Friday, June 12, 2009

Open Letter to Sarah Palin: Remember the Peter Principle!

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin,

Ms. Palin,
I am appalled by your disregard towards your children.
I am a mother and grandmother. My chief purpose is to protect and support my children and grandchildren. I would never dream of exploiting them to achieve notoriety or gain for myself. No. Never. Most mothers in America would NOT!!!

Apparently you have identity problems. You want to continue YOUR 15 minutes of fame at the EXPENSE of your children.
Whether you know it or not, YOU are a media figure. As a media figure, late night comedians are apt to make a joke or two at your/your family's expense. Comedian David Letterman did so the other night. He made a silly joke. Last Monday, as he does EVERY SHOW, he listed his Top 10. This time, his Top Ten list featured “Highlights of Sarah Palin’s Trip" to New York. One joke centered on the family attending a Yankees baseball game. Letterman said “an awkward moment” occurred for Palin when, “during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by (Yankee third baseman) Alex Rodriguez.” The joke seemed to focus on the publicity both Rodriguez and Bristol Palin received for their notoriety over their very, very public relationships. Everyone in the audience knew this was the intent. It was just a silly joke.

Since the day of the joke (Monday), Sarah, you've drawn very public attention to yourself and your children, exploiting them to gain attention to yourself. I think this is SHAMEFUL!!! You have turned Comedian Letterman's words around. There was NO talk of Rape. There was NO talk of abuse. There wasn't even mention of names. It was meant to be a Joke based off the public images of both Rodriquez and the Palins. Nothing more than you would hear at a Saturday afternoon discussion on Entertainment Tonight over any other Public Figure. You have to consider that YOUR FAMILY is ALL OVER THE TABLOIDS and Entertainment Magazines at YOUR REQUEST!! Just this week Bristol went on the cover of People Magazine promoting her single, unmarried motherhood.

Sarah, if you truly HATE the media and want your children out of the spotlight, answer this. Why on earth are you continuing to exploit the very public argument with David Letterman, day after day, in the media? It would have ENDED Monday if you would have just kept your family matters PRIVATE! BUT...YOU HAVE CHOSEN to continue to expand your 15 minutes of fame. I suggest you STOP IT! Just Stop it!! Consider your children and STOP making such a damx spectacle of yourself! Consider your children!!
Sarah, if you really wanted to be a class act, then you would follow in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton. When the right wingers like Limpbaugh and the right wingers went after Chelsea (remember when the right wingers were saying the Clintons were "pimping" Chelsea out?) Clinton went directly at them ONCE, then backed off. America was on her side and she knew it! She did NOT exploit the situation. She did NOT use it to expand her own fame as you are doing. Clinton is a Smart, Savvy Woman with Intelligence and Class!! You are a media hound out for yourself!!

Sarah, you have a lot to learn and many miles to go before you can even be considered as a viable candidate for any national office. My hope for you, Ms. Sarah, is you will back off the National scene and study International issues as well as National issues before you even CONSIDER coming on the National scene again. It is JUST TOO EMBARRASSING for ALL FEMALES to have you as a candidate. Better yet, perhaps you just need to be happy for her Governorship. The old Peter principle certainly applies to you!!




ultima said...

I noticed that Letterman belatedly admitted his joke was in poor taste. Perhaps others should think about how they would feel if it was their daughter who was the butt of such a so-called joke.

After all Obama with his high profile during the campaign said his family was off-limits. Why isn't what is good for the goose not good for the gander and vis versa.

They trashed Palin during the campaign and now they haven't the good sense to leave her family alone in the same way they did Obama's.

The Arizonian said...

Wait wait wait.....

Didn't you get mad over a New Yorker (a liberal publication IMHO) cover of the Obamas dressed as 'terrorists' doing a 'fist pump', a cover satirizing the conservative media's portrayal of the Obamas, a cover that was meant to be a joke?

So, poking fun at Palin ok, Obama no?

I Travel for JOOLS said...

She came for a charitable cause - autistic children. She went to a baseball game and for those simple acts she and her children were viciously attacked. She was referred to as a slutty flight attendant, demeaning not only her but all female flight attendants and all females. Her daughter was viciously verbally sexually attacked by Letterman.

Upon her entrance on the national stage she and her family were smeared on a daily basis. She was even accused of faking her pregnancy.

And, you call her an embarrassment to all females and accuse her of exploiting her children???

If she was a Democrat, I expect you'd be outraged at her treatment.

Dee said...

Palin is street smart. She knew exactly what she was doing when she took on David Letterman for his silly joke. read what he said. It was one of the Top 10 jokes.

She knew what she was getting into. She purposely took on this street fight to gain media attention for herself and to pander to her groupies. That is what I am saying. Fine and good if she wants to expand her 15 minutes of fame. My point is, she should NOT be dragging her poor children around for the ride. Imagine, mudding up the silly joke by calling it rape and letterman a sexual pervert. All just to expand her 15 minutes AT HER CHILDREN's Expense!

Shame on her.
She is one bad momma!

Dee said...

And to my point, the Obama's ignored it. They didn't whine on and on about it. They did not take every moment to step in front of the media to expand media attention on themselves. The Obama's talk issues. They don't trash talk OR exploit their kids.

I admire them for that!

ultima said...

The concensus seems to be that Letterman was dead wrong. Why is anyone attacking the victim and her children? Palin may have been better off to let it drop but what mother worth her salt would do so in the circumstances. I doubt that her motivation was to keep her name before the public.

Why isn't Letterman sent the way of Imus? Is this further proof, as if any was needed, of the consistent bias of the media?

ultima said...

I note today that Letterman has now apologized to the Palins. Perhaps there are others who should do so.

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