Friday, June 19, 2009

Racist Senator Imhofe Refuses to Meet with Sotomayor

Senator Imhofe refused to meet with the honorable Justice Sotomayor. To date, he is the only Senator that has refused to meet with President Obama's nominee for Supreme Court Justice. Regardless of any or all of his biases, you would think he would want to sit down and talk with her. After all, wouldn't any logical person want to sit down and talk to people they have concerns about?

I guess logic is not an issue, especially when you study the background of Sen. James Imhofe of Oklahoma. First of all, we must recall, Oklahoma is ground zero for militia terrorist attacks against America. We all remember the Oklahoma City bombings. Then we need to remember some of the most stringent Immigration laws in the country are in Oklahoma, supported and funded by the Minutemen extremists. Then we need to look at Imhofe himself. In May, it was Sen. Imhofe who proposed the racist "English Only" law. Who funds and supports the majority of ProEnglish legislation? It is none other than the godfather of the ANTIS and perhaps the most racist man in America, John Tanton. Imhofe has close ties to Tanton and they have been commiserating for years!!

It is probably a good thing Imhofe refused to meet with the honorable Judge Sotomayor. We do not want her to dwell in the land of darkness with the likes of Imhofe. For people who recall recent history, Imhofe voted against her eleven years ago when she was nominated for her current position. We can hardly expect for this racist to change his stripes.

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The Arizonian said...

Actually, it was the Oklahoma City Bombing (singular) or the terror attack on the the Murrah Building....

Second, Mcveigh lived in Kingman Arizona at the time (no, I didn't know him) and the bomb was constructed in Kansas. The only connection to Oklahoma was the location of his target, which was his second choice.....

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