Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Breaking News: ANTI Leader of Alipac Gheen Accuses Minutemen Leader Gilchrist & ABP Leader Spencer of Assisting Shawna Forde After Murder!

Hot off the presses from Heraldnet.com:
Leaders of anti-llegal immigration groups trade insults over Forde case
By Scott North - Herald Writer
EVERETT -- Controversy over an Everett woman charged with two killings in Arizona now has the national leaders of anti-illegal immigration groups calling one another idiots.
Shawna Forde, 41, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and other crimes in connection with a May 30 raid on an Arivaca, Ariz., family. Killed were Raul Flores, 29, and his daughter, Brisenia, 9. The child's mother also received gunshot wounds, but survived and drove the attackers away in a gun battle that was recorded during a her frantic 911 call to police.

The sheriff's department in Pima County, Ariz., has alleged Forde led the raid believing Flores was a drug trafficker, and she could net money to support her Minutemen American Defense group
Even before the shootings Forde was a polarizing figure for people who endorse the idea that self-styled Minutemen engaged in surveillance and patrols are part of the solution to illegal immigration, human smuggling and drug trafficking along on the U.S.-Mexico border. Forde conducted border watches and patrols in Arizona, and was an ally of Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Orange County, Calif.-based Minutemen Project.

An e-mail obtained by The Herald shows that Gilchrist was one of 17 people Forde apparently wanted contacted if she was arrested or killed after the Arivaca homicides. Last week, Gilchrist acknowledged that he'd been told Forde was wanted for questioning by police prior to her arrest in Arizona. He said he called her about eight days before she was captured, but she denied being in trouble.
He's since publicly withdrawn all support for Forde.

Forde was arrested June 12 by FBI agents and others at a roadblock about a mile from the Sierra Vista, Ariz., ranch owned by Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol, a group that monitors the border using cameras and aerial surveillance. Spencer last week said Forde was taken into custody after she'd made a brief, uninvited stop at his home. He said he'd broken ties with her a year earlier.

On Monday, William Gheen, president of ALIPAC -- Americans for Legal Immigration -- posted on his group's Web site a repudiation of Gilchrist and Spencer in which he flatly accused them of assisting Forde after the Arivaca killings.
"We warned the nation and all group leaders, including Spencer and Gilchrist, about Shawna Forde many months before these murders," Gheen wrote.
The warnings did appear on Gheen's group's Web site earlier this year and largely regurgitated reports by The Herald that raised questions about Forde's link to a string of violent incidents in Everett. At the time, police were investigating the Dec. 29 shooting of Forde's ex-husband, her claim that she'd was beaten and raped a week later by people she suggested were connected to Mexican drug cartels, and her own gunshot injury Jan. 15 in an Everett alley. Everett police recently said they've ceased investigating Forde's rape report based on insufficient evidence.

Spencer on Monday denied that he got any warning about Forde from Gheen, and asserted that he didn't need one anyway because he'd long before decided against associating with her. After her rape report Spencer wrote that he told his staff again that Forde "was unstable and not welcome as a guest on the ranch."

Spencer added:
"The idea that I would put the reputation of American Border Patrol at risk by assisting someone that I knew to be unstable is outrageous and slanderous ... By making these totally false accusations with no evidence whatsoever to back them up, Mr. Gheen has proven himself to be unprofessional and exploitative of the problems of unfortunate people like Shawna Forde. He is doing this to make money by tearing his 'competitors' down, pure and simple.

"There is really only one way to deal with people like Mr. Gheen and it is not to mince words. To wit: Wm. Gheen is an idiot," he added.
On Gheen's Web site there is more cross fire today, including a post that describes Spencer and an employee as idiots, too.
Gheen has been contacting reporters since Forde's arrest, arguing that readers aren't being told enough about the difference among those in border-watch groups, particularly when it came to support of Forde.
"Outside of the media, to my knowledge, nobody has done more before these murders to stop Shawna Forde," Gheen said of himself during a recent interview. He said his group raised doubts about Forde's claims of being attacked in Everett. He noted that Gilchrist stood by her, even after The Herald published a story detailing the woman's troubled past. The article also contained Forde's acknowledgment that she'd privately been telling police that local street toughs -- not drug cartel killers -- likely were behind the violence involving herself and her ex-husband this winter in Everett.
Questioning Forde's story at the time was the right thing to do, Gheen said.
"If I had not done that, the Shawna story would have gone nuclear through our movement," he said.

Forde was arraigned on the murder charges Monday in Tucson, Ariz. Prosecutors there are considering whether to seek the death penalty.


pcorn54 said...

Seems to me Spencer and Gilchrist have both admitted complicity in this mess.

And Gheen, being Gheen, see's an opportunity to rip his followers off for additional donations.

Anyone looked at his site? 10,000+ posts denigrating Mexicans and Hispanics and pandering to the fear of his mindless followers.

ultima said...

Extremists and those who associate themselves with them are idiots on both sides of the political spectrum.

Dee said...

the message from gheen on the alipac site:

Latest article about Gilchrist and Spencer and Shawna Forde added to the homepage with note...

ALIPAC NOTE: We warned the nation and all group leaders, including Spencer and Gilchrist, about Shawna Forde many months before these murders. It is truly unfortunate that Gilchrist and others continued to offer Shawna support and aid long after all other groups and leaders in the movement did our best to isolate her. These latest articles show us that Gilchrist and Spencer assisted Shawna Forde after the date of the murders. If Jim Gilchrist and Glen Spencer had listened to the rest of the movement after Shawna Forde and Jim Gilchrist tried to circulate fake rape and beating pictures of Shawna, it would have been clear to Forde that she had no reason to be on Spencer's property or in regular phone and email contact with Jim Gilchrist (Co-Founder of Minuteman Project). These men continued to associate with Shawna Forde long after it became very clear to the vast majority of leaders in our movement that she was unstable and dangerous. Gilchrist and Spencer gave assistance to Shawna Forde long after an organized effort of multiple groups such as Save Our State, San Diego Minutemen, and ALIPAC were launched to warn the movement as well as quarantine and isolate Gilchrist and Forde.

Dee said...

from alipac website: Letter from Gheen to the reporter from azstarnet article with direct accusations against Minuteman Leader Gilchrist and ABP Leader Spencer:

Mr. Steller:

Thank you for your recent article about Shawna Forde. People need to know the truth about this case. People also need to know that Shawna Forde and what she is accused of doing is in no way reflective of the broader immigration enforcement movement nor the hundreds of millions of Americans that want the borders secured and existing immigration laws enforced.

That being said, while your article does portray Forde's connectivity with Gilchrist and Spencer, it does not include the fact that there was a highly organized effort by multiple groups to quarantine and isolate both Shawna Forde and Jim Gilchrist because of his continued support for Forde after it became clear to most of us she was unstable and potentially dangerous.

ALIPAC, Save Our State, and San Diego Minutemen along with many other groups did our best to isolate and exclude Shawna Forde. We did a radio show on the topic and sent out email blasts to our supporter lists and allied leadership lists along with a national press release when it became clear that our movement was being exposed to trouble by Forde and Gilchrist.

People deserve to know the truth about that and your readers deserve to know that the majority of us in the movement were not passive but actively working to get Forde out! Even now, we are not "distancing ourselves" from Shawna Forde. On the contrary, our national organization ALIPAC is aggressively pursuing this story to do our best to make sure people know the truth that A. Forde is not reflective of the movement and B. An active attempt was made by many groups to stop Forde before things accelerated to this point.

I have included a small limited amount of background info for you below. Please let me know if you want more information contained in our extensive archives.

We all hope that your next article will include these important truths.

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

Vicente Duque said...

The ALIPAC car changes gears to reverse at high speed - Repudiating the Minutemen after encouraging them to Violence

Everybody that has visited ALIPAC previous to the Murder of Brisenia Flores and father knows very well the Great Sympathy and Love of ALIPAC for the Minutemen.

ALIPAC has fawned over the Minutemen as the Greatest American Heroes and Enemies of the Bastard Mexicans. They can not hide their Extreme Hate for Latinos.

If you have a car with a gearstick then You know very well that you can not change gears from a forward march to reverse at high speed. This can break the gearbox.

The Only Magicians and Wizards that can pull the gearstick suddenly to reverse without breaking the gearbox are the guys of ALIPAC.

I hope that the ALIPAC car does not turn over and explodes in flames. That is why a car mechanic will warn you not to do these stunts.


Vicente Duque

Dee said...

more from gheen when one of his members attempts to support spencer:

Glenn Spencer did not tell Shawna Forde not to come back according to this article he says ""Being a polite person, I spoke with her, even though last summer I told American Border Patrol employees that, due to her strange behavior, she was no longer welcome at the ranch," Spencer wrote."

Now first of all, Glenn Spencer is not renowned for his politeness. He is renowned for chewing people's asses off and I have been a first person eye witness to that.

Second, he had that lying idiot and attack hound Chuck Stonex hanging out on his compound long after this supposed ban on Shawna Forde.

Now tell me, how could Glenn Spencer have a ban on Shawna Forde being at his property but be sitting there curled up with one of Shawna's number one supporters aside from Jim Gilchrist having a BBQ together?

Chuck Stonex was at Spencer's when he was called away to patch up Shawna's wounded and Chuck Stonex was the acting director of Shawna's small group Minuteman American Defense aka MAD!

Do you people think that we are complete idiots?

Does anyone believe that Glenn Spencer ordered Shawna to stay away and she simply defied a man known for his hostility and tantrums and marched right back into his home asking to use his house to check emails and continue attempting to evade the law that she knew was on her trail?

Let me make this clear. All of you V******V that gave comfort, aid, encouragement, and assistance to Shawna Forde long after our coalition's movement wide advisory on her are taking the proper blame you deserve for this horse V****V.

In fact, some of you may have a hell of a lot more to worry about than what ALIPAC and our coalition partners are going to do to you.

The police are eyeballing all of you as possible criminal conspiracy types or an organized crime racket now.

So I highly suggest that each of you close to Shawna Forde, Glenn Spencer, and Jim Gilchrist rethink your requests for people to shut their mouths about your associations right now.

You are taking the fall as you deserve to and I'll be damned if I'm going to watch the whole movement take the hit for your idiocy or criminal involvements.

Shawna Forde should have clearly known that Glenn Spencer's pad was not a place she could run for aid and shelter while fleeing the cops, but that was not her understanding was it?

I hear that Glenn, Gilchrist, and Eichler have been real buddy buddy behind the scenes of late. If Glenn Spencer knew about that email or had any foreknowledge that Shawna was on the run from the cops, he could be charged.

At this point, we will be adding American Patrol and Glenn Spencer to the quarantine list along with Jim Gilchrist and the last of his MMP stragglers.

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

PS: Your request that we remove our comments about Glenn Spencer from our homepage is denied.

Oilfieldguy said...

Dee, you left a comment over at my place. The answer is yes.

Anonymous said...

Ask Gheen to provide evidence of his claims against Spencer. I bet you $100.00 he can not. What Gheen is doing, is trying to use the murder of an innocent child to tear down others and collect more money. He doesn't care about Brisnia and he doesn't care about illegal immigration. He cares about his ego and his wallet and nothing more.

pcorn54 said...


You are simply out of your mind.

According to Forde, you made several contacts with her in attempts to recruit her for ALIPAC. Each of the dozen or so groups I listed in an earlier email also had contact with Forde. Your associate, Robert Crooks of the defunct Mountain Minutemen even managed her activities on the border for several weeks.

You and your small clique of mean-spirited minions are now futilely trying to attach any vile act of another to those persons you hate. It is not the fault of others that your white supremacist ALIPAC group is going broke. It is your fault.

If you want to continue diverting everyone’s resources to mutual acrimony and infighting, then you have succeeded. Consequently, the pro-illegal alien invasion fanatics will win this contest. Congratulations, but that is not a victory and it is nothing to be proud of.

Several times I have tendered offers to you and your equally errant counterpart, Jeff Schwilk, to come to your senses and abandon your relentless immature and counter-productive conduct. But, each time you both respond with foul-mouthed, vile attacks…something you are both so well known for. Even being convicted of malicious defamation and internet terrorism recently in a San Diego court has not deterred Schwilk’s malevolent frenzy.

I am staying in this movement so you might as well get used to it. Else, you will certainly spend 100% of your time planning on ways to disrupt the Minuteman Project. And for what end result? That just puts you into the same category as the despicable anti-rule of law zealots the Minuteman Project has been fighting all these years.

Mr. Gheen, you have neither the emotional stamina nor the battlefield courage to participate in activism.

You do what you do simply for the easy money you can raise. And now, even that easy money you have garnered from an unsuspecting public (last year almost $250,000) is fading away. It’s about time.

By the way, according to your federal reports, you only gave 1% of that to a political candidate running on the immigration issue. You really do make a ton of money just sending out email solicitations to an unwary public, don’t you?

Delete me from you email distribution list, and I will stop responding to your ranting meltdowns.

The best advice I can give you is to approach our common goal to bring our nation back under the rule of U.S. immigration law in a rational, insightful, and intelligent manner. Your behavior during the past three years has put you into the league of the incurable loons and kooks.

Grow up. Join the military if you have to. They will show you how to engage in mature thinking and conduct, some qualities that you are sorely lacking.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have more important things to do, like research and write on an illegal alien issue for publication.

Contact me again only when you are back on mission. Thanks.

Sincerely Yours,

Jim Gilchrist, BAJ, BSBA, MBA, CPA(ret.) - Founder and President, Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project, Inc. [dba The Minuteman Project, Inc.]


Anonymous said...

Well. Forde's connection to the MCDC and BPAUX in CA are solid. There are photos, MCDC and BPAUX issued ID cards, and witnesses confirming that she did indeed train at Camp Vigilance with Agents form the Border Patrol Auxiliary, a right wing paramilitary group on the SPLC hate group watch list.

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