Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pompous Murderer Scott Roeder Admits he is an ANTI, Acts Like HE is the Victim!

Scott Roeder reminds me of so many extreme ANTIs. He is pompous and he believes he is always right. Plenty of witnesses saw Roeder murder Dr. Tiller and even though police have more than sufficient evidence to arrest and hold him, Roeder doesn't believe he should be incarcerated and "treated as a criminal."
Roeder disputes being ANTI government. He SAYS he is ANTI CORRUPT government. (reminds me of the ANTIs saying, "yep...I hate dem illegal mexkins, but I ain't anti immigration, I am ANTI illeeegal immigration!")
AP Reports:
Suspect in abortion provider death talks from jail
WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — The man charged in the slaying of late-term abortion provider George Tiller said Thursday he's "being treated as a criminal" even though he hasn't been convicted of anything.
Scott Roeder called The Associated Press on Thursday from the Sedgwick County Jail and disputed characterizations in the media of him as being anti-government, saying he is "anti-corrupt government."
"I haven't been convicted of anything, and I am being treated as a criminal," he said in a telephone conversation that lasted about three minutes. When asked by the AP to discuss the Tiller shooting, Roeder, 51, of Kansas City, Mo., refused to comment, saying he would talk about that later.
Roeder is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing Tiller with a single gunshot as the doctor handed out programs Sunday while ushering at the Lutheran church he attended. Roeder also is accused of assaulting two witnesses before leaving the church and driving away.
Roeder was arrested a few hours later, near the town of Gardner, about 170 miles northeast of Wichita.
He said he has made it through the first several days of his incarceration but is concerned about the media attention his family, particularly his elderly mother, has been getting. "I appreciate your prayers," he said.


Vicente Duque said...

Some people kill other human beings that they have never met before. For Political, Religious, Ethnic or Racial Reasons.

If they had been born in the Times of William Shakespeare, then they would have been the Village Madman or Idiot, an object of ridicule and fun in those times.

But they were born in modern times when Television spits hate and fear continuously.

And they want to be heroes.

Vicente Duque

The Arizonian said...

Wouldn't that make Dee anti-free speech then? I'm sure you would argu that hate speech isn't free speech, but it is... But now you ball together anti-illegal-immigration and anti-immigration, anti-corrupt-government and anti-government together the same way..... So, you are against free speech.

Vicente Duque said...

Acting in the Name of God to kill People - And TV anchors that talk a lot about God but .....

Glenn Beck could be a Good Guy in his heart !!

A guy that abuses a lot the name of God is Glenn Beck of Fox News.

He constantly appears as the most pious and devout follower of the Will of "God". And in Religious Programs, Shows or Revivals.

He is also the Master of Histrionics : Grimaces, Winks, Gestures, smiles, frowns, Hand and Body Movement, he may defeat Sarah Palin in a contest.

But his personal God has not taught him any Ethics or Morals.

His politics is the most Despicable and Racist Right Wing Extremism.

By his own personal account he is the child of a Very Dysfunctional Family.

His father abandoned them, his mother committed suicide and Glenn was on Alcohol and Drugs.

I can forgive Glenn Beck due to his extraordinary bad luck in the start of life. Glenn could not absorbe a Good Culture in his Youth. Now his Politics are Fear and Hate.

Glenn may be sincere but his politics lead nowhere, only to confrontations.

I think that other guys at Fox News are not so pious or devout as Glenn and may be more Hypocrite in Religious Matters.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

I am going to write a new blog today on how the internet is crossing the limit between free speech and inciting violence. There is a difference you know.

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