Saturday, May 29, 2010

Polls Prove sb1070 is Motivating AZ Voters to Oust Lawmakers Who Support this Racial Profiling Bill!

AZ Latino registered Voters have been polled. Immigration is their top issue. They overwhelmingly STRONGLY OPPOSE sb1070. They overwhelmingly BLAME the Republican Party for this racist, racial profiling bill. When asked if they thought police would also stop legal immigrants or U.S. born Latinos, 85% of Latino voters said yes, and 72% said they thought police would primarily target people who are Hispanic when deciding who to question.


Vicente Duque said...

Videos "Supporting our Brown and Colored friends in Arizona" : A Big Caravan of buses from Los Angeles to Arizona. "We are citizens of the USA, we are poor but are ready to fight for those that are harassed and racially profiled" :

On Memorial Day :

First Video

"We carry food and water because we don't want to buy in Arizona - We don't spend money in Arizona" - With many Latinos, Blacks, Filipinos, Asiatics, Native Americans, etc ......

RTAmerica — May 28, 2010 — As immigration activists get ready to march in Arizona this weekend, Ron Gochez says it is time the country listens to the "sleeping giant" of Latinos. If the Obama administration doesn't pass immigration reform in 2010, he says the Democratic Party should be prepared to pay.

"Sleeping giant" awakes over Arizona law

Second Video

Los Angeles Caravan of Buses to Arizona May 28, 2010

Third Video

LArepresents — May 29, 2010 — from South Central Los Angeles to Arizona: a caravan of buses full of people representing many orgs & ethnic backgrounds goes to protest the racist SB 1070 law. Telemundo 52 Live report with Ruben Luengas May 28, 2010.

L.A. Caravan to Arizona May 28, 2010

LArepresents — May 29, 2010 — Angelenos of different ethnic backgrounds head to Arizona to protest racist law SB 1070 at a mega march in Arizona. Noticias 62 with Juan Jose Mendez, May 28, 2010

L.A. Activists pack buses & go to Arizona

See the videos in or in our RACIALITY.COM :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Videos of Baseball Demonstrations : Arizona Diamondbacks not welcome in San Francisco and Los Angeles - California Baseball Fans against Racial Hatred

First Video

Go Giants Crush Diamondbacks ( Baseball fans in San Franciso ) - Boycott Arizona with "Dora, the Explorer" and "Che Guevara"

The signs that they carry are extremely funny !
Baseball is the Holy Grail of Boycotters !

gRootsLegalJustice — May 30, 2010 — National Day of Action Against SB1070. S.F. Giants Ballpark May 29, 2010

Boycott Arizona Diamondbacks - San Francisco - Repeal SB1070 -May 29

Second Video :

LArepresents — May 27, 2010 — Diamondback Welcoming Committee in Los Angeles - Press Conference May 26, 2010. Protest details:

AZ Diamondbacks Not Welcome in L.A. | Noticias 22 May 26, 2010

Third Video :

LArepresents — May 27, 2010 — Diamondbacks 'Welcoming Committee" protests SB 1070 -- says Arizona team is not welcome in L.A. Protest details:

Diamondbacks-Dodgers protest planned | Univision 34 May 26, 2010

Go to YouTube to see the Videos, or call them directly here :

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