Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brisenia Flores: The Beautiful Latino Child the Minutemen Murdered!

Here is a picture of Brisenia Flores. She is the innocent nine year old child, viciously murdered by Minutemen leaders Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush during their home invasion attack against this Latino Family in the Arizona border town of Arivaca. We can only thank God that her sister was spending the night with her grandmother. The police say the minutemen vigilantes had planned to murder her too.

It is time for the Violence against Latinos to End!
It is time for the Minutemen Vigilante Border Patrols to be ended!
It is time to STOP the HATE!!!

Brisenia Update:
By Jaime Richardson, Green Valley News
Sopori School’s summer enrichment program started Monday, but instead of laughing and playing with Brisenia Flores, her school friends were talking to grief counselors.
Brisenia and her father were gunned down early Saturday in their Arivaca home by four intruders. Her mother was also shot but survived, and another sister was staying with relatives at the time.
Brisenia, 9, had just finished third grade at the Amado school. “This is devastating, shocking,” Sopori Principal Desi Raulston said. “Brisenia’s teacher was so upset. We are trying to reach out to the kids and to other family members all affected by this tragedy.” Raulston described Brisenia as a “conscientious student,” and “well-liked by teachers and other students.”
The Sahuarita Unified School District called in a crisis team to counsel students and teachers.
“Some of these kids still carry dolls,” Raulston said. “They’re young, but they still know something terrible happened.” Over the weekend, residents huddled on street corners, and a luncheon at the Arivaca Community Center for volunteers was dominated by the news. On Monday, everybody was seeking answers, but few were willing to talk.

An emotional Roger Beal, who knows the family and owns the Arivaca Mercantile where Brisenia’s mother works, said the community was in shock. “It’s just unthinkable what happened,” he said, “it’s tragic.”
But Beal, like many in the tight-knit community, was reluctant to talk about the shootings. He said the staff has been “inundated” with calls from the media and were interviewed by Sheriff’s deputies Monday. He declined to comment on widespread speculation about a motive. “We’re a very close community down here,” said Ellen Dursema, coordinator at the community center where the girl’s mother volunteered and Brisenia was to attend summer camp. “We love and care about each other. We’re like an extended family.”
Law officials have asked that the mother’s name not be released.

Monday was the first day of camp, and “a lot of the kids hadn’t heard yet,” said Dursema. “We had to tell them they’re not going to be seeing Brisenia.” Some cried, others didn’t know how to react. Counselors from the Southern Arizona Mental Health Center were on hand to help out. Volunteers gathered the group around in a prayer circle, and a feather was passed from child to child. They were encouraged to ask questions and share happy memories of their friend and neighbor. Later, the kids made a “Get Well” banner for Brisenia’s mother and shaped animal figurines for her out of clay. Dursema described Brisenia as “sweet, beautiful and artistic.” She said she “loved her mother very much.” She said the girl went above and beyond this past Mother’s Day, spending extra time in crafting several pairs of beaded earrings for her mother at the community center.
Dursema’s last memory of Brisenia is of her and her older sister making a “human wheelbarrow” on the playground, running, laughing and full of joy.
She said the whole family is well-known and well-liked, and called Raul “Junior” Flores a good father and a generous man, who on a whim would treat all the volunteers to lunch from the local taco stand. Brisenia’s grandparents and great-grandparents live in Green Valley. Just down the street from the center, mourners left flowers in front of the home where the father and daughter were slain.


Dee said...

What kind of ANIMALS murder a beautiful 9 year old child?????

I am so appalled and angered by this story.

Brisenia was such a beautiful, innocent child!! What kind of evil MONSTERS can do this????

My tears and prayers go to the Flores family this evening.

Vicente Duque said...

I knew that these Minutemen were going to end up as criminals murdering people.

Terrorist Cowards !!

They are hyperdistilled Racists and have been harassing schools and children of Mexican Origin, even if their parents are American Citizens in many cases.

Murder and Terrorism have been legalized by the court that absolved and acquitted the Six Coward Terrorists that killed a smaller man in Shenandoah Pennsylvania. Six Football Players applauded by many in their community for being Coward Terrorists.

"While the men yelled racial epithets at Ramirez, they punched and kicked his head and body so severely that he lay foaming at the mouth with two skull fractures."

"Once Ramirez was on the ground he was continually kicked until brain matter leaked from his skull."

What is going to happen now ???

The Minutemen - Are they going to continue killing people of Latino origin for Sport, Entertainment and Fun ???

Are they going to be acquitted ???

And Courts of Bastards are going to continue absolving the Most Despicable Criminals. ???

The eyes of the World are looking at all these Bastard Crimes and the Criminals that commit them.

And the Organizations that promote all this hatred including the Minutemen, Fox News and a bunch of Coward Anchors of TV and Radio, dedicated to promote Fear, Hate and Racism.

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, Are they going to blame the American Left, Socialists, Democrats and Mr Obama ??

More fight and information against all these criminal bastards :

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Why would these killers target this poor hispanic family? It doesn't make sense. What were they looking for?

ultima said...

Does this mean the perpetrators have been positively identified and arrested? I don't see that in the original post.

We all know there are maniacs,extremists and folks bent on violence on every side of any issue. It is indeed unfortunate when this leads to the murder of innocents like this child. There must be more information to report on the criminals and their motivation before we can understand what happened and what is happening in our society.

Anonymous said...

Why do they let these people get away with this what in the hell do they get out of this But if this happen to a white family all hell breaks thru

Dee said...

Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush have been arrested and charged. Even her mother have provided police evidence. see this article.

Dee said...

Here is the

Anonymous said...

This woman and her gang were the criminals! If she belonged to the Red Cross would we be saying that every Red Cross member was part of this? No,
Folks wake up, these select people were way off, most likley off their medications or disturbed mentally to take such acts of criminal behavior. It does NOT mean that every person who supports enforcement of the laws of the land are criminals.

Anonymous said...

It's time every newspaper to schools to educate our society on the realities of immigration. Few people understand where our economy would be with out them and that even the illegals pay taxes, too. In researching this issue for my studies in economics, I found that even illegal immigrants contribute much more to our society than they receive. The very same people that complain about them, rush to buy the goods they provide us, under exploitive conditions, at the cheapest prices. Many US citizens break laws & bend rules to provide more for themselves. The biggest criminals are Wall Street & our "corporatocracy" with insidious far reaching tentacles. Breaking the law to feed your family and keep a roof over their head, is what anyone would do when societies don't support opportunities to do it legally. It's our mentality & laws that need to change to accommodate the reality of what we reap from the hard labor of others that are so misunderstood, in this very complex issue.
For those that keep complaining about paying taxes for the soundness of our infrastructure and investment in common good including immigrants, I would argue that this is exactly where our taxes should go as it is exponentially profitable for all of US, instead of lining pockets for bridges to nowhere or off shore accounts. Keep watch where the money goes and what really sustains US.

Anonymous said...

There is a chilling 911 recording of Mrs. Flores asking for help at:

Anonymous said...

Thank god the mother had a gun. they were coming back in the house to finish her off as well. Her dead husband's weapon saved her life and let the story be told so these could be stopped...

Anonymous said...

Minuteman Shawna Forde has been convicted of two counts of first degree murder and several other charges. The penalty phase of the trial has begun and the jury is deciding whether she will receive the death penalty.

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