Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Latino Citizen Deportation is NEXT on the List for Racist Politicians! reports: Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) wants to deport the U.S.-born CITIZEN children of illegal immigrant (0 - 50 years old), according to a statement he made at a Saturday tea party gathering, the Los Angeles Times reported. After being asked if he would support deporting those children, Hunter said, "it takes more than just walking across the border to become an American citizen - it's what's in our souls."

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Would you support deportation of natural-born American citizens that are the children of illegal aliens?

HUNTER: I would have to, yes. It's a complex issue and ... you could look and say, 'You're a mean guy. That's a mean thing to do. That's not a humanitarian thing to do.' " Hunter added, "We simply cannot afford what we're doing right now. We just can't afford it. California's going under.

Hunter confirmed his comments to the
North County Times, adding that he also supports House Resolution 1868, introduced last year but stalled in a House committee. The measure calls for the elimination of automatic citizenship of children born in the United States to illegal immigrants.


Anonymous said...

Dee. Thanks for a great blog. Have you read the book by villa Ortiz? I just finished it. It is called generations of exclusion Mexican Americans assimilation and race.

The basic conclusion of the book is that The great grandchildren of Mexican immigrants the fourth generation have very low incomes when you compare them to other types of immigrants.

For example fourth generation Chinese immigrants earn much higher wages than fourth generation Mexican immigrants.

And as a consequence fourth generation Chinese pay much higher taxes than fourth generation mexican immigrants

Is it fair in your opinion for me to ask for much lower immigration from mexico and much higher immigration from china for this reason.

Is this debate the debate on what type of immigrants pay the most in taxes within the limits of what you will allow?

ultima said...

It is against the law to deport any citizen. The problem is the law that enables instant citizens and that what he is really interested in dealing with. If a Constitutionally acceptable way could be found to change the intent of the 14th Amendment to require at least one of the parent to be a citizen, that would relieve a lot of the heat surrounding the issue of illegal aliens. It's not mainly the illegals who come here to work but the instant citizens they beget that are overburdening our social services and Medicaid programs. With 47% of adults in American paying income taxes, we cannot afford to take care of all of the poor from the impoverished nations of the world. I wish Hispanics would become part of the solution instead of insisting on being a part of the problem through their support of the illegals and their progeny who will ultimately do in what remains of our grand republic.
We need to engage Hispanics to help fashion an immigration reform bill that protects America and American citizens rather than the nationals of foreign countries. I wonder why that is so hard to do. It is in their own enlightened best interests.

ultima said...

How much of the blame for this situation can be attributed to those put the interest of illegal aliens and foreign governments ahead of the interests of their own country, and their loyalty and allegiance to that country?

Dee said...

Thank you for the book reference. I will order it from Amazon.

In the editorial review it said boxes of surveys from 1965 by Mexican Americans were found and the researchers found those families and completed additional surveys on the next 3 generations. It found many good things, like assimilation, economic successes. It also found that those family members that stayed within the poverty stricken neighborhoods in the 4th generation, they did not fare as well as the 2nd generation. It also said "institutional barriers as a major source of Mexican American disadvantage. Chronic under-funding in school systems predominately serving Mexican Americans severely restrains progress."

I see this in South San Antonio.

I believe that Education is the great equalizer. I've found that moving out of the poverty stricken innercity and moving into the suburbs which have better schools helps. Most suburbs are multi cultural, so it is not a white vs minority issue. It is high quality vs poor quality education issue.

Additionally, I think Education is a great equalizer for all races, all ethnicities, including Asian or Latino or any ethnicity. I do not believe in the old myth that Asians are more intelligent than other minorities. I believe the Asian community may be more disciplined to the fact that Education is the great equalizer. Our own President Obama is a great example of this.

As far as Immigration levels are concerned, I believe we need to institute Comprehensive Immigration Reform before we make changes in our Immigration Entry policy. Our Immigration policies are clearly broken. Our Immigration Courts are severely backlogged. The Detention Centers are abusive. We have 12M undocumented workers here and we need a plan to have them get in line and apply for citizenship and take all of the illegality and racial profiling out of the equation.

Dee said...

It is against the law to deport an American Citizen and shame on Hunter for recommending it.

Many people oppose changing the Jus Soli birth policy. Those countries that have changed their policy have difficulties of people without a nation. You know this. We've had this discussion before.

It woudl take a bill before Congress and a majority vote to change the policy. I would never support it.

Dee said...

I blame Rep Hunter for even suggesting such a blatantly racist policy. Imagine. Deporting Citizen Latino citizens! Deplorable!

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Every person in the US that is not 100% native american, has ancestors that were immigrants. When will they get a grip and realize that. Using his logic we should deport him.

Anonymous said...

Dee, no rush but after you read Villa Ortiz's book please report back as to your feelings about it.

Until I read the book I didn't know how badly the 4th generation of mexican immigrants was doing in our country. But the book has all the facts and figures.

After you read the book, report back what your feelings are. Perhaps you will come to the same conclusion that I came to - if the USA allows 10 million extra people from China to immigrate and cuts immigration from mexico by 10 million, we will have more high income people here in the future paying taxes, and fewer low income people not paying taxes.

I mean, as a nation we need people who can and will pay high taxes, and on average the people of Chinese ancestry earn higher incomes and pay much higher taxes than people of mexican ancestry. What % of Chinese immigrant grandchildren go to medical school vs the % of mexican immigrant grandchildren?

Not that Canada is the greatest place on earth, but Canada has a scoring system for people that want to immigrate. Canada carefully evaluates the likely economic success of immigrants and uses that as the key factor in who they allow to immigrate and who gets rejected.

The net result is that Canada rejects almost every person from Mexico that applies for immigration, and welcomes hundreds of thousands of immigrants from China and India. The disparity in acceptance rates between folks from mexico and folks from China or Korea is huge

I don't think you can call this policy racist - I mean it's not like they are welcoming in mostly "white" immigrants. Rather it is a policy that carefully evaluates the likely tax paying potential of an immigrant before letting him in.

Canada has a policy of allowing in groups that can be predicted to pay high taxes and not allowing in groups like people from Mexico who can be predicted based on the academic data and research to pay low taxes or no taxes.

I only bring this up because to my knowledge this topic isn't discussed when it comes to Arizona. I mean if all the undocumented people in Arizona were Chinese and Korean, and there was good evidence that their children and grandchildren would go to medical school and start software companies the way the statistics show that Chinese and Korean immigrant grandchildren do, would this law have passed?

Anyway, I haven't seen it discussed before. Perhaps some of the people in Arizona really are happy to have immigrants who are of a different color, a different race than them - they just want more economically successful immigrants.

I mean the opinion surveys show 70% of arizonans are strongly in favor of the law. I refuse to believe that these 70% are racist, I choose to believe that many of them are just voting their pocketbook, not voting out of some desire to not have people of a different color in their state.

Dee said...

Please give yourself a name so I can differentiate you from other Anons. I have one particular Anon that comments hour on the hour, sometimes until 3am spewing profanity, etc. It would be best to name yourself if you wish to converse. Also, I do not like to go off topic on a post. If you wish to email me to have a discussion, email me at

Additionally, I doubt one book would change my mind about Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Our policies are broken and need to be resolved.

Additionally, I doubt one book would change my mind on Education being the great equalizer.

Also, many of the ANTIs frequently suggest Immigration entry based on some arbitrary scale of their view of intelligence. I don't agree with them. I believe we in the US have the capability of offering an exceptional Educational opportunity for every American Child, not just the rich kids in the suburbs. We should make this a priority, as many other countries do. This would be for all children, all ethnicities.

There are many inner city, poverty stricken school districts that do not teach our children the basics, much less advanced educational needs that will move our country into the future. Education should be a priority. That is one reason I am so strongly behind the Dream Act. Let's change the priority to Education and stop all the in-fighting.

Dee said...

One other thing. Rasmussen surveys are not a cross section of the people of Arizona. At least they have not provided data to indicate it is a cross section. Historically, these types of surveys poll non-minorities. Arizona is a majority minority state. Let's see Rasmussen poll the May 1st Marchers. I want to see what the Marchers survey results are, not just the Conservative Views we have seen from their 70% surveys.

Dee said...

Additionally people like Rep Duncan Hunter are racist. You can see that by his recommendation to deport citizen latino children.

Russell Pearce is the sponsor of the bill is aligned with the Neo Nazis and White Nationalists, like JT Ready.

Also, see the previous Guest Voz from an Arizonian Liberal. He did a survey of conservatives in Arizona and they said THEY DON'T CARE if Latinos are Racially Profiled and denied their Civil Liberties. They DON'T CARE That the bill is unconstitutional. They just want to MASS DEPORT those they consider "illeegal."

It is absolutely shameful for them to view all Latinos so poorly that THEY DON'T CARE about them this way. Their own neighbors. It is a shame and an embarrassment to the United States.

Dee said...

email me Anon. I want to discuss this further.

As I re-read your comments, I want to discuss this further.

Don't worry. I will keep your email anonymous. Be brave.

Dee said...

I was right. I just checked the Rasmussen website. Those they surveyed were primarily WHITE.
From their website: A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in the state.

This is a RED State. The surveyed primarily Republicans. And it wasn't 70%.

The results were: While most Arizona voters favor a welcoming immigration policy, 64% support the new immigration law.





Dee said...

Here's my letter to Rasmussen. Hopefully I will hear back tomorrow. (good night)

To Rasmussen Reports,

My name is Dee Perez-Scott and I am the blog owner of a very popular Immigration blog called Immigration Talk with a Mexican American. On my blog both sides discuss Immigration Issues civilly.

I have a question about the surveys you have reported re: the new Immigration Bill in Arizona. I'd greatly appreciate a response so I can report back your answer to my website.

Through our discussion of Arizona's SB1070, several people supporting the bill have referenced your survey which says: While most Arizona voters favor a welcoming immigration policy, 64% support the new immigration law.

Their argument is, most people in Arizona support the bill based on your survey. My response has been, your survey also says: "A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in the state"

This indicates that most of those surveyed are White Republicans surveyed and not a cross-section of all Arizonians since Arizona is a Red State. However Arizona is also a majority minority state and your survey does NOT reflect the views of the majority of people in Arizona. And now, those opposed to the bill (due to Racial Profiling, etc.) are rallying to register new voters for the upcoming elections. This survey does not reflect their views.

My question is:
1. Do you agree with my response? If not, what is your view?
2. Do you currently or will you in the future capture ethnicity when you conduct your polls, particularly when they are of this nature?

Dee Perez Scott
Immigration Talk with a Mexican American

pcorn54 said...

This moron is just as racist and ignorant as his daddy is/was!

You can't deport US citizens but this kind of rhetoric makes browning points with white trash like Gheen, Coe and Schwilk.

A shame they don't realize those types are a minority in the debate

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