Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maniac Rand Paul Against Civil Rights, Americans with Disabilities and Now Wants to Outlaw Citizens!

Rand Paul is a MANIAC! First, he said he wants to rescind the Civil Rights Act by allowing segregation again. Next he said he wants to rescind the Americans with Disabilities Act by allowing businesses to NOT PROVIDE ACCESS to Americans with Disabilities. He suggested people in wheelchairs be given work spaces in the Lobby (what a loon). He suggested rescinding ALL Healthcare including Medicare. Now he said he wants to rescind the Constitution's Birthright Citizenship Laws. Like the White Supremists, he is advocating rescinding the citizenship of those born in the USA to workers whose papers may have lapsed. He also is NOT in favor of Mass Deportation. He wants them to work and the fruits of their labor, but he doesn't ever want them to become legal (slave labor). He also advocates an underground electrical fence on the Mexican border.

Jus Soli - Birthright Citizenship, is the law of the land in many countries (though Paul pretended not to know this). Countries with Jus Soli include: France, Canada, Brazil and in many countries in Europe and across the Americas. It was the law of the land in Germany too, until Hitler came to power in Nazi Germany (and we know how that ended). Modification of jus soli has been criticized as contributing to economic inequality, the perpetuation of unfree labour from a helot underclass, and statelessness.
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Indigenous Xicano said...

What is of concern to me is that there are people out there who get energized by the lunacy of Rand Paul. These people were dismissed as loons during the 2008 election year, but now they somehow gain legitimacy with the "new and improved" brand of the hijacked historical and patriotic term-tea party. Like most things re-branded as new and improved-it is the same old item being sold, in this case lunacy.

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