Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Breaking News: Caucasian Crew Leader, Jeff Conroy, receives Maximum Sentence for Hate Crime Murder of Marcelo Lucero!

Breaking News: The Leader of the Caucasian Crew, Jeff Conroy, who fatally stabbed Ecuadorean immigrant Marcelo Lucero on Long Island in 2008 was sentenced on Wednesday to 25 years in prison, the maximum sentence. Conroy was convicted last month of manslaughter as a Hate Crime for the death of Marcelo. It was mentioned throughout the trial that Conroy, Leader/Member of the Caucasian Crew, went out and "Beaner Jumped" innocent Latinos on a regular basis, usually once a week.

Through the trial, Conroy maintained his innocence and also blamed another member of the crew for the crime, even though Conroy initially confessed to the murder. It wasn't until he was found guilty and faced Justice Robert Doyle before sentencing that he apologized. "I’m really sorry for what happened to Mr. Lucero,” he told the judge. “Every day I wish it never happened.”

Mr. Lucero’s sister Isabel told Conroy she wished he had been present the day she and her mother learned of Marcelo's death. “My mother and I, we hugged, we cried, because we felt at that moment that something had been ripped out of our lives,” said Ms. Lucero, who lives in Ecuador but attended the sentencing. She spoke in Spanish, her words translated through an interpreter.

Justice Doyle told Conroy that he was guilty of “senseless and brutal crimes.” Conroy was acquitted of second-degree murder as a hate crime, which could have brought him a life sentence. Mr. Conroy’s father, Robert Conroy, unleashed a profanity-laced tirade at the judge and burst out of the room. “This is mercy, for crying out loud?” Mr. Conroy shouted.
Murderer gets 25 year sentence in Long Island Killing


Dee said...

More on the sentencing from Long Island wins:

Before issuing the verdict, Justice Robert W. Doyle spoke favorably of the jury’s decision to convict Conroy.

“The proof of the defendant’s guilt, in my opinion was overwhelming,” Doyle said. “The selection of victims in these crimes based on their ethnicity is most disturbing.”

In addition to the 25-year sentence for first-degree manslaughter as a hate crime, Conroy received a 25-year sentence for first-degree gang assault as a hate crime, the maximum permitted.

Additionally, Conroy was sentenced to a maximum of 4 years for conspiracy related to the Lucero killing, and three sentences of a maximum of 7 years for attempted assault charges related to attacks on Angel Loja, Hector Sierra, and Octavio Cordova.

All of the sentences will run concurrently, Justice Doyle said, which means that the longest amount of time that Conroy will spend in prison will be 25 years.

Dee said...

More on Conroy's fathers profanity laced outburst - from Long Island wins:

After Doyle finished reading the sentences, but while he was still on the bench, the defendant’s father, Robert Conroy, stood up and shouted angrily as he left the courtroom.

“He was fucking 17,” Conroy shouted. “This is mercy for crying out loud? Jesus fucking Christ.”

After a moment of hesitation, court officers moved towards Conroy and walked him out of the courtroom, but not before he pounded his fists on the doors leading out of court.

pcorn54 said...

I guess there is justice in the world after all.

The boys in Sing Sing or Fishkill are happy tonight. New meat coming their way.

Vicente Duque said...

New York Times : teenager that killed a Hispanic immigrant in a 2008 hate-crime attack in Long Island NY was sentenced to 25 years - teenager’s father leaving the courtroom in a tearful rage

A horrible murder by a Coward Gang of Six Scoundrels :

As is very customary in these horrible crimes of HATE the murderer is described as a "little angel of heaven" by family and friends asking for leniency, "honors student", "good friend", "model sportsman", etc, etc, etc .... "My kid is a nice kid"

There is a lot of pity for the perpetrators, but not for the victim.

Many Racist Crimes have recently gone unpunished in total Impunity or Leniency - This seems like a welcome exception.

Vicente Duque

D said...

Thanks for covering this, Dee. It gives me hope that there is still justice in the world.

Vicente Duque said...

In RACIALITY.COM I tell these stories of Racist Murder, Racial Murder :

In Florida 2009 two chilean students killed because they were Latinos, many other injured.

There was another horrible multiple murder in Brockton, Mass.

A madman called Keith Luke wanted to Kill all Minorities and Non Whites to save the White Race from "Extinction". That happened at the beginning of this year 2009.

In Pasadena, Texas, Joe Horn killed two Black Guys by shooting in their backs, scott free.

Plainfield, New Jersey - Boiling Town with Hate - Murder of Several Latinos : Lazaro Tista and Samuel Aguilar Jimenez

The Killing of Guatemalan Immigrant Rene Perez

Brutal Murder of a sick Man, Ecuadorian Immigrant Manuel Aucaquizhpi

2007 : he killing of Guatemalan immigrant Lazaro Tista - Plainfield cops charge 3 with bias attack in Plainfield, New Jersey

2009 : George W. Bush pardons the Coward Murder of a Defenseless Unarmed Mexican in the Border - Story of a Most Brutal Racist Execution - Prize to Cowardice

Photo Album and Videos of Taneka Talley 24 - Black Mother of small Child -Killed by White Man only for being a Black Woman

Video : Dragging death of Brandon McClelland-2008 - Two White "friends" They then hit him with the car and dismembered his body

James Byrd Jr in Jasper Texas, June 1998 - Beaten, Chained and Dragged from a Pick-up Truck by two White Racists

Best Information of William McCay, a Pedestrian in Kansas City, Brutally and Cowardly Murdered in 2005, only because he was Black

Bias Murder -- The Death Of Michael Sandy In Context - Brutality against Gays and Blacks in New York City - History of Complacency and Indifference

Skinhead Nazis kill a Black Man Mulugeta Seraw, 27, father of a child, Ethiopian Immigrant in Portland Oregon, November 13, 1988

The Photo of Michael Donald 19, hanging from a tree and the Story - Lynched by Ku Klux Klan, 1981, Mobile Alabama

The Murders of Two Black Men : Michael Donald in Mobile, Alabama - Mulugeta Seraw in Portland, Oregon - Southern Poverty Law Center

The White Supremacist Church that killed a Black Gulf War Veteran called Harold Mansfield in Florida 1991 - A History of Criminals

Teen Girl to Be Tried as Adult in Sadistic Beating and Murder of a Homeless Black Man Milton Walker, 43 in Lancaster, California, November 1995

Skinhead Nazis - Killing Blacks with Baseball Bats - Videos - The Killing of a an Ethiopian Black Man for being Black - Real Time - History Channel

Lynching Black People - Hanging Black Men from trees without Trial - Family Picnics to see Hangings - Photos and Videos

James Von Brunn, a criminal mind - - Racist and White Supremacist Idiot - Murder at Holocaust Museum

Judge Andrew Napolitano says that Joe Horn commited murder on the two Black Men, and there is no Self Defense because he shot them in their backs

Harris County Grand Jury: Kill An Immigrant, Go Scot Free - He shot two defenseless detained Latinos on their backs. In Texas

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

The International Image of America grows with this trial in Long Island.

And it was diminished by the Coward Scoundrels of Shenandoah Pennsylvania that killed Luis Ramirez in July 2008.

Luis Ramirez, a small man, was killed by Six Football Players, in Shenandoah Pennsylvania in July 2008.

"While the men yelled racial epithets at Ramirez, they punched and kicked his head and body so severely that he lay foaming at the mouth with two skull fractures."

"Once Ramirez was on the ground he was continually kicked until brain matter leaked from his skull."

The coward scoundrels of Shenandoah are as Free as Birds flying in the sky.

Killing a dog would have given them a greater penalty in court.

Vicente Duque

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