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Exclusive: Inside the Minds of Shawna Forde's Minutemen (Part 2)

I've been debating with myself for the last couple of days about blogging about some private emails I have been receiving from an anonymous Minuteman insider. He has shared some insider insights with me about the inner workings of the Minutemen. He is doing so because he is so concerned about all of the corruptness at the top of the National Minutemen organization and the crimes committed by the evil Shawna Forde, Gunny Bush as well as some of the current leaders of the MM national organization.
While some in the Minuteman ranks may believe in their cause, many would say the Leaders of the Minuteman organization are extremely corrupt. As I have said for some time, it is Chris Simcox, Jim Gilchrist, Jeff Schwilk, and other ANTI Leaders (including Tanton, Tancredo, Willie Gheen, etc.) that appear to be corrupt and appear to be leading their organizations into violence, racism and corruptness. Many would say they have created the likes of Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush. Many would say they have created an atmosphere of Hate and Violence. Many would say it is time for these so-called Leaders to step DOWN and OUT of the National Spotlight and go back to the mental homes they came from and seek treatment!
I want to protect IMM's bravery for coming out and taking a stand. For now, I will just call him IMM for Insider Minuteman. Here are some of IMM's thoughts:
IMM: Seems Jeff Schwilk is raging against the truth coming out.
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 20:11:49 -0700
Subject: A wave of Gilchrist Lies in print courtesy of new Propaganda Minister DEBORAH CRAIG!
Gilchrist has supported Shawna throughout this year including donations to help fund her border operations. He and he alone gave aid and comfort to her and her plans back at the border.

Deb Craig's tactic of spreading known lies to the mass media is working pretty good for them. Hopefully the new AP article coming out soon will focus on Gilly on not on MCDC who fired Shawna back in 2006. Deb Craig is a NOBODY in this movement, yet she is quoted by multiple media now. That seems very strange to me. Many people suspect Craig to be an agitator to our movement.

IMM Continued: More Spin. Jeff Schwilk has developed this odd fixation on Jim Gilchrist and getting him to resign. He is an angry man and he sends out these hysterical emails. There is NO evidence that the ID was fake. No one ever said at the time that she was not allowed to be there. No one said she had a fake ID. There are so many groups it is hard to keep them straight. There is a group, "Border Auxiliary" that works out of Camp Vigilance that seems to be somehow connected with MCDC (Chris Simcox). MCDC has stated that they lease the land there. Anyone with a valid MCDC ID card can supposedly access the property. With regard to the second email, below, I am not sure who "they" are supposed to be. A nine year old girl was murdered and people are trying to politicize it, not to mention harassing, and intimidating someone who is trying to provide accurate information. It is pretty disturbing, reallyOther Activists Upset with the way this is being handled.
1st email: wrote: I do not understand this. this event is being seized upon for the most improper of uses. Chelene and Schwilk are both tossing this huge bone to the left by expanding this event as much as the open borders folks are, just because they see it as a perfect opportunity to beat gilchrist down. What in the world are they thinking?
2nd email:
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Re: Everett Herald Exclusive: Shawna Forde told people she would go violent prior to murders!
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 07:32:08 -0700
From: Carl Braun
To: Jeff Schwilk
CC: , "Ken Dreger, Murrieta"
She is not and never has been a leader. SHe showed up at camp with an MCDC ID Card and our new caretaker let her in.
I've never met her. She has never attended an MCDC-CA muster.
I'm at the border. When I get home tonight we'll respond directly.
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RE: MMP Tries to Smear MCDC re Shawna Forde ?
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 21:14:10 -0700
To: , "Jeff Schwilk"
CC: Carl Braun, RB, BP Aux , Chris Simcox , Al Garza, AZ , carmen mercer
I will give you the DETAILS, Shawna Forde & others came to Camp Vigilance in August 2008 and presented false MCDC membership identification to our NEW caretaker of one week. They convinced him to open the comm center and proceeded to take photos of camp Vigilance. We were called then about them being on the property and we instructed our caretaker to immediately remove them from the facility. They never performed any operations with ANY MCDC or BPAUX formal or informal operations in CA.
Once we found that the photos were on the Web site I asked to have them removed and explained why and how they were taken under false pretences. That request was honored, but various emails were supposedly sent out to people using the photos where these people requested donations. Our Camp, or CA-MCDC, MCCI or BPAUX had no knowledge of these emails, nor were we ever in favor of these being sent out using our name or facility.
Since that occurrence access to Camp Vigilance has been under a restricted access by Camp leadership only, NO Exceptions, and a select few are permanently restricted from access to camp.
In the event that any of these people on the restricted list attempt to gain access to Camp V facilities, or partake in any activities with MCCI, MCDC-CA or BPAUX they will immediately be TOLD to leave and not return and if they refuse local law enforcement will be notified immediately.
Ken Dreger
Camp Vigilance leadership
I asked IMM about Ken Dreger and the BP Aux:
how is Dreger connected to the Border Patrol. Did he just start the BP auxilary on his own or was he a former Border Patrol in some capacity?
IMM Responded:
He started the BP auxilary on his own, with a guy named Carl Braun. They have never been Border Patrol agents and are not connected with the Border Patrol in any way. They are more like "dress up and play border patrol."
IMM Later wrote:
And below is an email exchange from Jeff Schwilk San Diego Minutemen and Robert Crooks who created the video of them killing Migrants. Robert Crooks was moved off the border, but not out of the hearts of the Minutemen.
This EXCHANGE was AFTER the Flores Family
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Jeff Schwilk
robert crooks

Sent: 6/13/2009 9:44:24 PM
Subject: Re: cockroach hunter
Minutescam Project is done! His aiding and abetting of Shawna Forde (accused murderer of 9 year old girl) is being investigated by the Pima County Sheriffs.
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robert crooks

Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 10:26 PM
Subject: Fw: cockroach hunter
"SECURE THE BORDER"..............................lil"Dog" ---
On Sat, 6/13/09, robert crooks <> wrote:
From: robert crooks <>
Subject: cockroach hunter:
Saturday, June 13, 2009, 9:52 PM


Anonymous said...

In regards to Shawna Forde being involved with BPAUX or the MCDC in San Diego as well as Jeff Schwilk. Shawna Forde was an invited guest at Camp Vigilance which is run by both MCDC (the Simcox group) and BPAUX. These two groups are one in the same. The real US Border Patrol in this area regard them as wanna be's. They are not effectively helping the Border Patrol or the community. Ms. Forde's involvement with their group(s) is not as major of an issue as their core issue of simply soliciting for funds to maintain their "operations" which consist mainly of cook outs and "preaching to the choir" style of immigration debates within their own camp. Carl Braun and Ken Dreger are lost in their own fantasy world playing general, leader, director or what have you at a quite serious issue that impacts the community and the nation as a whole. Mr. Schwilk's involvement is that of the chronic email generator feeding the chronic email forwarders who assist him in keeping the pot stirred within the immigration reform and secure borders debate. None of these people do anything remotely useful in solving these serious issues. Although the actions of Ms. Forde and her friends are serious if the allegations are true; they are not the real problem concerning this group of people. Their lack of good judgement and common sense is the real problem.

Anonymous said...

I just attended an event with this MCDC and BPAux outfit and am still stunned by what I saw. This was the closest thing to a full on KKK rally I have ever seen. This group is fixated on Nazis and white pride paraphenalia. I was taken aside and shown Nazi coins, flags and literature by one member and told countless racist jokes by several more. The apaprent leader is a chubby little man named Carl who resembles Hitler with a thyroid imbalance. They constantly asked for money, it was like a really bad racist tupperware party. Ugh, never again.

Anonymous said...

What a freakin joke.

All these groups have inspired me... I think I'll start my own group. The FBI Reserves. We will all wear trench coats, have badges and carry pistols. We will investigate crime all around this great country of ours and prevent terrorism and gang activity ( along with drug use, drunk driving, illegal immigration, counterfeiting, staying up past your bed time and teenage pregnancy) through vigilance.

I need to fill vacant slots for the ranks of General Field Marshal, Captain Manager, Lance Sergeant Overseer, and Special Private Agent. Anyone interested? Mulder and Scully have already agreed to be Honorary Agents in Charge.

Of course the FBI Reserves will be a private non-profit charitable organization that has no connection or affiliation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the United States government.... or reality... or common sense...

Anonymous said...

I just received an update on the BPAUX MCCI Minutemen. They are on the verge of being evicted from their camp in San Diego and are attempting to move their whole money making operation to Arizona because they feel they can generate more donations there with current anti-immigrant sympathies running so strong. The leaders of the BPAUX are also apparently under investigation for weapons trafficking in San Diego. It has long been suspected that their real motive for positioning themselves so close tot he border was profiting from the weapons and possibly narcotics trade plaguing the area. More to come on this.

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