Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Witness Intimidation: Ramirez Murder Witness Terrorized/ Forced to Testify for the Defense! Sues District Attorney & Prison Staff for over $1 Million!

Diego Tovar, a DEFENSE witness at the Ramirez murder trial, is suing the District Attorney, the Defense lawyers, Prison officials, his public defender lawyer and Piekarksy's mother for their role in forcing him to testify for the defense in the Ramirez case and for forcing him to plead guilty in an unrelated court case. He is suing them for violating his Civil Rights and for mistreatment in the prison system. He is suing them for over a million dollars.

On the surface, his accusations appear outrageous. However, reading the live blog from the Ramirez Murder trial makes his accusations extremely believable.

The Defense put on a very weak case. The trial began Monday, April 27. The Prosecution called witnesses for their case from Monday through Wednesday afternoon. The Defense called only 4 witnesses and they were only on the stand for 2 hours on Thursday morning. The witnesses called were:

1. Officer Robert Senape (9:09 - 9:28) said Arielle said Scully was the kicker. (She denied this; she said she KNEW Scully but did NOT identify him as the kicker)
2. Officer Michele Ashman (9:28 - 9:47) said she saw officer Hayes (Piekarsky's mom's boyfriend) interview Arielle and said she identified Scully as the kicker. Ashman said she found a broken BB gun.
3. Diego Tovar (9:47 - 10:23 ) -- Said he arrived after the fight. Had the broken BB gun under his shirt but never brought it out. Sheriff's deputies made a BIG SHOW of hustling Tovar out of the courtroom. News reports were quick to say Tovar had a warrant for his arrest.
4. Detective Anthony Carroll (10:59 - 11:21) Said he did not recall Arielle saying Scully was the kicker. Said he thought BB gun was broken.

After the defense put on their case, the courtroom and all readers of the Live Blog were SHOCKED! The defense put on only 4 witnesses!! And none of their testimony added value to the case. The Prosecution brought out the eyewitness testimony of Walsh, Piekarsky, other jocks, Arielle and her boyfriend who witnessed the murder. The defense did NOT dispell ANY of their testimony. And, it was obvious, the only reason Tovar was brought to the court and hustled off police style by the "friends of Piekarsky's mom's boyfriend, Officer Hayes" was to caste a negative light on the victim -- Guilt by Association. (Why would a Judge allow the Defense's obvious courtroom antics and even if the Judge was surprised by the antics, why didn't he at least instruct the jury to disregard them?) ALL of the testimony provided indicated Tovar did not even show up until after Piekarsky's fatal kick to the unconscious victim Ramirez' head.

Now we find out Tovar was terrorized and forced to testify for the defense.

These are truly despicable antics by the protectors of murderers Piekarsky and Donchak! The DOJ and the FBI should take this information into consideration as they move forward with the Federal case against these murderers and those who assisted in the cover-up and witness tampering!


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HyphenLife said...

Things keep getting weirder. I'm glad I can learn some stuff about the case from your blog.
I'm so frustrated about the media ignoring this case, as well as our own community being so indifferent to it.

Dee said...


These Hate Crimes, including the terroristic attacks by the minutemen, should be on the front page every day until they stop.

As long as the mainstream media is indifferent to them, they will continue.

I think WE should stay informed and continue to talk about this issue until these stories gain national attention and all the perpetrators are punished to fullest extent of the law and no one else believes they can get away with these murders.

This is just like the Civil Rights movement all over again!

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