Sunday, May 9, 2010

SB1070: Why isn't the Media Posting Pictures of Arpaio/Goons Racial Profiling?

Frequently, I visit the comment sections of CNN, New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times and the Miami Herald. You would be absolutely amazed at the number of people who are unaware of the racial profiling "Suppression Sweeps" in Latino neighborhoods by Arpaio and his masked goons. They don't even know arpaio's VOLUNTEER goons are MASKED or that they are Volunteers, not REAL deputies. On Friday, when I mentioned the words "Suppression Sweeps" one pro-sb1070 supporter said, "You're dreaming. That's not happening. You're a conspiracy theorist and you're imagining this." It took me showing him the local AZ articles and pictures of arpaio himself bragging about his terroristic, racial profiling suppression sweeps for him to finally acknowledge the truth.

You'd be surprised at the reaction of most people when they see the truth. They are appalled. Then they finally, finally understand how horrific this racial profiling law sb1070 really is.

Back on my blog, I constantly receive harassing comments from extremist ANTIs. My longtime readers know that I constantly receive profane emails from some anonymous loon I call Bad Anon. He rants/raves profanity. He is the reason I have to moderate my comments each day. I prefer not to moderate but Bad Anon prevents me from doing so. Last night, I received a comment from some other nut who calls himself "Native American" though I doubt he is. Beyond his rants, raves and threats, he is a supporter of the racial profiling bill sb1070 claiming, "The AZ law is written by a Constitutional Attorney Professor of Law whose credentials dwarf Obama's." Hah! What a ludicrous comment. As I have long reported, Kris K. Kobach authored the bill. He is a member of FAIR. The ADL has reported that FAIR is a HATE Group formed by White Nationalist/ Supremist John Tanton. Kobach has long been known for his ANTI Immigration Reform views. While a professor in Kansas, Kobach's own students protested him for what they termed Racist views. He doesn't hold a candle to our brilliant President Obama who is a lauded Harvard Law school alumni, Editor and President of the prestigious Harvard Law School review. It is LAUGHABLE to attempt to compare the dastardly Kobach to our esteemed and brilliant President.

Additionally, SB1070 promotes even more Racial Profiling. I encourage all readers to
READ THE BILL: "For any Lawful Stop" (not probable cause, but lawful stop); this means Arpaio's Suppression Sweeps are a Lawful Stop. This means any GATHERING the police deem questionable (e.g. a man working on his car at his home, a number of latinos in front of a home depot, etc.), is a lawfully stop.

Then go to Section J: "The court may award court costs and reasonable attorney fees to any person or any official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state that prevails by an adjudication on the merits in a proceeding brought pursuant to this section." This means if a person calls the police because they see a group of latinos "they think" are illegal, then they can sue the police if the police do not come out and investigate. The evil bill is RIFE with RACIAL PROFILING. APARTHEID: ANY ZEALOT MAY SEE A GROUP OF LATINOS WALKING DOWN THE STREET AND CALL THE POLICE. IF THE POLICE DO NOT INVESTIGATE, THEY CAN SUE THE POLICE. APARTHEID. APARTHEID!!

In the comment sections across the U.S.A, I have found that once everyday Americans SEE the TRUTH for themselves about what Arpaio and his masked goons are doing in Maricopa County and what will happen across the state of Arizona once this bill is enacted, they are enlightened and agree with me.

To all Viewers in America and across the World: Once you SEE the RACIAL PROFILING ATROCITIES HAPPENING in Maricopa County by Arpaio and his Masked Volunteer Goons you understand why it is so IMPORTANT to BOYCOTT ARIZONA!
Newspapers & Blogs: Please reprint these pictures so the WORLD can see the atrocities:


ultima said...

Dee wrote, "Arpaio's Suppression Sweeps are a Lawful Stop."

Where does it say that in the bill? Isn't this some of your hype?

Vicente Duque said...

Video : How Police "racially profiles" brown man that was doing nothing - Beaten and wounded for nothing - Racial slurs and insults - Innocent Beaten Man speaks perfect English - May 07, 2010

KOMOcommunities — May 07, 2010 — A 15-year-veteran of the Seattle police force, seen in a video roughing up an innocent detainee and saying ethnic slurs, came forward Friday evening to publicly apologize

Raw video of alleged beating

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Video : Bill Maher greets Mother's Day and speaks in favor of Latinos and against Hate and Discrimination - Boycott Arizona

Bill Maher : "We are bullies against the poor and defenseless, instead of confronting the Real Threats"

Bill Maher : "Nazi Germany, a place like Arizona, where you had to show your papers everyday !"

Bill Maher : "Brown people are going to be powerful in the future, in Europe and America !"

May 08, 2010

Boycott Arizona SB 1070 Stop Racism Start Love

Vicente Duque

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