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RNC Crony ´Agriprocessors´ Still in Business. Owners Unpunished!

Craig from ProjectUSA (an ANTI website) wrote a brilliant blog about the heinous Employer ´Agriprocessors
As I wrote a few weeks ago, on May 13, ICE swept through the Agriprocessors´plant and swept 390 migrants away in the largest raid in US History. As Craig wrote, "The 390 detainees who were working in Agriprocessors’ slaughterhouse are the vanilla surface of a much darker story underneath—a deeply troubling story that demands the owners of Agriprocessors, among others, be prosecuted under the full weight of the law."
Craig´s research indicates the Agriprocessor owners have a much darker history.

Agriprocessors..have two lucrative and pernicious schemes going:
Scheme 1: The recruitment, hiring and exploitation of desperate Guatemalans and other Latino workers, driving wages down to bare subsistence to work in its slaughterhouse.
Scheme 2: The Fraudulent Sale of EW-3 Visas to Chinese Nationals. The Chinese Nationals pay $30K for each visa, through which they may obtain a Green Card. This results in thousands of green cards delivered each year through fraudulent means -- fraudently claiming the United States has run out of native-born meat-cutters and then, with the help of American Immigration Lawyers Association member Christopher Teras, securing work visas for foreigners worth $30,000 each on the street in Guangzhou. The end result is millions of dollars in profit for Agriprocessors.
Please read Craig´s detailed report for the full report.

I agree with Craig. "If this story doesn’t end with significant prison sentences handed down for Agriprocessor owners, there is, as they say, no justice."

I again say, ANTIs and PROs should come to agreement on sanctioning, imprisoning the Business Owners, particularly Agriprocessors for their heinous crimes!

LATE BREAKING NEWS: from The Jewish Press
Agriprocessors Founder Orders Shake-Up
NEW YORK (JTA) -- Mounting pressure from Jewish groups and members of Congress has led the largest kosher slaughterhouse in the United States to start searching for a new CEO less than two weeks after federal agents arrested nearly 400 of its employees in a massive immigration raid. Aaron Rubashkin, the founder of Agriprocessors, announced May 23 that he intends to find a replacement for his son Sholom as company CEO.

Note: Some Blogs are reporting this is Agriprocessors way of hiding the owner´s son in Israel to avoid Legal Action against him!


patriot said...

Again dee, what part of "there is an investigation going on" about Agriprocessors don't you get?

What part of "we anti's are all for arresting, prosecuting and fining/imprisoning" employers who hire illegals don't you get? How many times do we have to repeat these two things to you in here before you stop with your lies?

Dee said...

Obviously Pat, you are NOT studying again. To date, NOT ONE Owner or CEO or Official has been imprisoned. NOT ONE. NADA.

Not Insolia. Not Swift. Not Pilgrims Pride. Now, NOT Agriprocessors.

So tell me, Pat. Where is your ANTI commitment to sanctions, imprisonment or closing businesses for Employers.

I will tell you. No where! NADA! Nothing!!



patriot said...

dee, are you just being dense on purpose? There has to be ample evidence to arrest someone for a crime. As I said, "what part of there is an investigation going on" don't you get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I already provided you with three cases where an employer was arrested, fined and imprisoned for hiring illegal aliens. Why are you ignoring those cases?


Either point out in any of my posts or other anti's posts where we said we don't want the employers punished or STHU!

Dee said...

Here is what you are missing.
Agriprocessors have been investigated for years. Read what Craig wrote. Read what others have written. Agriprocessors are one of the worst, most heinous employers recorded. Study the information provided!!
Join us in saying Agriprocessors should be held accountable and sanctioned. Otherwise, we will ALL know you are not serious about sanctions towards employers.
That is the problem with many ANTIs. They are NOT serious about sanctions against employers, even the most heinous!

anon 1 said...

Yeah pat, the agriprocessors should be punished. All employers should be punished for hiring illegals, it should not just be the illegals who are punished. Dee,you go girl!

patriot said...

dee, if Agriprocessors has been investigated for years and no one from their company has been arrested yet, then YOU tell ME why they haven't been, backed up with a link that says why! I am not involved with the investigation so I can't throw out accusations and decide for myself that something is amiss as you are doing.

If someone in that company is guilty then of course I want them to be arrested and prosecuted. What is wrong with you? I have already said this over and over. Why do you keep persisting that we anti's don't want the employers punished? Why wouldn't we want them punished? If they weren't hiring these illegals then we wouldn't have the problem we have with illegal immigration for God's sake! That is why I want the Save Act to pass so the employers will be FORCED to use the e-verify system and they can no longer get away with this anymore. In the meantime they need to be investigated and if they are KNOWINGLY hiring illegal aliens, they need to be arrested, prosecuted, fined and imprisoned. How many more times am I going to have to repeat this to you,dee?

You are the one that doesn't want the employers sanctioned because you don't want them to have to use the e-verify system. Look in the mirror for the one who doesn't want the employers sanctioned.

Dee said...

The answer Pat is Corruption! Corruption by the Administration, the GOP, the media. Several investigators have provided proof. Did you read Crais´s investigation? Did you read the other investigation links I provided in my previous post about Agriprocessors? The Administration and the Media does not report nor follow through due to the corruption, PAC monies, cronyism, etc.

READ AND STUDY THE INFORMATION PROVIDED PAT!! Craig´s site is an ANTI website. You should be supportive of all of this!!

Dee said...

That is the point!
Your side is not following through.
Both ANTI and PRO should partner together in ensuring the Employers are sanctioned, imprisoned and held accountable!! Until that happens we will continue status quo, just like Business and the Administration wants it!

Dee said...

Read Craig´s investigative report. Then, perhaps, you will understand. Please read it!

Dee said...

Here is Craigs link again. Please read it!

patriot said...

Someone's blog doesn't prove a damn thing, dee. Did you also read this paragraph in the BLOG?

There may yet be some arrests in the offing higher up the ladder, with "SERIOUS FELONY" charges to follow.

Guess you whizzed right by that one, right dee? You want instant gratification and that NEVER happens with the wheels of justice.


Now another question remains. Are you also in favor of punishing illegal aliens who are living and working in this country and using fake documents to do so? I won't hold my breath on that one. You have already made it clear that you don't want the illegals punished at all! Hypocrite

Dee said...

Pat, All the illegal immigrants were immediately punished. They were immediately whisked to Cow Barns, over 300 people! They were immediately tried. (so much for due process) They were immediately imprisoned, many to be deported.

To date, the employer has NOT been charged and they are in business as usual.

Where is the swift justice? Nowhere! This company has been soliciting, hiring, providing false documents to the Guatemalans. They also provided false paperwork to the Chinese for $30K.

To date NO OWNERS have been imprisoned. Not One!!

Even in AZ, to date, since their law changed, no Employers have been charged or imprisoned!

What kind of justice is this?

Dee said...

Read again the heinous crimes Agriprocessors committed:

"Agriprocessors, you see, has two lucrative and pernicious schemes going. One scheme involves driving wages down to bare subsistence by hiring desperately poor illegal immigrants to work in its slaughterhouse—the criminal enterprise that made the news last week. The other involves fraudently claiming that the United States has run out of native-born meat-cutters and then, with the help of American Immigration Lawyers Association member Christopher Teras, securing work visas for foreigners worth $30,000 each on the street in Guangzhou."

Yet to date, they are not charged! Yet to date, the workers were swept to Cow Barns and most are now in Detention Center-Prisons!!
Some Justice!

Dee said...


Then WHY are you NOT UPSET that TO DATE, NO EMPLOYER has served 1 day in Prison? Not Swift! Not Pilgrims Pride! Not Agriprocessors! Not ONE!!!!

How would you respond if NOT ONE worker had been charged or imprisoned? (oh Im all for it but noe one imprisoned) You would be so up in arms if that happened!!!


patriot said...

Sally Apgar, South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale), March 5, 2008
A West Palm Beach man was sentenced Monday to more than four years in prison and ordered to pay $16 million in unpaid taxes for his role in a nationwide tax scheme that employed illegal immigrants as janitors to clean for restaurant chains like Hard Rock Cafe, Dave & Busters and Yardhouse.

Scott Cunningham, 44, the former vice president of Rosenbaum-Cunningham International (RCI), was sentenced to four years and three months by U.S. District Court Judge Paul Maloney in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Along with Cunningham, the company’s former president, Richard M. Rosenbaum, 61, of Longwood, was sentenced to 10 years and ordered to pay $16.9 million. A third defendant, Christina A. Flocken, 60, who once served as RCI’s controller, was sentenced to 2 1/2 and ordered to pay $15.7 million.

Maloney also ordered the three to forfeit bank accounts, life insurance policies and cash totaling more than $3 million that prosecutors said was derived from their illegal activities. Cunningham is expected to forfeit a home in the gated community of Ibis Golf and Country Club.

In handing down the sentence, Maloney said the crimes involved a “massive tax scheme involving illegal aliens.”

Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security Julie L. Meyers said, “For too long, unscrupulous employers like those who owned and operated RCI have been able to undercut their competition by building their work force with illegal labor.”

Myers added that “targeting employers who profit from illegal hiring is a key component to stopping illegal immigration.”

patriot said...

Roswell businessman accepts plea deal in raid case
The Associated Press
Article Launched: 05/23/2008 07:07:22 AM MDT

ROSWELL, N.M.—A top official of an Roswell aircraft painting shop will pay $300,000 in fines in an illegal immigration case.
Carl Baldwin, vice president of Dean Baldwin Painting Inc., pleaded guilty Thursday before U.S. Magistrate Robert Scott in Albuquerque to three misdemeanor counts of knowingly employing and accepting falsified documents from illegal immigrants, U.S. Attorney Gregory Fouratt said.

Baldwin admitted employing illegal immigrants from 2002 to 2005, Fouratt said.

The U.S. attorney said the fine was the largest of its kind ever imposed in an immigration case in New Mexico.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities raided the company's plant in Roswell, N.M. and arrested 15 illegal immigrants in August 2006.

Baldwin originally was charged with 10 felonies.

Federal prosecutors agreed to allow him to plead guilty to the misdemeanors instead in part so the company could continue to do business in Roswell, the Albuquerque Journal reported in a copyright story Friday. The federal prosecution wasn't intended to jeopardize the company's operations or the jobs of its employees, most of whom are U.S. citizens, Fouratt told the Journal.

U.S. Attorney Stephen Wong said a felony conviction could have made it difficult for Baldwin to keep the security clearance he needs for work at airports.
"We're pleased with the outcome and we're pleased that it is resolved," said Jason Bowles, Baldwin's attorney.

Baldwin also will be on probation for three years.

"Mr. Fouratt felt that the wrongdoing had to be punished, but didn't want to penalize the employees who were lawfully employed at the company by shutting it down," Norm Cairns, spokesman for the U.S. attorney in Albuquerque, told the Roswell Daily Record.

Baldwin and his company were ordered to pay a total of $550,000 in the case that arose from the raid on the Roswell plant. The U.S. Department of Labor administratively sanctioned Dean Baldwin Painting, ordering it to pay $250,000 for employing illegal immigrants.

The company released a statement expressing disappointment in the U.S. attorney's reference to an administrative sanction "for employing illegal aliens." The company said it has "worked hard to implement personnel practices to guard against the employment of illegal workers" and is enrolled in federal programs to help businesses screen prospective employees and check the citizenship of current ones.

Charges originally were directed solely at the company, but Baldwin was charged after prosecutors alleged he accepted falsified documents from immigrants.

The company, which has headquarters in the San Antonio suburb of Bulverde, Texas, is under contract to paint commercial and U.S. military aircraft at the Roswell International Air Center.

The Air Force temporarily suspended Dean Baldwin from receiving new contracts but said it could continue previously contracted jobs.

The business recently lost a nearly $23 million economic development and lease agreement with the Midland Development Corp. when the governing body of the Texas city rescinded the deal after learning about the immigration raid and that the company owed taxes to New Mexico.

The state of New Mexico charged last year that the company owed back taxes. Dean Baldwin challenged the claim, but lost in the state Court of Appeals.

Gov. Bill Richardson and Rep. Dan Foley, R-Roswell, worked together in February to craft a long-term plan for the business to pay more than $522,000 in taxes, interest and penalties.

patriot said...

Restaurant Owner Arrested for Hiring, Harboring Illegal Aliens
Written by Imperial Valley News
Friday, 23 May 2008
Waukesha, Wisconsin - Special agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested the owner of an upscale Asian steakhouse on Thursday on charges that he knowingly hired illegal aliens to work at his restaurant and housed them at a Waukesha residence. The charges resulted from an ICE criminal worksite enforcement investigation.

ICE agents executed a federal search warrant May 22 at Asiana Restaurant, 1198 George Towne Drive in Pewaukee. They arrested restaurant owner Rong "Ricky" Shi, 32, of Merton, Wis. Shi, a naturalized U.S. citizen from China, who is charged with unlawfully harboring and hiring illegal aliens for financial gain.

ICE agents initiated the investigation following an April 29arrest when they took into custody four illegal aliens from Mexico and China from a Waukesha residence. Waukesha Police Department reported receiving numerous complaints from the public regarding a residence located at 2208 Melody Lane; police requested assistance from ICE. An ICE affidavit unsealed in federal court Thursday alleges that Shi knowingly hired the four illegal aliens to work at his restaurant and harbored them at the Melody Lane residence he owns.

"ICE is committed to enforcing the nation's immigration laws in the workplace to maintain the integrity of our legal immigration system," said Brian Falvey, resident agent-in-charge of the ICE Office of Investigations in Milwaukee. "Criminal sanctions against employers are an effective deterrent to illegal employment schemes."

ICE has dramatically enhanced its efforts to combat employers who unlawfully employ illegal aliens in the United States. The agency's strategy for effective worksite enforcement is aimed at promoting national security, protecting critical infrastructure, and ensuring fair labor standards. In fiscal year 2007, ICE secured more than $30 million in criminal fines, restitutions, and civil judgments in worksite enforcement cases. ICE arrested 863 people in criminal cases and made more than 4,000 administrative arrests, which is a tenfold increase over 2002 figures.

The penalty for the felony offense of harboring illegal aliens is up to 10 years in federal prison.

Members of the public are reminded that a complaint is merely an accusation; the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

dianne said...

The illegal immigrants are providing testimony that will PROVE the plant CEO is guilty. They are doing this in exchange for some plea deal themselves. Also, ICE confiscated all the company data, including computers to assist in their case. It does seem like a lot of time has gone by though. However, some congressional reps are calling for an investigation and along with all the press, I am certain the top dogs will be prosecuted.

We "anti's" can't do anything to make this happen in Postville or make it happen faster. I don't have any evidence. I, personally, have hounded my Kansas reps half to death to punish employers to the point I got into a real argument with my rep Julia Lynn and she let me know in no uncertain terms she was pissed with me. No skin off my back. I don't care what she thinks. She didn't follow through on her promise when she was campaigning and she will NOT get my vote in the fall.


patriot said...

When asked whether the company has any illegals on its payroll today, a Tyson spokesman said, "We have a zero tolerance for the hiring of individuals who are not authorized to work in the U.S. Unfortunately, the reality for businesses across the country is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine just who has proper authorization. The tangle of laws and the increasing sophistication of those providing false documentation puts employers in a very tough position ... Given the scope of undocumented immigration to the U.S., we and countless other American businesses face a very difficult task in trying to figure out who is eligible to work."

Liquidmicro said...

Guest column on Postville: Investigate employers suspected of violating immigration laws

U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, a Democrat from Waterloo, represents the 1st District. • May 28, 2008

Without a doubt, workers who violate the law need to be held accountable. Identity theft and fraudulent use of Social Security information are crimes, and crimes should be prosecuted.

But while ICE officials have been effective in their efforts to find and detain undocumented employees who may have broken the law, one major stone remains unturned: an investigation into whether the employer, Agriprocessors, broke the law.

Federal officials have been tight-lipped about whether such an investigation is under way. I understand the need to conduct a thorough investigation before filing any charges. But as each day passes without even a hint of a probe into Agriprocessors' actions, Iowans grow more anxious that an employer who apparently has violated laws concerning workplace safety, child labor, food safety, the environment and immigration is going to get away without even a slap on the wrist.
Regardless of your opinion on immigration reform, I think everyone can agree that until we enforce our laws equally against both employees and employers who break the law, we'll continue to have a serious immigration problem in this country.

Unless the federal government demonstrates a commitment to enforcing the law against corporations who profit by looking the other way when immigration, workplace safety, child labor, environmental and food safety laws have been broken, respect for our government and the rule of law will continue to erode.

I agree with Diane, to the scope and magnitude that this, if/when it comes down, should be able to real in the big fish. If it doesn't, then there should be an outcry from both PRO's and ANTI's.

Liquidmicro said...


Incorporating of a company: Incorporation (abbreviated Inc.) is the forming of a new corporation (a corporation being a legal entity that is "effectively recognized as a person", albeit a fictitious one, under the law).


Aaron Rubashkin, is the "founder" of the company. His son, Sholom is the company CEO.

Who actually hired the workers?? The Human Resources Department.

Where they instructed to do so by Sholom?? or his staff? This is where, if they were instructed to do so by Sholom, he should be imprisoned as well. I think thats what is being investigated right now, along with the Chinese nationals and the racketeering of the visas. This, I am betting is going to take some time. A big case with many provisions, not wanting to be screwed up, so dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's.

If Sholom made it out of the country, I wouldn't hold my breath that he be arrested, however, is there any proof that he has fled to Israel? or is it people becoming impatient wanting the big fish jailed immediately simply because the "Illegals" have already been incarcerated and sentenced?? Once the bust happened, I am sure that all company names were given to the No Fly List, which would have stopped Sholom at the airport or any port of departure.

patriot said...

That's just it, liquid. An investigation takes time especially where there is the possibly of more than one person involved in a crime. As you said, all the I's have to be dotted and all the T's crossed before arrests can occur. Dee expects instant gratification just because the illegals were arrested right away. The illegals obviously couldn't provide proof that they were here legally in this country so justice was swift. With an American citizen it is and should be a totally different scenario. Who ever the guilty party or parties are in regards to the corporation, I hope they produce ample evidence soon and arrest them, prosecute them and throw them in prison for a long time. It does happen as I provided ample cases where that did happen but dee chooses to ignore those examples and still claim that we anti's want to protect the employers. She must be off her rocker as why would we pushing the Save Act then? It will force the employers to comply! Everytime there is a raid and her precious illegals incarcerated she starts foaming at the mouth in here. Why would any real American give a rat's behind about what happens to illegal aliens?

Dee said...

Pat, Of the three cases you provided, one qualifies, the case against RCI, the Janitorial firm. The other two, one probation (no jail time) and the other, the arrest of an Asian, very small business owner, does not.

Regarding the RCI case, the sentencing just came down THIS MONTH.

Perhaps finally, the employers will start to receive the needed jail time and high fines needed to stop the solicitation, providinging the documentation, hiring and exploiting of the illegal immigrants. We can hope. They are NOT in prison yet. I believe they may be up for appeals.

All I can say is, it is about time. Perhaps they will do the same at Agriprocessors!

Dee said...

The RCI Case was more about Tax Fraud. Here are the details:

Rosenbaum, 62, the one-time president of RCI, to serve 10 years in prison for conspiring to defraud the government and harboring illegal aliens.

Flocken, the company's 60-year-old controller .. earned 30 months for working the company's books, allowing them to avoid $18 million in employment taxes.

A third executive, Vice President Edward Cunningham, 60, who was buying the business from Rosenbaum, was sentenced to 51 months in prison.

The trio also must reimburse the government nearly $17 million, Maloney ruled during sentencing hearings in Kalamazoo.

The defendants developed and maintained a nationwide business that was staffed almost exclusively with illegal aliens and, as a result of that work force composition, they made themselves rich by evading their collective legal obligation.

Federal prosecutors worked for years to disband the ring of illegal activity that started with immigration agents investigating fake green cards in 2003. The company contracted at more than 100 major hospitality venues.

Investigators also found a state employee, Juanita Schlagel, of Williamsburg, was using her job at Michigan Works to SELL FRAUDULENT LEGALIZATION PAPERS for some workers at the Grand Traverse Resort.

Dee said...

Bad News.
The trib is reporting:
DES MOINES, Iowa - State occupational safety regulators have reduced fines against Agriprocessors Inc. for numerous safety and health violations.,0,2868945.story

I guess their PAC payoffs to government officials are working.

Dee said...

And, it looks like Agriprocessors is up to its old dirty tricks:

"With nearly half its workforce in federal custody -- and many others having fled or afraid to show up to work -- Agriprocessors has struggled since the raid to replenish its ranks.

Workers have been shipped in from around the country, and several former Postville employees say they have been asked to return to work. One ex-worker, who would identify himself only as Jose, said that a female Agriprocessors employee had called his home looking for a man named Miguel. Jose told her that Miguel had been arrested in the raid, but the woman encouraged him to tell his friends that the company was looking to rehire workers.

"She said don't worry about" having the proper papers, said Jose. "You can come to work, and we'll pay in cash."

Agriprocessors also has recruited workers from its plant in Gordon, Neb. -- some 650 miles to the west. John Marshall, 19, had worked in the Gordon plant for six months before boarding an Agriprocessors bus for the 12-hour ride to Postville. At the Iowa plant, he worked 17-hour shifts in several capacities, from flanking on the kill floor to cleaning duties.

Marshall said that the company promised a $200 bonus for coming to Postville, as well as reimbursement for expenses, a place to sleep for free and an hourly wage of $8.25.

After six days, continued Marshall, he wanted to go home, but the company wouldn't pay him anything beyond the $150 he received May 16. Marshall said he has no money to make the return trip to Gordon. "

Dee said...

More on Agriprocessors crimes:

According to the Associated Press, an attorney who interviewed some of those swept up in the raid said that the company itself "obtained false identification for immigrant workers." But in the overwhelming majority of these raids -- 98 percent, according to the Washington Post -- the only people to pay any penalty are poor people trying to earn a substandard wage working in America's growing unregulated economy.

Meanwhile, ICE charged many of the detained with "identity theft" for those faked papers, effectively giving immigration hard-liners what Congress hasn't granted them through the legislative process: serious criminal charges for what have always been misdemeanor immigration violations at most.

In this case, as in many others like it, many of the workers appear to have been seriously exploited. The AP reported that the plant's management "improperly withheld money from employees' paychecks for 'immigration fees,' didn't allow workers to use the restroom during 10-hour shifts, physically abused workers and didn't compensate them for overtime work."

According to MSNBC, workers at the plant were routinely started at $5 per hour for their first three or four months on the job and then raised to $6, still well below Iowa's minimum wage of $7.25.

patriot said...

There is nothing we citizens can do except to let justice prevail after a thorough investigation is completed. We are neither the judge nor the jury. Hearsay and opinion doesn't mean squat either.

If convicted, all guilty parties should be fined and imprisoned. This has always been the anti's postition.

Dee said...

I am hoping you are right Pat.
We will see with what happens with Agriprocessors.
With the RCI conviction this month, perhaps this will start a new trend.
Both sides can come to agreement on this!

patriot said...

The cost of hiring 126 illegal aliens: $6.8 million

May 30,2008 By Kelly Cramer

A family owned commercial fishing business in Virginia and two of its
owners paid $6.8 million in fines and forfeitures after pleading guilty
to hiring 126 illegal aliens to work on their boats.

The charge is a misdemeanor and federal prosecutors had recommended home
confinement in addition to the monetary penalties, but U.S. District
Judge Raymond A. Jackson sentenced Yvonne Michelle Peabody, the company’s
vice president, to three months in prison.

At the sentencing hearing last month, the judge said he was making an
example out of Peabody, who had served on the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries
Council’s law enforcement subcommittee at the same time illegal aliens
had been working on the family’s eight scallop boats.

She paid a $50,000 fine and will also spend an additional four months on
home confinement after her release. Her father, William Peabody, will
serve five months of home confinement and paid $100,000 in fines.

Hiring undocumented workers or foreign crew already in the United States
on a B1/B2 visa who are or were employed by another megayacht at the time
of their entry is prevalent in the yachting community. The prosecution of
the Peabodys is a reminder that when federal authorities choose to
enforce the law, the penalties can be stiff.

John E. Holloway, the Peabodys’ attorney, had argued in court that the
"government took a permissive approach to the presence of illegal aliens
on commercial fishing vessels."

Dee said...

Pat, Your May 30, 2008 article shows a judge´s sentencing. This is the 2nd example of a judge actually sentencing the owners and they both occurred THIS MONTH. Let´s follow these cases and see if they actually serve time (before lawyers initiate appeals). This certainly would be a welcome change.

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