Sunday, May 9, 2010

SB1070: Governor and Bill Sponsor Closely Affiliated with White Nationalist Neo-Nazi

The Phoenix New Times is reporting well known neo-nazi JT Ready if BFF with Governor Jan Brewer on Facebook and he is also Best Friends Forever with sb1070 sponsor Russell Pearce.

J.T. Ready, an avowed Neo Nazi, is a past president of the Mesa Community College Republican Club and Maricopa County Republican precinct committeeman.

Ready also is a proud White Supremist and an active member of the White Supremist "New Saxon" website. Ready is quick to admit his support of both Pearce and Brewer.

Ready is extremely well known in Mesa and Phoenix.

As the Phoenix New Times indicates, Ready should be a known quantity for all local politicians in Arizona. To continue to accept political donations from him, publicly display your connection in Facebook with him and take pictures with him shows your approval and affiliation to him. Phoenix New Times (PNT) has published Ready's devotion to Nazism, racism and Jew-baiting. This has been exposed time and time again by PNT and others. So if Ready comes knocking at your Facebook account, politicians should be aware of what they're getting into.


ultima said...

Brewer and Pearce show poor judgment in not distancing themselves from any and all white supremiscists. The latter species of human beings find their birth in what they perceive to be the lack of loyalty to the United States among Hispanic citizens whose support of illegal aliens can in no way be explained except as a manifestation of disloyalty the U.S.

ultima said...

Are the anglosaxon organizations counterparts to the Latino organizations like MEChA, La Raza, MALDEF and the Atzlanistas?

Vicente Duque said...

Red Meat Inventory of Boycott to Arizona : Boston, Oakland CA, West Hollywood CA, El Paso TX, Philadelphia. Tucson and Flagstaff City Councils voted to oppose SB1070 :

The problem is that the cities of Tucson and Flagstaff are located in Arizona.

I want to give you the red meat and not the fat - Dozens of cities are considering the Boycott of Arizona, I will mention them only when they approve the boycott.

Have you thought of the billions of people around the Big World that are starting to hate and dislike Arizona as a Land of Racists ??

A land where they won't be welcome ??

Why go to visit Cretins ??

People will vote with their dollars by not going to Arizona.

How long can a grudge last ??? - a fool asked !

My answer : a feeling of resentment can last one thousand times more than the Arizona Racist Law. This grudge against Arizona will be felt by billions of people, not only in America, but around the World. Most of the World is not Milk White in color.

The grudge against Arizona will last for many years, you can see the Gran Cannyon in Video, the way that I see and admire Venice, Italy or Florence Italy every week.

You don't have to go to Arizona to see a cannyon or a desert.

The AryanZona or "Zone of the Aryans" will be certainly defeated at the end of this adventure and we will laugh a lot about the Redneck Cretins that pushed this imbecility.

Racists have been losing lately and will continue losing.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

See here photos of the "AryanZona" merchandise : mugs, t-shirts, caps, bumper stickers, to protest the New Racist Law of Racial Profiling in Arizona

AryanZona : The Zone of the Aryans !

Aryanzona :

Arizona's new name after the passage of SB 1070, the legislative equivalent of a Mischling Test, which mandates police officers to stop and arrest anyone, with "reasonable suspicion" of being an illegal.

Arizona claims that officers cannot solely use race, color, or national origin, but it is obvious to most Aryanzonans what "reasonable suspicion" means.

To Hispanics: Racial Profiling

To Blacks: Yeah, we know...


You can see and buy the AryanZona Merchandise here :

Urban Dictionary - Aryanzona Products

Good Luck with your Aryanzona Products !

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

AryanZona : The Zone of the Aryans !

Another racist checks in.

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