Friday, April 16, 2010

Guest Voz: Patrick Young - Long Island Wins: Proposed AZ Anti-Immigrant Law Would be WORST in Nation! (Racial Profiling)

Guest Voz: Andrew Young - Long Island Wins
Proposed Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law Would Be Worst In Nation
Passage this week of a bill aimed at immigrants by both houses of the Arizona legislature will impose new hardships on Latinos living in the state. The bill makes anyone who entered the United States illegally a criminal guilty of state trespass.

An analysis of the bill by the
ACLU details problems likely to result:
"It gives local police officers authority to investigate, detain and arrest people for perceived immigration violations without the benefit of proper training, exacerbating the problem of racial profiling and raising concerns about the prolonged detention of citizens and legal residents. "

The damage this bill will do to police/community relations is incalculable. The bill overturns local policies preventing police from asking crime victims and witnesses about their immigration status. Police have repeatedly said that they cannot work effectively in Latino communities without guaranteeing the confidentiality of immigration status of thos cooperating with investigations. Another provision of the bill requires police to investigate the immigration status of any person they have reason to believe may be in the country illegally.


ultima said...

At last we have an enforcement bill worthy of its name. This should be the framework for CIR in the Congress. I have made a copy available to my representatives in the Colorado State Legislature. It's time to send a message to Congress to let them know what secure borders really require.

Although some degree of profiling is necessary for effective enforcement, it should not be pushed to extremes and all those who are approached should be treated with the utmost courtesy. Training along those lines would be a welcome addition to the provisions of this bill. I would add to that some training to enable officers to convince Hispanics that way to avoid problems is to: (1) carry proof of citizenship, a green card, and an ssn card that can be checked by E-verfication; and (2) provide full cooperation with officers in the identification and apprehension of illegal aliens. The more cooperation there is the less profiling will be necessary.

ultima said...

"The bill makes anyone who entered the United States illegally a criminal guilty of state trespass."

Why has it taken so long and why isn't this the law of the land? Just makes good sense, especially in view of the ineffectiveness of current laws which some say treat illegal entry as a civil offense. We all know that isn't working!

ultima said...

For the first time we have an opportunity for those who really believe in secure borders to give this bill their hearty endorsement. It is almost a guarantee that it is a good bill if the ACLU feels it must comment.

ultima said...

The labels are mostly misnomers. Some more appropriate labels would be: effective law enforcement, illegal aliens, secure borders, national sovereignty

Dee said...

Wrong Ultima. Racial Profiling is AGAINST the LAW and it is NEVER Ok!

Until you walk in the shoes of someone who is racially profiled, you will never know the devastation.

Try this scenario:
Militia members are white males and Domestic Terrorist and are becoming prevalent in all states in the U.S.
The Dept. of Homeland Security decides it must interogate all possible members of neighborhood militias in the US. So the next bill they pass is Colorada is "Save Colorado from Domestic Attacks" bill.

. So now all white males in your neighborhood are pulled over, taken into custody and held there until they can produce their birth certificate (proof of citizenship), their social security card (more proof), provide full cooperation to officers including strip search for weapons, drugs or documented plans of attack.

This seems very logical in view of what occurred with the Hutaree militia in Michigan. How will you feel when you are being stripped search for guns, drugs and documents?? Hmmmm???? You should cooperate, right?

If one bill passes, so should the other. You shouldn't mind being racially profiled since this is all for Domestic Security. Right?

Anonymous said...

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