Tuesday, June 9, 2009

VDare and Alipac's Dreams of Division Between Minority/Latino Groups over Sotomayor Confirmation

The Hate sites VDare and Alipac are living in a dream world. They wish and hope for a division within minority/Latino groups, hoping their wishes will come true, that Humanitarians will jump ship and join their Hate Filled side. When I visit their sites, I have to hold down my eyelids to keep my eyes from over-rolling. Here are some examples of ludicrous topics on their discussion boards (get ready for your eyeballs to roll):

1. Hispanic Bloggers Savaging Sotomayor: This thread references an article from VDare written by a VDare reader, Dale Gribble. (some credible source). This VDare reader takes quotes from comment sections and blogs, takes them out of context, and uses them to validate his topic.
The 1st example is from "Puertorriqueñas' Stories of Life in Chicago." Gina Perez from DePaul is the author/researcher. The article is about her research work among poor and working-class Puerto Rican women in Chicago.

Gribble takes several sentences out of context. Example: "Mexicans, however, inhabit a different ideological space and are often perceived as both an economic and cultural threat..." Here is the portion of the article Gribble leaves out: "Mexican and Puerto Rican women have collaborated in political struggles around school reform, housing, and gentrification. These moments of solidarity among black, Puerto Rican and Mexican women not only reveal their shared social location, they also underscore the fact that despite a long migration history and continued circulation between Chicago and Puerto Rico, most poor and working-class puertorriqueñas live deeply local lives."
Gribble then goes to an article on "Queerty" and quotes from the comment section from someone named "Bob R" and quotes: "Sotomayor is Puerto Rican, not Mexican. Not all Hispanic groups love or even like each other. From my years in Florida I know that Cubans dislike Puerto Ricans and loath Mexicans."
What Gribble DOESN'T tell you is that Bob R is just some random commenter and not a Puerto Rican or Cuban. Gribble goes on to quote two other random arcticles quoting the words of random non-hispanic commenters. Somehow, he takes these random articles and out of context quotes to validate his topic, "Hispanic Bloggers Savaging Sotomayor."
Then, to top it off, Alipacers reference this junk as gospel and celebrate! Here are some of the zany alipacer comments about Gribble's drivel:
. "FINALLY! Someone came out with the truth! It's all about the mexicans, people, they could care less about OTMs."
. "I am surprised they didn't give her credit for being a LaRaza member, since LaRaza is primarily a Mexican organization. I guess they are just knuckle dragging Mexican racists."
. "Being half my family is Hispanic I can sure say this is true. Mexico is loathed by most all Hispanics."
Sheesh!!! They are ALL Loony!!

2. Next Example: Alipac "Prayer Thread":
This particular thread makes my eyes spin with rolly-ness. Read some of these zany comments.
. "Dear Lord In Heaven - I know we haven't spoken in a while, but I really need to ask you a favor. If you could just please let the votes tomorrow be true and honest and from citizens that would be great. That's all I ask - for honesty in the votes that are placed. Thanks for listening. Amen."
. "....and may they all be cast for Mitt Romney."
." Our country is on the verge of being led by players (Clinton, McCain, Obama) that will finish the creation of The North American Union, beginning with full amnesty of 25 to 39 million criminals that have invaded our sovereign nation."
. butterbean: "Dear Lord, I ask in the name of "Our Father", that Lou Dobbs consider to run for Office of the President of the United States in order to rid us of all the unjust political deeds that have been done to the citizens of this country. Amen "
. the day Obama was elected: "This will make you think - A Trivia question in Sunday School : How long is the beast allowed to have authority in Revelations ? Revelations Chapter 13 tells us it is 42 months, and you know what that is. Almost a four-year term to a Presidency."
Immigration Prayers:
. "Lord, please let the truth come through. Every country needs immigration laws to be enforced for the purpose of providing safety and security to the people. "
. "additionally please help fellow Americans understand that we are not racist, bigots, or anything of the sort."
. "Everyone needs protection and wisdom while participating in the tea party events. Let us hope that those that would do harm would be thwarted in their efforts and that the voices standing for America will be heard and not ignored. "
. "Lord, in order to save our country, please keep Pelosi digging at that hole! Lord, please make it so deep she can't get out."
These so-called "prayers" are unbelievable. How can a group of people who HATE so much think that God in Heaven supports such hate-mongering? It is just unbelievable! I have yet to see the following quote on any of the thousands of posts on their Prayer Thread:

"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."
What these Hate filled sites fail to consider is, that above all, we PROs are Humanitarians. We are of ALL ethnicities. And forever, we will be in solidarity in support of our causes... Truth, Justice and Hope for Humanity! This is something these Hate sites will never understand.


Vicente Duque said...

How the Republican Party has dominated with lies, fear, racism, hatred, etc ... for a long time. And how it is countered now by new progressive voices.

New Progressive Voices in the Mainstream Media are countering the lies, fear, racism, etc of Rush Limbaugh and other Radio Haters, and the Lies of Fox News and other Racist TV Anchors.

Examples of Progressives are MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann & Chris Matthews, and other intelligent and Kind people like Cenk Uygur, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Ed Shultz, Rick Sanchez, etc ..
There are new Liberal TV and Radio Networks, YouTube "Channels", Twitter People, etc ...

Why the GOP collapsed (and why it will continue to do so


A few Excerpts of a very long Article in Gather.com :

"What we're seeing now is the complete unraveling of republican talking points over the years, as progressive voices has successfully worked their way into the MSM, and become a centerpiece of discussion. Viewpoints that had previously not been allowed in public, because of rightwing airwave cominance, are now offered on a daily basis, and the facts are uncovering the years and years of rightwing lies. As these lies are exposed and laid to waste, the pulic is becoming painfully aware that they've been drastically misled."

"The republican party is now caught in the impossible position of trying to hold onto its base by continuing to rely upon its campaign of constant lies and misinformation, yet having those lies and misinformation exposed, the moment it leaves their mouths. Nary a day goes by when there isn't at least one gigantic rightwing lie exposed and ridiculed by progressive voices in the MSM, and every time this happens, it's further damaging the already-demolished credibility of the GOP. Each time this happens, more rational, thinking people abandon the party, and they're left with nothing but their radical, lie-infested, fearful, cowering, meaningless base of fringe kooks.

Yes, we can certainly attribute some of the GOP collapse to the very fact that their policies have collapsed this nation. HOWEVER, don't for a moment think that the general public would have such utter disgust for this failed ideology if not for the existence of progressive voices in the MSM today. Rest assured, if the "right" had it their way, they'd still be ramrodding their lies and misinformation down our throats unchallenged, and would be blaming democrats for our current, republican-caused malaise.

It is my fervent belief that we owe a great debt of gratitude to AAR and to progressive voices in general, for the truth being set free to such a degree that it is dismantling the previous dominance of the GOP. The party was destined to collapse regardless, because it was built entirely on lies, racism, hatred, fear, and intolerance, but I don't believe anyone can argue that the impact of progressive media voices hasn't played a prominant role in hastening the demise.


Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Show me one "hate" item from NumbersUSA. Seems like the Anti-America/Pro-illegal crowd has lost its bearings. Its vocabulary now boils down to one word "hate", a word they don't even know the meaning of or simply adapt it to their needs for ad hominem arguments. They have cried "wolf" once too often. No one will consider them to be credible on issues with such wild accusations.

ultima said...

Keith Olberman is a stooge for the Obama administration. I wouldn't be surprised if he was on the White House payroll. So much of for the independence and balance of the fourth estate. Olberman is the Limbaugh of the extreme left, nothing more, nothing less.

ultima said...

Duque wrote"...dominated with lies, fear, racism, hatred, etc.

This is so far from the truth I'm surprised anyone would expose themselves to ridicule by stating it.

Instead of attacking the messenger which is all to easy to do without substantiation. A better tactic would be to demonstrate with irrefutable facts (not innuendo or opinion), this so-called domination of the Republican party by extremists, racists, etc. The Republicans I know are not like that at all. They are just ordinary people who disagree with those would destroy our country, open the borders, re-creating here the very conditions of poverty, misery and joblessness that caused illegals to leave their homelands,etc.

Where are the lies from mainstream Republicans? Where is the racism? (That is mostly in the minds of the Anti-America crowd; it is not the reality.) Where are the facts that show hatred by any common definition? If there is fear, it is fully justified because our country is in great jeopardy and few seem to understand that and recognize it for what it is. They simply go blythely on their way without any real thoughts about the future of this country if the Anti-America crowd has its way. This is a sorry testimony to the ignorance and shortsightedness of many who should know better if they are sentient, intelligent human beings who are able to have thought processes independent of the Olbermans and Limbaughs of this world.

ultima said...

Duque wrote, "...when there isn't at least one gigantic rightwing lie exposed ".

Name a few expose's that are in themselves lies.

ultima said...

Don't count the Republican Party out yet. The leftwingers know not what they do as they work assiguously to destroy the the two party system in America. There have been one party systems in the world before: Naziism, Communism, Maoism, and others. They don't come highly recommended but the left wingers get closer to their tenets every day and we will all live to regret the inability of some to see issues from more than one point of view which is tainted by charges of racism, hatred, intolerance, lies, fear, etc.

pcorn54 said...

This post made my day Dee!

john said...

Your posts make my day, Utlima. Thanks for telling the truth.

The Arizonian said...

I find it interesting that while the US seems to be moving 'Left', Europe seems to be moving 'Right'. A sign of the future perhaps?

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