Sunday, December 4, 2011

Right Wing Nativist Barbara Coe Ridicules Suicide of Undocumented High School Student Despondent Over His Legal Status

Guest Voz - Gustavo Arellano, OC Weekly: Barbara Coe is, if nothing else, at least true to the false friend of her name: barbaric. We have written many blog posts over the years tracking her vicious words, whether wishing death on President Barack Obama, ridiculing gays and Mexis (and gay Mexis!) and many, many more.

Yet the head witch of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform outdid herself this week with her treatment of the suicide of Joaquin Luna.

Good people in this country were shocked that Luna--an 18-year-old high school student from Texas--committed suicide recently andd left behind a note stating the reason: because he faced next-to-no future as an undocumented youth in country that refuses to accept such Americans as, well, Americans.

For Coe, however, it was just another "sicko yellow-belly coward illegal alien 'sob story,'" as she put it in a Tuesday email to her minions. "We wonder how law-abiding American citizen kids feel when they are denied ANY taxpayer funds for their college education while illegal alien lawbreakers are awarded their American parents' tax dollars??? [Gustavo note: as usual, all italics, CAPS, space errors, underlined words and other grammatical Easter eggs in the original] This is just another PR stunt promoting an Illegal Alien AMNESTY...if this illegal alien kid was so mentally deranged he could not not live without American taxpayer 'freebees', so be it."

Way to get your devil wings there, Babs!

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Vicente Duque said...

Impressive Bigotry and Lack of Humanity.

This Lady should have a lot of failures, frustrations, shortcomings, deficiencies and lack of love in her life.

"Failure begets monsters" said a Great Philosopher.


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