Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deportation Nightmare: Eduardo Caraballo, US Citizen Born In Puerto Rico, Detained As Illegal Immigrant

Huffington Post reports:
Eduardo Caraballo, a U.S. citizen born in the United States, was detained for over three days on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant. Despite presenting identifying documents and even his birth certificate, Caraballo was held by federal immigration authorities over the weekend and threatened with deportation, according to an NBC Chicago report. He was only released when his congressman, Luis Gutierrez -- a vocal supporter of immigration reform -- intervened on his behalf.

Caraballo was born in Puerto Rico, making him a natural-born citizen of the United States. He moved to the mainland as an infant, and now lives in Chicago. Last week, NBC reports that he was arrested in connection with a stolen car in Berwyn. Caraballo maintains his innocence. In any case, when his mother posted bail on Friday, he was not freed.

"Instead of being released, he was told by authorities that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was detaining him because he was an illegal immigrant," NBC reports.Caraballo spent the weekend in the custody of federal immigration agents. When he presented them with ID and his birth certificate, he says officials were skeptical: "Because of the way I look, I have Mexican features, they pretty much assumed that my papers were fake."

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Boriquen said...

Effective July 1, 2010, all Puerto Ricans born in Puerto Rico(not for Puerto Ricans born in the U.S.) will have to obtain new birth certificates. Their original birth certificates will be invalid. This is due to the enormous demand for birth certificates of people with Spanish last names. A Puerto Rican birth certificate can be sold for as much as $5000.00. It will be interesting to follow up on this story to see if this happened to Eduardo Caraballo. Was his birth certificate sold to or taken by an illegal?

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