Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exclusive: Inside the Minds of the Minutemen (Part 3)

I continue to receive emails from "Inside Minuteman" (IMM). Even the grannies are in their pickup trucks "Locked & Loaded!"
Here are his latest Updates:
IMM says MCDC's Carmen Mercer's denials of knowing Shawna Forde are LIES:
. Quote from a “call to muster” Simcox's MCDC group posted on its Web site in 2006: “We have identified leaders among us like Shawna Forde, Bob and Kathy Dameron and Rody Martin, and we are now getting into confronting employers who break our laws by knowingly hiring illegal aliens.”
IMM defines "Who's Who in the Minutemen":
. MCDC - Mostly in AZ. Founded by Chris Simcox. Simcox lies a lot. He lived with MCDC's Carmen Mercer until he dumped her for a younger women who came out for the Original MMP. Simcox is running for Senate against McCain.
. Border Auxiliary: NO connection to the border patrol. Run by Carl Braun and Ken Dreager. Former MCDC who started their own group. Unlike most people who start their own groups, they stayed friendly with MCDC. They like to dress up like Border Patrol Agents.
. Camp Vigilence: Used by Border Auxilery and MCDC.
. San Diego Minutemen: Run by Jeff Schwilk. He is a mean, angry man. Very successful for while. Large protests with lots of media exposure. Successful in court. Lately seems to be mostly on a campaign against Jim Gilchrist and harassing people via email. Last girl friend posted pictures of him wearing her bathing suits. They are on line somewhere. Recently lost a slander suit and was ordered to pay $135,000.
. Save our State: Started by Joe Turner. Very succesful for a while. Large protests with lots of media exposure. Joe left and turned it over to Chelene Nightingale who has pretty much destroyed it. She and Schwilk mostly complain about Jim Gilchrist, obsess about money and look for internal enemies a la Richard Nixon. Denounce people as spies and infiltrators. Claims to have "lots of sources." Bans people from the group faster than they sign up. Inexplicably has a 501C3 IRS Designation.
. CCIR: Run by Barb Coe out of Huntington Beach. Famous for prop 187 ten years ago. More recently tanked the congressional campaign of Tan Nyguen by sending fliers stating that immigrants are not allow to vote.
. Mountain Minutemen / Tacate Citizen Patrol: Founded by Robert Crook after he was kicked out of MCDC and MMP. Famous for this video. Supported by all the above groups. Crooks was removed from the border against his will for unknown reasons a year ago. Whines because Jim Gilchrist did not give him money. HIGHLY supported by CCIR. Eagle Forum and Bob Shuff, wealthy Orange County Republican and CCIR member.
. Southern CA Coalition: Organized by Schwilk. Several Small groups. To Join requires the group to denounce Gilchrist.
Banned from the BBQ
. Jim Gilchrist and Minuteman Project.
. Campo Minutemen - Nemesis of the Mountain Minutemen. Leader once beat up Robert Crooks in the town of Campo. Banned for talking to media about Shawna Forde and refusing to denounce Gilchrist.
. No more Invasion - people Banned from Save Our State by Chelene.


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pcorn54 said...

Crook was kicked for habitual drunkeness.

For a time, he was Simcox' right hand man.

But after 5, he was looplegged and liked to send provocative emails to the membership, despite Simcox forbidding him access to a computer until after 5.

Proof of this is in the .pdf document, "The Neutering of the Miniutemen" online. Do a Google.

Anonymous said...

The Group as a whole at the MCDC and BPAUX camp are highly racist and are of little concern at the border. They rarely leave far from the camp to make the trip to the border anyway. the Sheriff in the area does have concern that they have loaded guns and consume a lot of alcohol in camp. they have been throw off numerous private properties by land owners who find them drunk and disorderly with loaded guns in the night. They have no training and only seem to be there to make money.

Anonymous said...

This has not been verified but have it under good authority that the MCDC and BPAUX in San Diego and Tucson are being investigated by the FBI, ATF, and local police. They have been listed as heavily armed and dangerous.

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