Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Minutemen Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush Arraigned for Murder of 9 Year Old Brisenia Flores! Prosecutors have 60 Days to Decide Death Penalty!

Minutemen Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush were arraigned in Pima County Superior Court for the murders of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her father Raul. In addition to two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder, they are facing burglary, aggravated-assault and robbery charges in the May 30 incident.

Pima County hearing officer Roger Duncan entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of Shawna Forde, 41, Albert Robert Gaxiola, 42, and Jason Eugene Bush, 34. Duncan also assigned county-paid attorneys for all three defendants and scheduled their next court appearance for Aug. 18.
Prosecutors have until 60 days after the arraignment to announce if they intend to seek the death penalty.
3 arraigned in killings of girl, 9, father


Vicente Duque said...

This may be the begin of the end for the Minutemen. There is an uproar of outrage against them.

Today, I found three New Videos that were not present Yesterday in YouTube.

Many people that believed in them feel now that they have been swindled of their money. The Minutemen are conning people in order to fill their pockets.

Some of the People that had some sympathy with them, are beginning to realize that this is the Behaviour of Scoundrels, and the rifts among them show their wickedness, immorality and dedication to Violence.

I have gathered dozens of videos on the Minutemen and their Feats here :


Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

After watching the videos I have come to conclusion that all I seen was some old angry men with a vendetta.

Anonymous said...

Shawna was trained to do this by the MCDC and BPAUX groups.

Anonymous said...

2 years later and the BPAUX have not been brought to justice for their role inthe murders.


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