Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AMAZING AUDIO: Brisenia's Mother's Call to 911 Names Shawna Forde as the "Short Fat White Woman in Camouflage Who Murdered Her Family!"

The police have released the audio of the 911 call Brisenia Flores' mother made on the night of the murder. AZStarnet has posted it on-line. Listen as Brisenia's mother identifies the "short fat white woman in camouflage" that murdered her family! Click HERE for the audio.


Vicente Duque said...

The Woman that attended the 911 phone assumed that the shooters were Hispanic.

The Criminalization of Hispanics is deeply ingrained in the subconscious.

In fact Statistics show that Hispanics do not commit so many Murders as announced and publicized, probably less than the general average.

It is part of the Demonizing, Criminalizing and Animalizing.

Present them as leeches, fleas, flies and cockroaches ( incapable of "Western Civilization" .... What Imbecility !! and enemies of "God" ) and next you can kill them and Lynch them.

As it has happened in the last years, when Racist Courts acquit and absolve many of those that kill Minorities in the most cruel, sadistic and brutal way.


Vicente Duque

The Indigenous Xicano said...


Vicente Duque said...

Proverbs of the Republicans as Dogs - My two cents contribution to Laughter, Entertainment, Fun and the Ridicule of Republican Fools !

Proverbs of Republicans as Dogs :

The dogs bark because we gallop - Don Quixote to Sancho ( Barack Obama as Don Quixote that was the object of gossip in some Spanish towns )

The envious ( Republicans ) are like the little dogs of the Roman Matrons, they bark to the Emperors and the Victorious Generals of Rome. - Philosopher Seneca. ( Fox News Doggies barking to Obama )

The envious ( Republicans ) are ungrateful, they spit to the Sun ( Obama ) that warms them and lights their path. -- Victor Hugo - French Poet, Playwright and Novelist.

The envious ( Republicans ) destroy the garden of the neighbor, because they are too lazy for having Beautiful Flowers and vegetables in spring or summer - Vicente Duque ( Envious of Poets )

The envious ( Republicans ) are fools because they commit a sin ( Envy ) that gives a lot of pain. The other sins give Great Pleasures. - Miguel de Cervantes

The envious ( Republicans ) are fools because they become enemies of those that can advance their careers ( The Democrats that are going to be in power for 40 years, according to James Carville ) - This is from the English Playwright of "Shakespeare in Love" that is killed in a duel, Christopher Marlowe.

More Doggie Proverbs against Republican Envy and Ill Will :


Vicente Duque

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