Monday, June 15, 2009

CONFIRMED: Shawna Forde has Direct Ties to National Minuteman Groups! Ties to Both Simcox and Gilchrist!

Despite all the National Minutemen backpeddling, MM representatives have now confirmed Forde's ties to their groups. They TRAINED and BADGED her for her dirty work on the Border!
East County Magazine (San Diego) reports:
Shawna Forde has attended training at Camp Vigilante, a high-desert training camp operated by Minuteman Civil Defense near Boulevard in San Diego’s East County in 2008, East County Magazine has learned. A second suspect arrested also has ties to Minutemen Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), which operates a Minutemen training facility in East County.

Local Minutemen group have long claimed to oppose violence, while supporting vigilante citizen patrols of the Border.
“It is, of course shocking and horrible, especially with the little child being involved. It takes someone truly monstrous to harm a child,” Campo Minutemen spokesperson Deborah Craig informed ECM in an e-mail. “We have not heard the men involved, however, we have met Shawna Forde,” she revealed in an e-mail interview. “The various media reports seem to be inaccurate with regard to her involvement with other groups.”
Minutemen Civil Defense Corps is based in Arizona and was founded by Chris Simcox, who left when he began his run for United States Senate.“Minutemen Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) maintains a facility in California near Boulevard known as Camp Vigilance," Craig said. "In August of 2008, Shawna Forde came [to] the border at Campo, CA and contacted Campo Minuteman Britt Craig. She did not make any comments to indicate she was unstable or violent,” Forde recalled. “She had a Minutemen Civil Defense Corps badge so she presumably had been vetted by the group. Minutemen Civil Defense Corps charges a fee and does a background check.” According to Deborah Craig, Forde and Campo Minutemen leader Britt Craig went to Camp Vigilance in separate vehicles “where she was given full access by the caretaker. She purchased a bullet proof vest from the caretaker and indicated she planned to spend the night,” Deborah Craig added. “She indicated that she primarily did her border watching in AZ , that she had her own group, Minutemen American Defense, and we did not hear [from] her directly again.”
Bush, who goes by the nickname “Gunny”, serves as operations director of MAD according to the group’s website, however the Associated Press reports, he has “recently been living in Arizona and was once associated with the better known and larger Minutemen Civil Defense Corps” which operates Camp Vigilante in East County.

“These Minutemen are violent vigilante groups as I’ve always said, including groups of people in East County,” Enrique Morones, founder of Border Angels in San Diego and a leader in the immigrant rights movement, told East County Magazine. ”Their motivation is hate,” he said, warning that hate speech and vigilantism can lead to violence and in this case, the tragic death of an innocent child. “They have been in the Campo area and at meetings these are part of the racist vigilante minutemen there are also some neo-Nazis in East County now,” he added., “The authorities have been advised.”


Vicente Duque said...

Videos : The Demagoguery of a Child Murderer - Shawna Forde, Prominent Member of FAIR, speaks in FAIR meeting

America's Voice TV Posted this Video ( Conservative Anti Immigration ). America's Voice TV posts Videos of Child Murderers in YouTube. America's Voice TV and FAIR are promoting this lowest scum of child murderers, and the Minutemen too !!

See the video before they erase it from YouTube. Can they do that ??

June 15, 2009
Shawna Forde, arrested as a suspect in a deadly home invasion in Arizona, has ties to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an anti-immigrant group classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Hat tip to for finding this 2006 video.

Suspected Minuteman Killer Shawna Forde: Member of FAIR

Please see the Videos of Shawna Forde before they kill them too !!

Republicans master the art of "Guilt by Association", they have always applied it to Mr. Obama, even if Reverend Wright has not killed any child.

Vicente Duque

Hector Chavana Jr said...

Thank you for posting these updates about the minutemen. I might never had heard of this is my friend Stace from Dos Centavos wouldn't have posted your other post on facebook. I linked you into my post at
Hector Chavana Jr

Anonymous said...

That poor innocent child should never have been killed. NEVER. I just heard a news clip that the child's father who was also murdered was involved in drugs. It appears that these home invaders were looking for drugs and cash. It is a shame that the poor innocent chld was put in danger by the illegal actions of the father. I do not believe that Ford wanted to commit a "hate" crime even though she has ties to the minutemen. She is definitely a DISGUSTING MURDERER! I also think the child's parents put her in harm's way every day by dealing drugs.

Dee said...

Thank you for your feedback.
Stace and I are blog buddies. He is a very talented blogger.

It is critical we continue to talk about this issue and raise the level of awareness so that the mainstream media starts reporting about it. The more outlets we reach, the better. These hate crimes MUST STOP.

Dee said...


Your rationale is EXACTLY the same reasoning used by Hitler and the Nazis. They demonized the Jewish community so they could rationalize their horrendous crimes against them.

First of all there is NO VALID REASON for the EVIL Minutemen Shawna Forde and Gunny Forde to murder 9 year old Brisenia and her father. Her father was NEVER charged with any crime. Even if he was, are you advocating the murder of every child for every person accused of a crime? What kind of person are you??????? Despicable!!

Hector Chavana Jr said...

Dee, You're right. We need to speak more about this issue. I was just on the Nuestra Palabra Radio Show radio show and spoke about it. I will be posting a link from my blog tomorrow

Dee said...


That is wonderful news. Porter was able to contact CNN and Anderson Cooper just posted a story about Brisenia. The media is starting to pay attention.

Vicente Duque said...

Dee you said :

"Your rationale is EXACTLY the same reasoning used by Hitler and the Nazis. They demonized the Jewish community so they could rationalize their horrendous crimes against them."

I agree 100% with you. Demonizing the victimes, blaming the victims, criminilizing the victims.

We have seen that too often in the last year. Every Latino, Black or Asian that is killed by a Brutal Gang of Terrorist is demonized and criminilized.

First you animalize and criminalize the victim and then you proceed to Sadism, Brutality, Cruelty, etc ...

Since they are leeches, fleas, cockroaches, dirty subanimals, incapable of "Western Civilization", and not loved by "God" then let's kill them

Then all "Illegal Aliens" and by extension all "Brownies" and "Darkies" are free game to kill, stump and step on them like cockroaches.

Joe Horn in Texas kille two Black Guys after repeatedly being told by Police not to get out of his home ( there is the Audio ).

He shot the two black in the back, they never knew or saw who was shooting them.

Since they were illegal aliens, then there was no trial and Joe was absolved and acquitted, and there were big rallies to support him.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said in Fox News that this was murder everywhere, but only in Texas there was a patent for murder shooting in the back of humans.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

There will be a July 4 Gala at Camp Vigilance 10AM to 10PM.

If we want these crimes to stop, people should voice their protests at this Event. Especially if you live in San Diego

Camp Vigilance 10AM to 10 PM
Boulevard(campo), CA

for directions

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