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Mother, Brother and Detailed Police Reports Provide Inside Look into Minuteman Shawna Forde's Whereabouts!

Rena Caudle, Shawna Forde's mother, spoke to the press this week. She said Forde has always had a strong drive to be famous. "Maybe," Caudle said, "that helps explain how Forde went from a person who expressed no particular interest in border issues to founding a group called Minutemen American Defense and talking about taking armed action against drug traffickers. It brought her the attention of others in a movement dominated by middle-aged and older men, and it got her coverage in the news media."

Some of the problems associated with Forde may have begun when she was a toddler, her mother said. Caudle put her daughter Shawna Forde up for adoption at about 18 months old, and Forde alleged she was abused by her adoptive family. When Forde tracked down her birth mother at about age 20, Caudle met a daughter who could be kind, but often to serve her own needs. "She would play people, and she would have no conscience about it," Caudle said by phone from Redding, Calif. "I thought maybe she had sociopathic tendencies." But Caudle said: "I always said having Shawna around was like having a whirlwind coming through the house."

Gunny Smith had his own problems. He bragged to minutemen insiders that he was a decorated Special Forces veteran who survived combat in Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The truth is, however, Smith was NEVER in the military. Court papers show that Bush has been in trouble with the law since age 15, when he was prosecuted for felony property crimes in northern Idaho. He was convicted in Kansas in 1994 for burglary as well as assault on a female corrections officer and attempted escape. Bush also is charged with second-degree murder for the 1997 stabbing death of a Wenatchee man. After the murder, he bragged to friends saying he killed a Mexican. Shawna Forde LIED when she introduced Bush on her Minuteman website as someone who had served six overseas tours and had received the Purple Heart and the Silver Star.

Early this year, Forde told her brother, Merrill Metzger, and her mother that she planned to start attacking drug traffickers on the Arizona-Mexico border and robbing them to fund her group's activities, family members said.

Forde and Bush are accused of having passed themselves off as law enforcement officers to force their way into the Perez home on May 30. When they entered the home, they shot and murdered 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her father. They also shot Brisenia's mother and went back to kill her and Brisenia's sister. However her mother called 911, returned fire and shot Gunny Bush causing Bush and Forde and their accomplices to run.

Minuteman Chuck Stonex said Forde called him May 30, the day of the attack, while he was in Arizona. Stonex said Forde told him Bush had been shot in the leg and needed him to help dress the wound. Stonex told police that Forde told him Bush had been shot by a smuggler while on border patrol in the desert.

Police used cell phone records to check Forde's and Bush's next step. They moved from Arivaca, AZ to Redding, CA where her mother and brother live and to Shasta Lake, California. Peter Meyers of Shasta Lake, told police he recognized Bush as one of the two men who posed as federal agents to get inside his home June 8 and then robbed him at gunpoint of nearly $12,000. Police still are looking for the second robber, who was described as white, in his mid-20s, clean shaven and with short brown hair.

Forde's half-brother, Merrill Metzger of Redding, Calif., said police detectives told him that Forde and Bush have been connected to that robbery as well as a burglary the next day at Metzger's home. Metzger said detectives told him that cell-phone records show that six days after the Arivaca killings, Forde and Bush went to California, where they checked into a motel outside Redding. At one point, the pair asked the motel manager for a pry bar, he said, because they wanted to open a safe. Metzger said detectives told him "the safe they were trying to open was mine."

Like his mother, Metzger said Forde had previously talked about creating an "underground" group to rob suspected drug traffickers and also businesses that she believed may be friendly to illegal immigrants. He said Forde bragged of connections to white supremacists and said some in her organization were willing to kill. One of the potential targets, Metzger said, was a store in Phoenix where the owner was said to cash checks for people working illegally in the U.S. "She just sat here and told me, just outright blatantly told me, what she was going to do," Metzger said.


Vicente Duque said...

Tom Tancredo in Frying Pan - Gourmet Dish for the Press and Bloggers - The Little Hitler and his Army of Thugs

The Little Hitler Tom Tancredo went for wool and came home shorn. Now the Press can have a feast eating the flesh of a Clown.

Letter of Political Encouragement of Tom Tancredo to Shawna Forde ( Child Murderer )

Hitler used a lot of Racism to arrive to power, he also used Free Elections. In America a Despicable Racist Clown wanted to rule, and he also saw the opportunity of having his private army of thugs. Something like the SA Forces of Hitler ( the Sturm Abteilung or Department of Attack ).

Shawna Forde Organizes Tancredo's Meetings and Rallies :

July 1, 2007, story published by the Everett Herald further placed official Tancredo campaign staff at the event as well as Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist — whose own group’s bitter 2005 internal power struggle led to the creation of the defense corps that eventually spawned Forde’s faction.

Tom Tancredo in Frying Pan - Tancredo's Letter of Support to Shawna Forde and the Minutemen. Relationship of Tancredo to Shawna and the Minutemen

From :
"The Colorado Independent"

Tancredo linked to Minuteman group accused of Arizona double-murder

Littleton Republican sent presidential campaign staff, impassioned letter of thanks to anti-immigrant rally organized by alleged vigilante group but denies connection
By Wendy Norris,
June 18, 2009

Tancredo linked to Minuteman group accused of Arizona double-murder

Some excepts :

Her most recent link to Tancredo, the former Republican congressman from Colorado, occurred at a sparsely attended 2007 Everett rally organized by The Reagan Wing and MAD, a splinter group Forde led that was an offshoot of the more widely known Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. The event featured representatives of Tancredo’s dark-horse presidential campaign and a letter of support from the candidate himself.

In typically fiery tone, Tancredo extended his regrets for being unable to attend the “Illegal Immigration Summit”:

Dear Friends,

"I regret that I cannot tell you in person how grateful I am, but thank you.

Thank you so much for your phone calls, your emails, your contributions and everything you did to help “we the people” kill the Bush-Kennedy-McCain amnesty bill in the Senate last week. The American people have said “no” to amnesty, and now they need a president who stands foursquare with them, not one who will sell out once elected.

I am that candidate! And our campaign is the vehicle to ensure that amnesty NEVER happens!

You’re here today because you understand that every day America is under assault: There are nearly twenty million illegal aliens in the country today and before the next presidential election millions more will cross our borders, threatening our economic security, jeopardizing our national security and undermining our national culture."

The letter follows with more rants against the "Twenty Million Illegal Aliens".

More Info and Important Newspapers about Tom Tancredo :

Vicente Duque

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Jim Gilchrist, founder of Minutemen wrote a letter in support of Shawna Forde ( child killer ) on February 23, 2009

Letter to support Shawna Forde ( murderer of nine year old girl Brisenia Flores), written by Racist Minutemen Founder Jim Gilchrist

Taken from
Crooks and Liars :

Letter of Jim Gilchrist in Support of Shawna Forde

Also from here ( I have seen the site and I can swear and serve as witness, I can also attest that the Minutemen and "Save Our State" have organized a lot of rallies together ) :

Save our State - Very Racist Site

2009/02/23 • 10:33

Dear Readers,

I talked to Shawna Forde yesterday about the story written by journalist Scott North of the Everett Herald and she opined that the newspaper story was reasonably fair and balanced and covered most aspects of her life since she was born.

Forde and I both think the newspaper did exactly what it is supposed to do: report facts based on investigation and interrogatories. The story is neither a “hit piece” against Forde, nor a supportive propaganda piece. Simply, it is newspaper reporting at its best and within the professional canons of journalism.

Despite Shawna Forde’s checkered past, here is a woman who really has been a “victim” throughout her life, perhaps willingly, perhaps unwillingly. To have come through the trials and uncertainties of adolescence and young adulthood with odds stacked against you, and to have overcome those odds, is a statement of her willingness to ultimately do the right thing.

Few of us do not have a skeleton in our closet, especially some of Forde’s harshist critics. The harsh critics have managed to hide those skeletons, unlike Forde, who is willing to face up to her mistakes as an imperfect mortal and then to face down demons from her past.

In my experience with Ms. Forde I conclude that she is no whiner. She is a stoic struggler who has chosen to put country, community, and a yearning for a civilized society ahead of avarice and self-glorifying ego.

The Minuteman Project is proud to be a supporter of Shawna Forde’s Minutemen(women) American Defense (M.A.D.)

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project, Inc.

Vicente Duque

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Great Friends of Minutemen and Jim Gilchrist : Lou Dobbs, Tom Tancredo, Mike Huckabee - Great Tight Relationships

The Long Island Wins Blog
Some excerpts :

For example, FOX News and Lou Dobbs have had Gilchrist on as a spokeperson for Minuteman and have highlighted him as an "expert" on a variety of immigration-related topics. Here, for example, is a Lou Dobbs appearance by Gilchirist in which he is held out as an expert on undocumented immigrant demography! The appearance came soon after Gilchrist's book came out and Dobbs celebrates his friend's success saying "Jim, I want to congratulate you on your book, an important book".

That book, Minutemen:The Battle to Secure America's Borders , was published in 2006 with a forward by Congressman Tom Tancredo.

" When the call to arms is heeded, and a little girl is murdered as collateral damage, where is Lou Dobbs to dis-endorse this "important book"?

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) put Gilchrist's opus on its short list of recomended books for movement activists.

As for FOX News, here is Gilchrist being interviewed by Neil Cavuto about hate crimes aganst the Minutemen!

And then there is the fact that three Republican presidential candidates solicited the endorsement of Jim Gilchrist with Mike Huckabee emerging with the coveted imprimatur of the Minuteman leader.

Huckabee's elation over the Minuteman's backing gained Gilchrist even more attention, this msnbc interview, for instance. And with Huckabee's fawning solicitude, Gilchrist was elevated in the national spotlight beyond the dark regions of FOX and Lou Dobbs. For example, here is the major attention given to the story by The Washington Post:

Mike Huckabee, under fire for some of his immigration stands while governor of Arkansas, picked up an endorsement in Council Bluffs, Iowa, from the ultimate illegal immigration opponent: Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, the group that has roamed the border for the last several years operating effectively as an independent border patrol.

President Bush called the group "vigilantes" two years ago. But Huckabee seemed eager to announce the endorsement, as it came on a day when former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney started running an ad that slams Huckabee for backing a provision that would have allowed the children of illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition in Arkansas.

"Frankly, Jim I've got to tell you there were times in the early days of the Minutemen I thought what are these guys doing, what are they about," Huckabee said. "I confess I owe you an apology." He said of Gilchrist, "nobody can question his commitment to his country."

Gilchrist, an ally of the candidate who has been most anti-illegal immigration in the GOP field, Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, said his endorsement of Huckabee stemmed from the former governor's recent statements on the issue, particularly a plan that Huckabee put out last week that would require illegal immigrants country in the country to go to their country of origin before trying to return. The plan also would build a border fence and increase fines on employers who hire illegal immigrants, similar to proposals offered by some of Huckabee's opponents in the GOP nomination process.

"It was a plan I myself could have written," said Gilchrist, who noted the Huckabee campaign reviewed the proposal with him before it was released.

So Gilchrist was so central to the anti-immigrant movement that eighteen months ago a major Republican presidential candidate had to pre-clear his immigration plan with Gilchrist

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...


Thank you for keeping us so well-informed on this issue. I subscribe to a number of pro-migrant sites, but your news is always the most thorough. I have long admired your courage in reporting the truth and standing up to the restrictionists. And I continue to keep a close eye on your blogs (even if I don't always find time to comment.) I think you deserve an award for all the good work you're doing, Dee. :-)


ultima said...

This video identifies who the real
villains are

ultima said...

What everyone seems to have forgotten is that there would be no need and no justification for the Minuteman organization if it weren't for a spineless government that refuses to secure our borders with effective measures like: E-verification across the board for both current and new employees in both public and private employment; vast improvements in border infrastructure and staffing; strengthened rules of engagement that make sure there is a penalty for violating our borders.

There is a legal way of assuring an adequate supply of labor tailored precisely to our needs. Amnesty is anathema to most Americans.

The shortsightedness of the pro-immigrant, pro-illegal, anti-America movement is made obvious by its failure to come to grips with the obvious facts of finite natural resources,the decline in our standard of living and quality of life that will be the inevitable result of unfettered population growth due to excessive legal immigration, illegal aliens, their progeny and their higher fertility rates. The more there are of us, the less there is for each of us. This is the road to an equilibrium with the standard of living and quality of life in donor countries that drives immigration and border violations.
Those who criticize the restrictionist view have failed to think through the fact that, in the long run, any other view will destroy the America we all know and love. We are already on our way to Mexico Norte.

I view the tern "restrictionist" as a compliment. It means we have some regard for the life we enjoy and would like to do whatever is necessary to preserve it rather than destroy it by endorsing excessive legal immigration and supporting illegal aliens. Those who do will bear the responsibility for the outcome, if they live long enough to see the impact on America of their myopic vision.

Others view the term "restrictionist" as pejorative. They think it has racist overtones. But they err. All one has to do is to view the complexion of America today to see that all the races are well-represented and, if they value their quality of life, job opportunities, standard of living, etc, they should all be restrictionists regardless of their race, color, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs. The greatest danger to this country is not the fringe elements and racists but rather all who remain ignorant of the implications of our ballooning population, driven primarily by too many legal or illegal immigrants.

There may be some who see this view as selfish but the U.S. is one of the most generous countries in the world when it comes to foreign aid and contributions to the welfare of other peoples. We have a right to preserve our way of life. We cannot save the rest of the world by giving up what we have achieved. Those who are not selfish about their quality of life will find ample opportunities to experience a lesser quality of life by moving to one of a variety of the impoverished and overpopulated countries of the world. But they have no right to condemn others to this fate by ignoring the facts of population growth and its negative effect on all of us.

Vicente Duque said...

Laugh a lot with Bill Maher - He is acid, caustic, corrosive, pungent, pointed, acute. He says what everybody is afraid to say for fear of being offensive or unpolite.

Videos of Bill Maher : Democrats are the new Republicans and Republicans are in a Mental Hospital : The Crazy Party

"Religious Lunatics, Civil War Reenactors that communicate by AM Radio and call themselves the Republicans".

True Liberals are considered Fools, and the Democrats represent Defense Contractors, Big Industry, the Polluters and the Rich.

June 21, 2009
Democrats are the new Republicans. Segment authorized for open distribution by HBO

Bill Maher Center Right Democrats and the Insane Republicans CommonDreams

Search YouTube or look here for more Politics :

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Senior Duque, Mr. Maher must have been referring to the corrupt Congressman John Murtha (D., PA) who managed to funnel funds through defense contractors to his campaign coffers.

Vicente Duque said...

Non Iranians want to change Iran without changing themselves ....

From the Point of View of "War Games", "Mathematical Games", "Arcade Games", the "Global War on Terror" is the most absurd thing that I have seen in my life. Even more absurd than the Vietnam War and all previous Wars.

The War is fought in the Minds and Souls of one billion plus Muslims, Arabs, Persians, etc ...

Can you win the minds and souls by killing innocent peasants ???, illiterate people in pajamas ?? .... Tribal People in the Middle Ages ??? ... Can you win the War by exterminating the nationals ??

Will they thank the murder and torture of their relatives, of their folksmen, of their neighbors ?? .... Now ??? ..... and in the Future ??

All Wars have a very strong Racist Component, a very strong Racist odor ... There are no clean Wars ... There are no aseptic Wars ... no antiseptic wars .... no sterilized wars ......without the virus and microbes of Racism, Hate, Crime, Murder, Torture, Sadism, Cruelty.....

Extermination of hundreds of thousands of people and pushing millions into exile, as refugees and displaced misery, almost as beggars. The Beautiful and Educated Girls of Iraq are now prostitutes in Syria.

Who is going to thank that ??

Who is going to thank that ??

Who is going to thank that in the Future ??

The sages that say that the Wars are already won and that Bush is a Saviour and Great Statesman are despising the intelligence, courage and endurance of these "Third Worlders" ( as they say with derision and arrogance ).

They are ignorants that know nothing about the resilience of these brown people.

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

The greatest tragedy is that so many of these folks are still living in the Middle Ages, adhering to ancient and outmoded texts, beliefs, and doctrines. It is because of that that they have been unable to move into the 21st century and create governments and economies that serve their peoples well enough so that they have no need to emigrate or resort to violence. These backward people were killing each other long before the U.S. or its allies arrived on the scene. The Kurds gassed by Hussein is ample evidence of that and in Afghanistan, tribal leaders have been sending their men to fight with each other over opium poppy fields for a long time, surely before the U.S./UN arrived.

I'm not sure what El Duque is advocating. Perhaps he could make a clearer declaration of his worldly philosophical outlook and how he would conduct diplomatic and military activity in a dangerous world. Maybe Hillary and Obama could use his help.

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