Friday, May 14, 2010

SB1070: Polls Say Majority of Americans Believe Bill Racially Profiles Latino Citizens and they Just Don't Care!

The Pew, NBC and Wall St. Journal polls are out and the polls say:
. 60% of Americans polled support sb1070
. 71% of Americans polled think legal Latino citizens will be harassed by the police.

New polls of AZ Latino Voters say:
. 81% of Arizona Latino voters oppose SB 1070
. Arizona Latino voters overwhelmingly oppose SB 1070, are increasingly frustrated by federal inaction, and are moving swiftly away from candidates who support the bill.

These polls provide us three insights:
1. The majority of those polled by Pew, NBC and NY Times are non-latino, believe sb1070 racially profiles Latinos and do not care the bill racially profiles Latinos.
2. The majority of Latino voters polled believe the bill racially profiles Latinos, oppose the bill and oppose being racially profiled.
3. The majority of Latino voters polled believe the state bill and federal inaction on immigration reform is increasing Latino Voter frustration which is resulting in a heightening of political awareness and a call to action by Latino voters across the U.S.

When I study the poll results, I am saddened. It seems so unfair. We see how Arpaio and his masked goons are racially profiling Latinos in his suppression sweeps in Latino neighborhoods in Maricopa County. We know how the bill, with its "Citizen Reporting of Latinos" clause will magnify the current racial profiling rates. The polls say Americans know the bill racially profiles Latinos, but they don't care. They just don't care.

This isn't the first time polls reflect the majority of Americans do not care about the oppression of minority groups. Back in the 60's, Jim Crow laws in Alabama and Mississippi were vastly supported by the great majority of Americans. During World War 2, there was virtual consensus that the government had done the right thing in establishing Japanese Internment Camps and moving Japanese aliens away from the coast. 59 percent of the interviewees also favored moving American citizens of Japanese ancestry into these Internment Camps.

What the polls tell us are people's state of minds. That doesn't make them right or wrong. It just tells us the truth about what people are thinking. It tells us everyday Americans believe sb1070 racially profiles Latino citizens and those polled just don't care. Part of the reason they don't care is because Latinos have been far too humble, far too meek, far too mild, too docile, too accommodating. We continue to spend our money in businesses that support racial profiling. We have not registered to vote nor voted in sufficient numbers. Heck, Latinos don't even participate in Pew, or NBC or Wall St. Journal polls. That is clear! We are not being asked. No one is asking us and up until now, there have been no ramifications. None!
We continue to spend our money, work our hearts out, serve in the front lines of the military, go to church and keep to ourselves. Latino Citizens are 50M strong in this great country of ours. We are close to 20% of the population, but we are only 8% of the vote.

So now, our lack of participation in the polls and in the voting booth is resulting in our getting stepped on, racially profiled and Nobody Cares.

I ask all Latinos who read this blog and who have studied these polls, do NOT get Mad! Instead, we have two lessons we Latinos and our Humanitarian supporters can learn from this:
1. BOYCOTT: Stop Spending $ in Arizona; Stop Spending $ in any Business that supports sb1070. Encourage your relatives and friends to do the same.
2. VOTE: Register to Vote and VOTE! Vote in 2010. Vote in 2012. Vote! Study the Issues. Vote for people who support your beliefs. Vote against anyone that opposes your beliefs. Encourage your relatives and friends to do the same.

To President Obama: Anytime you have a majority infringing upon the rights of a minority, then that's usually when the Justice Department does need to stand up. President Obama, please ask Eric Holder to provide us the results of the DOJ/FBI investigation against Arpaio and his masked goons. Ask him to support the lawsuits which say sb1070 violates Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.


Jay Jansen said...

I am a US citizen of European descent, and I am deeply disturbed by the current state of affairs. I am often moved to tears because of these injustices, and because of the attitudes prevalent among the citizenry. Even the people I have known all of my life seem to be consumed with prejudice. I, for one, am willing to struggle and even die for good Latina/o people. I will stand with you and stand for what is right. I am part of a new group of immigrant rights advocates here in Arkansas, and we are just beginning to discover ourselves and we are trying to organize and build momentum. Visit us on facebook at "Reform Immigration Arkansas - Little Rock". My hope is in a just and mighty God, who sees us all and who loves His children of all nationalities. Let us be strong in our faith and press forward, and strive to educate those who err in their thinking. Justice will prevail. Let us not lose Hope.

Juan said...

Arizona is a "RED STATE" turn it "BLUE" and SB1070 will be removed.Polls can be misleading,inaccurate and often change.What is factual is that the GOOD people of Arizona are suffering.This bill has damaged businesses,reputations,and hurt Arizonas economy as a whole and will continue to do so.Violence is ..inivitable. Is this what Arizona really wants?

Dee said...

Thank you for joining my blog. I've added your website to my blogroll.

It is humanitarians like you that will help us all move together to evolve our country into the vision our forefathers planned, a land of immigrants yearning to breathe free, with liberty, justice and equality for ALL!

God Bless America!

Dee said...

We can turn Arizona into a Blue State, you are right. By registering Humanitarians/Latinos across AZ and across the country we can peacefully change this xenophobic detour the xenophobes are pushing and turn us back to the course our forefathers planned. We will right our course back to the beautiful multi cultural land of the free, home of the brave that is our destiny.

We righted our course in the past. The xenophobes tried to steer us towards the detours of slavery, chinese exclusion, japanese internment and operation wetback, but the country righted its course and we came back to our senses. I am confident that we will come back to our senses again when Humanitarians and Latinos stand up and say we will not take this anymore. We can do this with our Votes!

Vicente Duque said... : Sales on Nogales Arizona sunk on Friday May 14, because of the Mexican Boycott - No Mexicans crossing from Mexico to USA to buy

The Boycott of Mexican Buyers to Arizona Stores has begun ! - The Mexicans look disciplined in not crossing to Arizona to buy things - The Friday May 14 Boycott of Nogales Arizona was very successful and very few Mexicans crossed the border to buy.
'Day without Mexicans' could be affecting Nogales business
Normally busy Friday nearly devoid of border traffic
By Fernanda Echavarri
Posted May 14, 2010,

'Day without Mexicans' could be affecting Nogales business

Some excerpts :

A "Day Without Mexicans" boycott of Arizona by Mexican consumers seems to be having an impact at the Nogales border crossing, which has had almost no traffic Friday, according to a Sonoran newspaper.

El Imparcial reported Friday afternoon that the Dennis DeConcini port of entry had barely 15 cars crossing at once, compared with the hundreds that usually wait in line at any given time.

El Imparcial's website offers a live view of what has been, for most of the day, an almost empty crossing.

The Chamber of Commerce in Hermosillo, Son., called for "A Day Without Mexicans" encouraging consumers to buy in Sonora and not in Arizona.

"We don't want to exaggerate and say we will not step a foot in the United States again, because we want to have an economical relationship ahead which benefits Sonora, we want to have a dialogue, but our position is firm for a day without Mexicans in Arizona," said Gustavo Claussen Iberri in Spanish on the chamber of commerce's website.

As of 3:30 p.m. Friday hundreds were gathering at the Arizona side of the rally and Lozano expected at least 400 demonstrators to show up.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said... : Poignant Photos of Deserted Crosssings for Vehicles and Pedestrians - No car lines - Nobody crossing from Mexico to Arizona :

Mexicans are practicing self-apartheid against Arizona !
Downtown “dead” as a result of boycott
By Manuel C. Coppola
May 14, 2010

Downtown “dead” as a result of boycott

Some excerps :

By about 10 a.m. the lines at both Dennis DeConcini and Mariposa ports of entry were gone.

“It’s dead,” said one Morley Avenue merchant who asked he not be identified for this story. “We should be closed today, but we don’t want to hurt our employees.

“These people should not be boycotting Nogales; they should be boycotting Phoenix, because that’s where the damn politicians and the people who vote for them are.”

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

At the time of the desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, AZ a poll indicated that 70% of the population in Little Rock opposed desegregation. The constitutionality and fairness of laws is not based on popular support.

pcorn54 said...

For what it's worth, my company is doing it's best not to buy any fuel or services in Arizona. We spend at least $30-50,000 a month on fuel alone in Arizona. Now, we buy in New Mexico or California.

pcorn54 said...

Jay, I'll mirror Dee's comment. And being raised and living in Arkansas for the majority of my life, until I moved to Texas and on to Mexico, you have my unlimited support for your efforts.

I was raised in North Little Rock and went to school there as did both my brothers and sister.

You're also welcome to participate in my site at

Juan... Agreed! Turn it Blue! You can do it. Brewer, Pearce and others are up for reelection this year.

Dee, The desegregation of Central High happened shortly after I was born. That was my fathers alma mater. History was made when the black students defied Orville Faubus's NG troops and entered the school for classes. Somewhere, I still have the newspapers from that day.

Dee said...

Note: For those of you who want to conduct additional research into the polls I reviewed for this blog entry, here are the polls I referenced. I referenced the May Pew Poll, the wall st. journal poll and a poll out this week conducted by NBC. Additionally, the Latino poll information came from the Latino Decisions poll. I will also point you to a great article by our friend, David Neiwert, author and owner of the website: Crooks and Liars.

David shares poll results, interviews, videos, and an amazing video/interview with Mark Levine, of whom I borrowed the point-on references to Jim Crow laws, poll analysis, etc. and also to David Neiwart's book re: Japanese Internment Camps.

Polls on Arizona immigration law remind us of a historic truth: Discarding the civil rights of others is always a popular idea

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "Heck, Latinos don't even participate in Pew, or NBC or Wall St. Journal polls. That is clear! We are not being asked. No one is asking us."

Of course this is false. In order to obtain a valid statistical sample everyone in the U.S. has to have an equal chance of being selected for the poll. If Latinos refuse to answer that is their problem; if they are illegals they should not participate.

ultima said...

Jay wrote, "I am a US citizen of European descent...". I am also but although I deplore any impostion to Hispanic American citizens, it is pretty clear that we are in desperate position relative to the quality of life and the standard of living we all cherish. The myopia of illegal alien enthusiasts is so incredible I find it almost unbelievable. We cannot accommodate all those in the entire world who wish to come here without bringing America into equilibrium with the third world.

ultima said...

One has to wonder how many Latinos supported the relocation of Japanese citizens and Japanese Americans during the early stages of the WWII when the survival of our country was in doubt.

Similarly one wonders why Latinos and others are unable to see the jeopardy an unchecked flow of illegals places our country in. But then if your goal is Mexico Norte, that is understandable. It is really not a humanitarian issue. It is an issue of enlightened self interest, national sovereignty, the national interest, and the national character.

It is unfortunate that to make an omelet you have to break some eggs, but that's just the way it is. If you want to solve the illegal aliens problem, you have to be willing to provide the authorities with the necessary tools and make a few sacrifices yourself. If you don't want to solve the problem, then one can appreciate the ire that SB 1070 has resulted in. If the boycott is successful and Arizona has to capitulate, that will be the end of national sovereignty and the America we know and love.

Dee said...

John/Jane Doe,
It is you that is being duped. Arpaio and his masked goons specifically target (racially profile) latino neighborhoods and pull over anyone brown during their suppression sweeps fo latino neighborhoods. They are not traditional police nor do they use traditional police methods. Check out the pictures I have posted. Since when do cities allow "volunteers" to man their "suppression sweeps" and allow these volunteers to wear MASKS???

Choose to believe what you want to believe. I choose to believe the FACTS!

Dee said...

I have provided you the CIR recommendation countless times. It is not open borders at all. It calls for:
1. Secure Borders
2. Employer Sanctions
3. Allowing those here that are felony free to get in line and apply for legal status.

Once we pass CIR, there will be no need for racial profiling laws or incarceration of those you term "illeegal."

You and those on your side REFUSE to listen to reason. You make up stories saying we Humanitarians want open, pourous borders. We DO NOT.

We also want the US to partner with our ally Mexico and put an end to the drug cartels. The US is the number one abuser of illegal drugs in the world. The cartels are fighting with each other to be our supplier. We need ICE and the Police to focus on these felonious criminals not on landscapers.

These are all make sense rules that can be accomplished if Congress passes the bill.

But you and your allies REFUSE to LISTEN and you continue to MAKE UP STORIES about what CIR is and continue to PUSH these RACIST XENOPHOBIC RIDICULOUS BILLS!

So in the future DO NOT say we do NOT offer recommendations because we do. Your side just does not listen to make-sense policy and only want to MASS DEPORT all those here, their children, and make the Latinos here Assimilate to what Tom Tancredo says is Northern European culture. Next, he'll have us all bleach our skin and dye our hair blonde. Sheesh! Why won't your side take some pills to make you logical and humanitarian??

John Q said...

Why didn't you post what I wrote? I didn't just address Joe Arapio and in fact I said if Arapio is racial profiling he will be made to stop it with this law.

Please post what I said and then address my points. Thanks.

Dee said...

John Q,
I've answered you a dozen times. I don't know how more clear I can be. I've asked you to read about Arpaios racial profiling; he's under investigation; I've provided you info on where to google search for polls and other info. All the info is clear and in black and white, yet you do not choose to accept the facts.

I'll tell you what. Email me on: and I will answer any more questions there. I really do not want to clog up my comment sections with off topic additional discussions. Email me and I'll provide you whatever I can. Then please study what I give you. The facts are in black and white.

John Q said...

I know all about Joe Arapio but that isn't the topic here. It is about the new Arizona law. None of my comments were off topic. Why should I e-mail you privately? Isn't discussion of the topics what your blog is for?

I asked you many questions as to why you feel this law condones racial profiling and even pointed out in the bill that it prohibits it so where was I off topic? It doesn't make sense to talk to you about it outside of this blog.

As I said, I found the NBC poll finally but it was about Hispanic citizens objecting to the new law, not Americans in general as your topic suggests. Is that why you don't want to answer me in here is because everyone in here would be made aware of that misconception?

Please point out where in the above that I am off topic. Thanks.

If you won't post my comments in here then I will know you have no credibility. You don't want that, do you?

John Q said...

I don't know if my last comments went through so I will reiterate what I said. Where was I off topic?

I said I know all about Arapio but the discussion isn't about him it is about SB1070. It is right in your topic heading and that is what I commented on. I asked you to show me in the the new law where it condones racial profiling.

I also said I had found the NBC poll that you spoke of in this topic but it didn't say "Americans believe...." it said "Hispanics believe". So that means the general term you used "Americans" was misleading. Hispanics are not the only Americans in this country and their beliefs may not agree with the rest of Americans. In fact all the polls I have read say that the majority of Americans approve of this law.

Now please tell me where I was off topic. Why should I e-mail you privately? Isn't your blog for discussing the topics you start? That is exactly what I did so why didn't you post my comments in here?

Dee said...

Of course Arpaio is the topic here. Do you know where Maricopa county is? It is in the heart of AZ.

Arpaio is charting the course for all who support Attrition through Enforcement. He employs FAIRs Kris Kobach to teach his men "how to spot an illeegal." He is in alliance with Russell Pearce and Brewer and other supporters of the bill.

Arpaio and his masked goons routinely racial profile latinos during his suppression sweeps in Latino neighborhoods. Did you see the fear in the eyes of the children in Confirmation Mass in Guadalupe when he and his goons circled the Mass? I shared the urls with you.

He is under investigation by the DOJ/FBI for racial profiling. Arpaio is so blatant that Mayor Gordon and other AZ sherifs wrote to the DOJ asking for the investigation.

You obviously know all this, but this is your attempt to detract from the discussion.

Dee said...

John Q,
Yes you have asked me many questions about how the bill = racial profiling and I have provided you numerous, numerous responses. Plus I point you to my own blog with all of its reference urls. Apparently you are not satisfied with the facts and Arpaio's blatant profile examples. Do you understand Lawful Contact = Suppression Sweep as Arpaio has done in Latino neighborhoods. He doesn't do this in non latino neighborhoods.

The point of the law is attrition through enforcement. That means make their lives so impossible, they will leave, by sweeps, or by any means necessary. This includes racially profiling latino neighborhoods, as Arpaio has done.

You obviously know this but this is your attempt to detract from the discussion and your attempt to hijack my blog.

Dee said...

John Q,
I pointed you to two urls, I provided urls on my blog, I showed you where to google. I pointed you to the Crooks and Liars video of the CNN discussion with Anderson Coooper.

This has also been widely reported on MSNBC.

I even encouraged you to email me so I can provide you further answer to your questions, but you chose NOT to email me.

You have lost total credibility as a regular commenter and this leads me to believe you obviously know this but this is your attempt to detract from the discussion and your attempt to hijack my blog.

atticus182 said...

"1. The majority of those polled by Pew, NBC and NY Times are non-latino, believe sb1070 racially profiles Latinos and do not care the bill racially profiles Latinos." where is your source for this? -BOYCOT RACIST AZ-

Geno said...

I JUST read the bill..which is more than MOST politicians can say. There is nothing in the bill that promotes profiling. That is yet again another "you're a racist" smear by the liberal establishment. This bill is a long time coming. Bottom line: Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas are part of the United States of America not Mexico. If people want to be here that is FINE come here legally. If immigrants want to be here learn english and make SOME attempt to assimilate to the American culture. This country was built by immigrants but ones who came here legally and wanted to be part of the Amrican way of life and culture. The illegal aliens who come here by and large are amazing people who simply want a better way of life BUT... those who make it bad for the rest of them need to stay out of jail, abide by the laws of the USA, learn enough english to function in mainstream society and get a visa/green card and pay their share of federal income taxes. Then and only then wil the people who are here legally or by birth will welcome them. Bottom line, Don't come into my house and DEMAND ENTITLEMENTS. Deserve's got nothing to do with it. NO ONE on this earth is deserving of anything other than what God and they can provide for themselves.

Dee said...

I have several sources. Politico posted the questions themselves. MSNBC did several interviews with pundits discussing the questions, particular the NBC poll. Crooks and Liars - David Neiwert did a great blog on it.

Dee said...

Geno, Geno,
Please study what has been happening in Maricopa County. Arpaio and his masked goons have routinely racially profiled latino neighborhoods. He is currently under investigation by the DOJ. Mayor Gordon and other sheriffs wrote to the DOJ and requested the investigation. There are numerous examples of his racial profiling and I have written several blogs with pictures about it. Picture this: Arpaio does suppression sweeps in latino neighborhoods. This is a lawful stop. He asks everyone in the car for ID. He has volunteers complete the sweeps. He allows them to wear ski masks. They routinely have citizens handcuffed on the side of the road until he decides to let them go. It make take 3 or 4 hours. DL is not enough.

Now, with this bill, if anyone goes to church, carpools or has dinner with someone who has lapsed papers, you can have your car taken away, and charged a misdemeanor and pay a $1000 fine. Citizens are going to have to be border patrols -- they will have to ask everyone for their papers, even carpooled children, for fear that they will have their car impounded. This is Operation Wetback all over again!

Anyone can call the police and say they see illegals (how are they going to tell??) and demand the police come out and investigate. Otherwise they can sue the police. Court costs are paid. When police come out to "investigate" this is a lawful stop. More racial profiling.

Anonymous said...

I support SB1070 go AZ kick the cockroach illegals out of america. they dont pay taxes the smuggle drugs, kill our citizens, so no respect for or country. KICK THE OUT GO AZ!!!!!!!!!!!fasalist

bob said...

I support SB1070 go AZ kick the cockroach illegals out of america. they dont pay taxes the smuggle drugs, kill our citizens, so no respect for or country. KICK THE OUT GO AZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

its real funny how this site only post the comment that agree with the subject and leave no room for debate i thought this was America oh ya thats right i forgot you wanna make this Mexico. u screw up your poor ass country now you come to screw up America too well their more of us then their are of you and just like you are protesting so are we. their are more of us then you we will win see you on the battlefield don't get caught slipping.

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