Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chilling Video of Minuteman Shawna Forde Armed & Patrolling Border Area Near Murder Site

Last year a Norwegian news crew interviewed Shawna Forde while she was out on "patrol" for illegal border crossers in the vicinity of Arivaca, Arizona -- the same area where, less than a year later, she would be arrested for the cold-blooded murder of a 9-year-old girl and her father. It's pretty chilling, particularly when she describes their activities in the desert, and then there's the shot where you see her stick her gun down her pants.

A big thank you to David Niewert at Crooks & Liars for posting and sharing this video.

David also references this excellent article by Patrick Young from Long Island Wins providing more details on how VDARE, Gilchrist and Simcox are all linked to Shawna Forde.


Vicente Duque said...

Thanks a million Dee, for Video and Other Informations.

Here Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy ( Long Island, New York ) is mentioned as a Great Friend of Right Wing Extremists and Minutemen. He is very well known for his complicit complacency with criminals that harass and kill Minorities. He causes criminals to be at ease commiting their Racial Murders, and Hate Crimes. Remember the Murder of Marcelo Lucero in Patchogue, Long Island on November 2008 and the stupid declarations of this Racist.

Best Friends of Shawna Forde deny relation with her
Minutemen supporters go mute on Minutemistress murderer

The Long Island Wins Blog
By Patrick Young,
June 16, 2009

Minutemen supporters go mute on Minutemistress murderer

Some excerpts :

Same thing with VDARE, the homepage of educated racism. The site had an article criticizing a newspaper that had called Forde's claims of having been abducted by aliens (Latino immigrants, not space monkeys) far-fetched. The page was scrubbed. It only exists as a Google cache and will soon disappear. Cowards. If you want to back up a woman her brother describes as a sociopathic liar you should at least leave your endorsement up when she is also shown to be a psychopathic murderer.

Chris Simcox is one of the founders of the Minuteman militias. His name is familiar to some Long Islanders because of his role in trying to create an armed anti-immigrant militia group here on Long Island at the behest of the now defunct Sachem Quality of Life organization, a one-time ally of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Best Racist Friends of Jim Gilchrist ( Minutemen Racists ) including Tom Tancredo and Steve Levy ( Long Island, New York )

Fox News :

Minutemen Offer Widespread Blame for Inflow of Illegals,2933,197399,00.html

Some excerpts :

Gilchrist called McCain a "traitor" and said he could name only a few in Congress whom he would personally support — Tancredo and Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin in the House; Sens. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Jon Kyl of Arizona and Trent Lott of Mississippi. All are Republicans.

"These three senators are about the only three patriots in the U.S. Senate," Gilchrist said.

Gilchrist said only about 25 percent of Republicans are on the same page as him, and even fewer Democrats. In fact, only one — Suffolk County, N.Y., County Executive Steve Levy — came to mind.

"Tom Tancredo is the only incumbent with an ongoing endorsement," Gilchrist said.

Vicente Duque

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