Sunday, December 18, 2011

Arpaio's Goons MURDER another Latino! Veteran Mary Atencio MURDERED by Arpaio's Masked Volunteers!

American Citizen and AMERICAN HERO Veteran Marty Atencio is DEAD! And Arpaio and his masked goons are accountable! If you are Latino and arrested in Maricopa County, for any minor infraction, you CANNOT be arrested in Maricopa County. You must FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE!

A young veteran can attest to this. Marty Atencio, a Gulf War Veteran and disabled due to his service is now DEAD, thanks to racist Arpaio and his volunteer goons who he allows to wear ski masks.

Arpaio's goons tasered the hero veteran Atencio. Then they left him in a cell to DIE! This isn't something they would do to a White Veteran. These are despicable services reserved for the Latino.

Veteran Atencio is DEAD! DEAD!

There is only one person to blame for this travesty of justice! The heinous and despicable Joe Arpaio who supports his masked goons in arresting, abusing and murdering young Latinos (and veterans) like Marty Atencio! Arpaio should be ARRESTED and IMPRISONED for his RACIST CRIMES!

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