Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dannie Baker's PreTrial Hearing Reset to August 20. Jury Selection Expected to Begin Sept. 14.

Chilean Student Murderer Danny Baker's PreTrial hearing has been postponed yet again. The PreTrial Hearing is reset to August 20. The Jury Selection is expected to begin on September 14. (see details of the crime)

The court appointed attorney, Lenny Platterborze, said more time was needed for a mental health specialist to issue an opinion on Baker. Platterborze also said there were "several pages of names of witnesses" who he planned to depose. Platterborze said Baker was willing to waive his right to a speedy trial in order to allow this specialist to issue his opinion.

If Dr. James Larson, the defense's psychologist, thinks Baker is incompetent to stand trial, the prosecution is allowed to have Baker evaluated with an expert of their own. If the psychologists have differing opinions, Judge Wells could ask for a third opinion. If the judge finds Baker is unfit to stand trial, Baker could be sent to a state hospital, where the staff would treat him and try to help him regain competency for a trial. (Sounds like Baker is pretty competent since he understands all of this and is waiving his right to a speedy trial! It is clear to me that he and is lawyer are waiting for attention to this trial to die down. Guess What! We are going to keep reporting on it until he is found guilty for his crimes!)

Meanwhile, while the defense is dragging its feet, the consul general for Chile, Juan Luis Nilo, traveled from Miami on Thursday to attend accused murderer Dannie Baker's pretrial hearing. Understandably, the entire country of Chile is extremely upset over the murders of these innocent students. Nilo clarified that the victims' families aren't worried about justice in the United States, they're simply not familiar with the court system and it makes them anxious. Nilo said he is working as a liaison to help them understand what is happening because they cannot attend. "They're very touched and suffering and recovering," Nilo said. "It's very hard for the families to accept what happened. They are waiting for answers and I'm trying to give them the answers they are looking for."

Assistant State Attorney Greg Anchors said the state will pay for essential witnesses and representatives of the victims' families to travel to the trial. Prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty for Baker, who has entered a plea of not guilty.

"We are very confident," Nilo said. "We're very pleased with the level of professionalism of the State Attorney's office."


Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

I am glad that you continue relentlessly blogging about these criminals and their animators, magicians, and puppeteers that manage the threads of these mentally weak poor guys.

Dannie Baker and Shawna Forde are poor idiots, dysfunctional, mentally disturbed and perturbed, but we must hunt those that push them to these vile actions.


One important puppeteer is Rush Limbaugh and he seems exhausted of attacking Mr Obama and in extreme poverty of New Ideas or Creative Ideas for his Entertainment Show :

Videos of Keith Olberman : Rush Limbaugh blames Obama for the Sexual Infidelities and Affairs of Governor Sanford of South Carolina

Here is a video with Rush Limbaugh saying that Americans are so desperate with Obama, the Stimulus Package, the Economy, the Debt, the Deficit, that they have to fly to Argetina ( or flee to Argentina ), paid by Taxpayer's Money to have delicious sex affairs with Evitas.

June 26, 2009
Keith Olbermann covers Rush Limbaugh suggesting Obama to blame for Sanford affair

Olbermann Covers The Pig-Man's Suggestion That Obama is To Blame for Sanford's Affair

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

The Problem with Right Wing Hate Preaching on Radio and TV is that some People are poor idiots, dysfunctional, mentally disturbed and perturbed, and those foolish rants may push them to not very noble actions. Fools can believe all that imbecility.

One important puppeteer is Rush Limbaugh and he seems exhausted of attacking Mr Obama and in extreme poverty of New Ideas or Creative Ideas for his Entertainment Show.

This is a perfect demonstration that Rush is becoming exhausted. .... Like Marat, Danton and Robespierre .... they showed signs of being mentally exhausted and their enemies took advantage to finish them.

I am not suggesting the guillotine or the knife of Charlotte Corday .... I am just drawing parallels between the Psychology of Rush Limbaugh and that of other Great Demagogues.

After Jean Paul Marat killed the Girondines, Charlotte thought that she needed to kill the monster.

I am not suggesting doing anything with Rush Limbaugh. He will disappear like another famous American Demagogue Father Charles Edward Coughlin of the 1930s ... The Nazi Priest with the Great Radio Audience disappeared with the Attack of Pearl Harbor on December 7 of 1941.

Vicente Duque

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