Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ramirez Hate Crime Murder: Piekarsky and Donchak are Sentenced to Jail Time! Although only 6 months -- for Murder!

It is with mixed emotions I am writing this blog. Today, the murderers of Luis Ramirez, murdered for being Latino, were sentenced for their crimes by Judge William E. Baldwin. The judge said, “It doesn’t matter if Mr. Ramirez was Latino, white, black or purple. This kind of violence in the streets of Schuylkill County is not going to be tolerated.” He sentenced them for only 6 to xx months. For Murder!

Is six months enough time for murder? No! But I will say this. Piekarsky and Walsh WILL be serving time behind bars for their murderous actions.

I'm sure they expected "no jail time" for their crimes. Look at how pompous they look in these pictures. They were walking into court believing they would get off scott free. They had their little racist neighbors and teachers vouching for them in court saying "they are such good boys." They will ALWAYS be BOYS to me, these cowardly little murderers. Drunken Cowards who were six against one against someone they called out. Six against one as he lay unconscious on the ground as the biggest coward of all, Piekarky, delivered that fatal kick to the head. His crimes will lay on his soul until he meets his maker. However, the man in red hot tenny shoes will gladly welcome him into his fire filled realm. Donchak will also meet this same end, especially since he so proudly wore his Border Patrol t-shirt on the Halloween AFTER they murdered Luis. They even posted their Halloween pictures on their myspace.

What I feel good about today is that Judge Baldwin SENTENCED them to JAIL TIME. These "boys" are GOING TO JAIL!! And there is NOTHING they can do to stop it!!! They are going to serve JAIL TIME and I hope EACH DAY seems like 100 Days! I hope their DREAMS are consumed with thoughts of Luis Ramirez looking down on them to see that at least a small bit of Justice is being served for their crimes, for his murder!


I HOPE ALL PERPETRATORS OF HATE CRIMES WILL KNOW AND UNDERSTAND YOU WILL BE PUNISHED! So next time.. NEXT TIME... when you even get a glimpse of a thought to commit a crime such as this, you will know.. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE ! YOU WILL GO TO JAIL!!!! YOUR FUTURE WILL BE OVER!!! So think about it!! Don't Do It!! Don't commit the Crime OR you will Serve the Time!!

And, Piekarsky and Donchak. As you do go into your Jail Cell to serve your time for the MURDER you committed, think about this. Today, in a statement, the Justice Department reinforced what it said earlier, that its Civil Rights Division "IS conducting an independent review of all the facts and circumstances surrounding the July 12, 2008, beating of Mr. Ramirez that resulted in his death." The department and the FBI is conducting "a thorough and independent review of all of the evidence and take appropriate action if the evidence indicates a prosecutable violation of federal criminal civil rights statutes." SO ODDS ARE, AFTER YOU FINISH YOUR SIX MONTHS, YOU WILL BE FACING MORE TIME IN COURT AND IN PRISON!!!

God Bless America!



The Indigenous Xicano said...

As Mexican-Americans we realize first hand the history of inequality we have faced in the legal system as either victim or defendant. Thus, many of us were not surprised at the acquittal of the more serious charges against Brandon and Derrick. Even Crystal, as you know, predicted that these thugs would beat the rap in a video months before the verdict.

So a jail term, even this minimal one, is a semblance of justice. It will haunt them as they look for good jobs and better career opportunities.

I agree with you that these thugs did not expect jail time. They appeared so smug throughout this entire ordeal. Brandon was the worst.

I do not wish that harm comes to these thugs while they are in prison. I am not about revenge. I am hoping that the DOJ pursues further charges against these thugs. I also hope that Tammy's boyfriend/cop faces charges of obstruction of justice for his counseling of these thugs to get their stories straight.

I commend you for your relentless blogging on this matter that the national media has tended to ignore.

pcorn54 said...

Then you are alone Xicano!

I hope these boys come out of there bowlegged, needing to use adult diapers.

I hopee Nig Jorge makes both of these punks his personal bitches and feel generosity towards his fellow inmates by sharing his new found novias!

This ain't justice! No how, No way!! With good time, they'll be on the streets in three months!

Vicente Duque said...

Xicano Said :

"I commend you for your relentless blogging on this matter that the national media has tended to ignore."

I agree, I join my voice to congratulate you for your efforts.

If a Mexican drunk driver kills someone with his car then this makes the news for many days, and the Fox News Bigots make a big scandal.

But news like Brisenia Flores and Luis Ramirez are almost completely ignored.

I agree with Dee that we should be relentless bloggers against Racial Murder and Evil Organizations that promote it like the Minutemen.


There is certainly a possibility that the Department of Justice is not manned by cowards and that they do something.

There is another possibility that Sonia Sotomayor becomes a Supreme Justice. From the Supreme Court she can avoid these Legal Murders of Domestic Terrorism and she can fight a Racist Justice System.

That is why Racists hate the idea of Sonia been in the Supreme Court.

Racists also hate the idea of any Hate Crime legislation to protect minorities, gays, lesbians, transgender or abortion doctors.

They want to continue they depredations.

Go on with the Good Works, Dee and Xicano. That you will see lots of success in your endeavours.

I have many strong reasons to believe that Sonia Sotomayor will make it. If I am wrong then the Republicans are going to suffer a mass loss of Minority Votes.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

Thanks for excellent information on this perversion of Justice, and the perfect evidence of a Racist Justice System.


Some idiots of the Minutemen are sending me comments ordering me to erase the Videos of the Murderers, specially a video that has the logo of the Minutemen with the Coward Racist Criminals.

And they are threatening me with lawsuits.

If YouTube is foolish and want to erase the Video with the logo of the Minutemen, the murderers and the recorded call to 911 that is up to them. But I refuse to receive orders or threats from the Minutemen.

See the logo of Minutemen with the Killers of a little child :

Vicente Duque

HyphenLife said...

I was upset about the light sentence, and angered by the lack of noise being made about this case. I feel better about though after reading your blog.

I was hoping the entire lynch mob would end up in a Pennsylvania State or Federal prison instead of a county jail for a few months. But I still have hope that the DOJ will follow up on this travesty of justice. I really hope these killers don't end up in PC.

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