teaparty are racist/evil and are attempting to take it over.

What I am saying is, the good people within the Republican Party and the tea party movement need to stand up and denounce them.

I saw the video of the teapartiers who screamed and spit on Emanuel Cleaver. It was despicable. Here's the youtube. Go to minute: 1:26
Look at the guy in the black shirt and white cap when cleaver goes by. Spits right on him. Cleaver even comes back. Look at the guy laughing afterwards. Despicable.

Why aren't the teapartiers standing up and telling these guys to stop their racist/evil tactics?

Dee said...

I don't like drugs or gangs any more than you do. However, we should 1st start with those who are out trying to overthrow the government.

Look at the Hutaree militia. They planned to kill all police officers. Their leader boasted that once the cops were taken out, then others would be afraid to become police, and the militias would take over.

This is on tape. Taped by the undercover FBI.

Dee said...

I received so many very profane comments which I did not post on this blog.

Each one of the items listed are FACTS.

I also don't say ALL teapartiers. I said the Extreme Right Wing Teapartiers.

Why doesn't every loyal American stand up and denounce their actions? If we all did, maybe they would stop. Somehow they feel supported by the likes of Palin, Bachmann, Dick Armey and other teaparty leaders.

If people don't start being loyal to America, this will turn into another civil war. These domestic terroristic actions MUST BE DENOUNCED by ALL Loyal Americans!

Dee said...

What I do not understand is, why is it so difficult for Americans to be loyal to America? Why is it so difficult to honor our President? Our Congresspeople? At least honor the office.

Spitting, Swearing, Threatening (live or by phone) should not be done. Al Qaida is LAUGHING at us!

Why can't we ALL JUST GET ALONG? Why can't we ALL BE LOYAL TO AMERICA? Our President? Our Congress?

The actions of these zealots will go down in history as the worst in history!

Dee said...

My father taught me to Love our Country. He taught me to HONOR the Office of President! Congress! the Military!

Freedom of Speech is one thing. Threats and Abusive language and spitting are NOT covered by freedom of speech.

MMPete said...

Since when is it being disloyal to want the traitors that are in office in our government booted out? I call that being patriotic. Not all of our government officals are traitors but there are far too many that are. Now of course violence should not be accepted but that isn't what the basic tea party movement is about. You just focus on other Americans who are and claim that it is the whole tea party movement's agenda. You always do this. You always focus on fringe groups and demonize anyone who may share "some" of their views but are the non-violent type. Yet you get mad when "some" people focus on all the crimes of illegal aliens and attribute them to all illegals. Do you not see your hypocricy here? Many pro-amnesty people denounce the serious crimes of illegals and yet when the tea party members do the same of their fringe element you ignore it.

Was it being disloyal to our country to demand civil rights for Black Americans which wasn't being provided by our government? Of course not! This is the same thing. We are demanding that our government follow the Constitution and beholding only to American citizens. How in the hell is that being disloyal?

MMPete said...

One can honor the office of president without honoring the sitting president's policies. Bush's policies were not honored by many Americans either. Does that make them un-American anymore than those who do no honor Obama's policies? See the hypocricy in the double standard here?

The same goes for our congressmen. Is it ok to disagree with a majority Republican controlled congress but not ok to disagree with a Democratically controlled congress? See the double standard here? It isn't about disrespect for our country or those who are in office. It is about certain policies that many Americans find objectionable. It has nothing to do with not loving our country but everything to do "with" loving our country by objecting to policies that are not in the best interests of our country as a whole. Such a simple concept that is being twisted by those with an agenda.

MMPete said...

Another thought. Neither our president nor our congressmen are Gods. They are human and make bad decisions just like the rest of us mortals. It is not unpatriotic to object to those in office in a respectful and civil way and that is what the majority of the tea partiers do. In fact those who do object to bad policy are the ones who truly love their country not those who blindly follow our leaders, right our wrong.

Vicente Duque said...

POLITICO.COM : The Dow Jones Industrial Average touched the Magic Wonderful 11,000 and reverses two miserable points to close the Friday Session on 10,997.35 - Obama is a winner !

Dow Jones tops 11,000
April 9, 2010

Dow Jones tops 11,000

Some excerpts :
The Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly surged past the psychologically important 11,000 mark on Friday – the first time it has seen that level since the darkest days of the global financial collapse in late September 2008.

And although the moment is sure to elicit private smiles at the Obama White House, don’t expect administration officials to have much to say about it publicly. “I'm not going to comment on market levels — shockingly” Deputy Treasury Secretary Neil Wolin said with a chuckle when asked about the prospect of Dow 11,000.

The Dow touched the 11,000 mark in a trading surge in the final moments of the session before settling back to close the day at 10,997.35.

Treasury officials are always reluctant to talk about the Dow, but the silent treatment is more pronounced this week because the index’s gyrations are so unpredictable – any comment from the White House today taking credit for the upsurge will guarantee that the Obama Administration gets some blame for the next decline.

And the White House is particularly sensitive to charges that it is too close to Wall Street – which means administration officials would much prefer that the public sees them focused on increasing employment across the country, rather than returns on Wall Street.

Still, there’s no doubt the White House is on a run of good publicity, starting with last week’s positive employment number that showed the nation had added 162,000 jobs in the month of March and continuing through a burst of good press this week.

Youth, Minorities, Politics :

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

I agree with you that these extremists must be denounced. Their comments hurt us all. This past week at a Town Hall meeting a guy stood up and asked our Congressman to do just that and to also denounce those who try to paint the TEA party as other than a loose organization of patriots who believe the government is taking over our lives and taxing us to pay for program we oppose.
This guy identified himself as a veteran, a member of the TEA Party and a member of Mensa, in other words a loyal, patriotic, exceedingly bright person who wants only what is best for this country. Some are not sure the direction the country is taking is the right one. The abuse that arises from that feeling typically has fallen on the shoulders of the president, his party, and those he appoints to high positions in the government -- but mostly the president. I think Obama has had some remarkable successes. He is an extremely talented guy blut that doesn't alter my concern about his bowing to Muslim despots, strong arming Congress into passing a health care plan, however well-intentioned that the majority of the American people did not want according to most polls. Some accuse him of being a socialist. One could almost understand that given his background as a Alinskyite community organizer. There just seems to be too many of the things he does that are right out of the Alinsky playbook. Some of his appointees are clearly from the extreme left. You can't really expect people who perceive him and his actions in that light to be very interested in his success. He needs to move more to the center if that's what he and his followers want. He can't have his cake and eat it too. If he walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and paddles like a duck, he probably is a duck. Those of us who prefer an eagle, can hardly be expected to vote for a duck or go easy on the one in our neighborhood. Surely, you understand that criticism and caricatures of presidents is nothing new in our history. A pulizer prize winning history of the civil war is replete with the foulest name calling of the president and others. WE should not expect any less for the current president nor for a Congress that ignores the will of the people. This does not extend to racial epithets, spitting or bodily threats.

ultima said...

It is surprising the things that have been considered an exercise of free speech. I cite only one example: the burning of the American flag, but there are many.

I think that shouting fire in a crowded theater is one example where freedom of speech does not apply. Perhaps taunting is another if it leads to vioence.

Dee said...

Our President is NOT a traitor. And if you do not like him, then you can vote for someone else next election. That is how the process works. You do not revolt. You do not "boot him out."

Please re-read my post. I said EXTREMISTS in the Right Wing, many of them tea party members. I did not say ALL Teaparty members, but some did do these things. And all of us should stand up and say what they did was wrong. Look at each example. All of the actions by the extremists were WRONG. I think the teaparties would gain a significant amount of credibility IF they stood up and said the actions by the extremists are WRONG.

You say you agree with Ultima most times. Well look at what he is saying. He is agreeing with me. Those committing violence or actions condoning or promoting violence are wrong and we should all say so.

Dee said...

US Imm,
I've been thinking about your comment for a couple of days.

First, this is a blog which discusses Immigration Reform and I invite both ANTI and PRO to discuss the issues civilly, without profanity. We also discuss political and social issues.

Second: Yes. I do have anger towards the extremists who perpetrate the violent and abusive attacks against our President, Congress and our people/country. I hate the actions of those who spit on our Congresspeople of color. I hate the actions of those making violent death threats against our Congress and President. I hate the actions of those who want to overthrow our government.

I agree with Ultima that a number of fringe groups and others have infiltrated the tea party movement. Go to Stormfront, Alipac or the Militia websites. They talk about participating and being involved with the teapartiers. I read on the Hutaree website (before they took it down) that they asked their members to join the other Michigan militias in participating in the Tea Parties.

Many of these violent activists talk negatively about Immigration Reform. They are waiting with bated breath to pounce on anyone who supports Immigration Reform. Again, read the Stormfront, VDare or alipac websites to read what they say about their participation in Teaparties and how they feel about Immigration Reform. If you think we've seen violence and abuse with the Health Reform bill, all I can say is "We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" compared to what violence we will see when Immigration Reform is discussed before Congress.

I think it is important that all Americans stand up and chastise these extremists perpetrating all of this violence and abuse. Not only is it our right (free speech), but it is our duty.

Unfortunately not enough people are standing up and denouncing their actions. Democrats are liberals and humanitarians. We tend not to disagree. We tend to go with the flow. Speak when spoken to. Quietly march when we protest. Apologize when wronged.

Only a few Congressmen are standing up and challenging the extremists. Thank God for Congressmen Alan Grayson, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Anthony Wiener. May more congresspeople stand up and have to courage to
confront their violent attackers.

God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

"Democrats are liberals and humanitarians. We tend not to disagree. We tend to go with the flow. Speak when spoken to. Quietly march when we protest. Apologize when wronged."

What utter BS! Especially the part where you claim to apologize when you are wrong. You have never apologized when you were wrong and many in here have showed where you are wrong. All you do is delete the posts where you were proven wrong and you have NEVER apologized for anything that you were wrong about, you effing liar!!!

LMJ said...

"Democrats are liberals and humanitarians. We tend not to disagree. We tend to go with the flow. Speak when spoken to. Quietly march when we protest. Apologize when wronged."

(redneck accent -->) "What utter BS! Especially the part where you claim to apologize when you are wrong. You have never apologized when you were wrong and many in here have showed where you are wrong. All you do is delete the posts where you were proven wrong and you have NEVER apologized for anything that you were wrong about, you effing liar!!!"

she posted your idiotic comments didn't she, you don't even have the guts to post a name anon (or annoy is more like it), try and pay attention and remain civil like Dee says

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