Friday, April 23, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Since the Cowardly Governor Refused to Stop It, the COURTS Will!!

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon has announced that he wants the city of Phoenix to challenge the bill in the courts. Organizations such as the Arizona ACLU and MALDEF plan to sue, seeking a federal injunction to stop the law from being enacted, as it normally would be, 90 days following the end of the legislative session.

AZ State Press: Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, tells 12 News she is working on a lawsuit against the bill. Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon tells 12 News the council will consider an item Tuesday to seek an injunction against the bill on constitutional grounds.
As Brewer spoke, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Phoenix, the state capital of Arizona, to protest the bill. Hispanic leaders vowed to wage a legal fight.
Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon joined the protesters, saying he wants the city to sue.
"The governor clearly knows that her actions not only have split the state, but will now cause severe economic hardship to all our businesses at a time when we can't afford any losses. The executive order isn't worth the paper it's written on," Gordon said. "I'm extremely disappointed at the governor's actions."
Alfredo Gutierrez, a Latino community leader and former state senator, said: "Obviously, this is a very bad thing for the state from our point of view." He predicted acts of civil disobedience and economic consequences for the state as a result.
"This is apartheid for us. This law is influenced by laws of South Africa. It's amazing to me that in 2010, we are dealing with acts of such overt hatred anywhere in this country," Gutierrez said.


Vicente Duque said...

Video, Keith Olbermann : Honoring a Great Black Woman age 98 that died after a life of fighting injustice - Arizona Congressman Calls For Boycott Of ARIZONA

Dorothy Height 1912-2010 died at age 98, This Black Woman and Columbia Lawyer was with Martin Luther king in many demonstration and she was in the platform with MLK when the "I have a dream" speech took place.

House Representative Raul Grijalva from Arizona : I may be detained and Racially Profiled in my home town ! - Total Violation of the Constitution

April 20, 2010 — MSNBC Keith Olbermann

Arizona Congressman Calls For Boycott Of ARIZONA!

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be part of a multi ethnic family, counting many first generation latinos among my relatives.

That being said, illegal immigrants from mexico have bankrupted the state of California. The average illegal immigrant from Mexico has children while in the USA. These children qualify for government services. When you weigh the taxes paid by illegal immigrants and their families against the government services they consume, the immigrants come out as massive net consumers of government services.

Arizona taxpayers, of all political parties, and of all economic circumstances, and of all racial backgrounds understand that we can not afford a single illegal in our state. We will follow california in to bankruptcy if we don't encourage all illegals to leave.

I hate racial profiling. It is un american. But if you Dee have a better idea for persuading every single illegal to immediately leave Arizona I'd like to hear it.

Let's have a kind gentle compassionate way to persuade the illegals to leave, if such a possibility exists

ultima said...

M2y0A0g7B6K10More Gutierrez hype. This is not about hate; it is about the law and the peoples' anger that the feds sit and do nothing to corral the illegals and secure the borders. The point at the money being spent but they say nothing about how our efforts could be made more cost effective. SB1070 is a beginning but will have to be implemented carefully. Why would any citizen resist this law? What would be the agenda of those who do? I suspect it is to return to the ineffective measures used heretofore. They don't want anything done about the illegals. They are their fellow travelers.

Dee said...

Anon from CA,
Your comments make it hard to believe you are a Latin@.
Arnold Schwarzenegger disagrees with you. "Illeegals from Mexico" are NOT the reason California is in such dire economic straits. The top reason is the burst of the housing bubble. Second, when your state put together its budget, they anticipated housing prices would continue to go up but instead burst. Then as property values deflated, revenues from property taxes also deflated. Then job losses in housing, real estate, etc. etc. and massive layoffs occurred, less sales taxes occurred due to sales (of everything) bottoming out. I could go on and on re: the domino effect but I don't want to bore you. But these are the facts. Try studying them. Just google it. Facts are everywhere.

Don't demonize those that come here to work. They are not the problem. They pay sales taxes. They do not go to the doctor unless they are dying. They do not collect welfare. They work.

Now study the issue of Immigration. America was founded on freedom and equality for all. It is the land of Immigrants. Immigration laws in the US only began when the northern European immigrants wanted to rid themselves of the Asian Immigrants and initiated the earliest of all Immigration Acts: The Chinese Exclusion Act.

Do you think it is a coincidence that for the past 100+ years the US didn't enforce the immigration laws for workers coming from South of the border? The reason they did not enforce these laws was because employers wanted the cheap labor, especially for the AgJobs and Construction jobs. (now Meat Packing jobs, etc.) You can say jobs Americans don't want to do and it would be very true.

Immigrants, legal and illegal as you call them, contributed significantly to the building of our great nation.

Incidently, IF you are a Latin@, you know that Texas, NM, AZ and California are majority minority states. That is, the majority of citizens in all of these states are minorities, primarily Latino. IF what YOU said was true and Latinos (or illeegals) were destroying our economy, then why is Texas one of the most economically successful states in the union? San Antonio is overwhelmingly populated by Latinos; in city and state offices as well. Texas has one of the lowest rates of unemployment.

You call for Mass Deportation of all "illeegals" from California and the US? You are talking about Mass Deportation of 12M (up to 20M if you count children) which is the size of the state of New York. Do you know how much sales revenue that is? You would DEVASTATE our country if we Mass Deported all of them. Do you know the cost of jailing them? Gestapo Arizona will soon find out.

As I have long said, I am for secure borders, jailing exploitive employers and for allowing those here who are felony free to get in line and apply for citizenship. Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

That way, we take out the criminality off of these workers. We jail the drug cartels and felonious criminals prior to deportation. This is REGARDLESS of ethnicity. Believe me, there are numerous Anglo Drug Cartel leaders and felonious criminals. The US is the number one drug abuser in the world and the cartels from around the world fight to be our supplier. Nip the cartels from the head and the rest will follow. Let the FBI and Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano do their jobs!

Dee said...

One more thing comes to mind when I think of California. Housing prices were extremely and unrealistically bloated. I have family in CA.

A few years ago, an old girlfriend of mine purchased a 2 bedroom condo in Orange County. Only 1 parking place. No yard. +$400K.

I bought my house, double the bedrooms and double the square footage, 2 car garage and huge driveway, huge yard and pool, in TX for less than half her price.

I went fixed. She purchased one of those interest only loans. I tried to talk her out of it, but she said "Everyone does it. Everyone knows that housing prices are skyrocketing and I can sell this in a couple of years for twice as much!"

I always think of her when I think of California's economy. I did lose touch with her after she lost her job so I don't know how she is doing now. I'm almost afraid to know.

Creative Tendencies said...

Stay on top of this story, Dee. Every little nook and cranny of it. This one' is huge regarding what kind of society, nation and people we are in the world.

Anonymous said...

I respect very much what you are saying. I think you should re read what I wrote. My family is multi ethnic. Different 1st and second cousins of mine have spouses of different races.

My family is moving in the same direction that America is moving, with a blending of different races over time.

The barriers between groups won't be so clear 50 or 100 years from now.

We Americans in the future won't be easily divided based on the country our ancestors originally moved from. Our ancestry will be an artifact of the distant past.

It will be all of us, citizens of all races and hues, trying to defend our states against bankruptcy

In any event, people that choose to come to the USA illegally do consume government services far in excess of the taxes that they pay.

Here in California, the average illegal immigrant family pays less than $10,000 in taxes a year and consumes more than $20,000 a year in services.

This is easy to understand whey you realize that a single child in school costs taxpayers more than $12,000 a year.

I urge you to google the comments of Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich
"When you add this to $350 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for healthcare, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers far exceeds $1 billion a year - not including the millions of dollars for education," Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

Antonovich released figures from the Department of Public Social Services showing that illegal aliens’ children born in the United States collected more than $50 million in welfare benefits (CALWORKS + Food Stamps) for the month of January.

ultima said...

apartheid -- nonsense!

"It's amazing to me that in 2010, we are dealing with acts of such overt hatred anywhere in this country."

This is interesting because the writer is unable to understand the difference between anger at the failure of government to secure our borders and remove illegal aliens and what he calls "overt hatred" above. He probably doesn't even understand that the failure of Hispanic citizens to support the rule of law is the root of much of this anger. How much better our country would be if all of our citizens acted like citizens instead of siding with those who have violated our borders.

Dee said...

Creative Tendencies,
Thank you. Yes. I am going to stay with this story. I will continue to report until this Bill is overturned and until CIR is passed.

Dee said...

Anon from CA,
Ahah. I knew you weren't latino. Just some of your family married into minority groups.

I agree that ALL families are becoming more and more multi cultural. I think we should embrace this fact.

Regarding your ANTI Immigrant stats, please provide your source. Probably some right wing think tank like Heritage Foundation. No actual data from a non-bias source.

Dee said...

Actually Aparteid is an excellent comparison.

From wiki:
Apartheid was a system of legal racial segregation enforced by the National Party government in South Africa between 1948 and 1994, under which the rights of the majority black inhabitants of South Africa were curtailed and minority rule by whites was maintained.

Racial segregation in South Africa began in colonial times, but apartheid as an official policy was introduced following the general election of 1948. New legislation classified inhabitants into racial groups ("black", "white", "coloured", and "Indian"), and residential areas were segregated, sometimes by means of forced removals. From 1958, Blacks were deprived of their citizenship, legally becoming citizens of one of ten tribally based self-governing homelands called bantustans, four of which became nominally independent states. The government segregated education, medical care, and other public services, and provided black people with services inferior to those of whites.


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