Saturday, December 31, 2011

Immigration Talk's TOP STORIES of 2011

Several stories have dominated the "Immigration Talk with a Mexican American" blog in 2011. Throughout the year, we've been reporting the abuses by the various state governments as they've been passing ANTI Latino, Racial Profiling laws. As has been occurring over the last few years, Arizona and Sheriff Arpaio have stood out as the most abusive state and the most abusive sheriff in the Country.

As I reviewed the 2011 articles, the Top 5 Stories include:
1. DOJ finally brings charges against Sheriff Joe Arpaio
2. Minuteman Shawna Forde and cohorts finally convicted of murdering Brisenia Flores and her dad.
3. Luis Ramirez' murderers sentenced.
4. Republican Tea Party governors out themselves by pushing their Koch Brothers agendas.
5. Russell Pearce gets Kicked Out

Three themes top the list:
1. WE ARE FINALLY BEING HEARD! Those that have abused, targetted Latinos are finally facing justice.
2. Those that hate Latinos, Immigrants and our President are getting desperate. They are desperate to overthrow our President Obama. They are desperate to find a GOP candidate that supports their views.
3. It is becoming abundantly obvious to the general public that the TeaParty Republicans are extremists and do NOT support the views of the majority of American People. They are pushing the agenda of their Rich contributors (Koch Brothers): Mass Deport ALL Latino Immigrants, End Social Security, End Medicare, End Unemployment benefits, End public schools, End Unions, End Minimum Wage, End Unemployment, End Regulations, End Women's Rights. End Gay Rights. End Global Warming efforts. Promote Guns.
Now, it seems as if the Extremist Right Wing Teapartiers are drawing a line in the sand. They are saying, "My way or the highway!"

My biggest fear is that somehow they will select a candidate that supports their agenda and will somehow fool the American Public into voting for him.

I know and realize that with their 527 groups (who have NO Accountability for their actions) will push negative ads at the American Public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will especially be the case as the election draws nearer. These ads are sure to brainwash countless Americans. Additionally, the Republican Tea Pary governors have made it their mission to pass Jim Crow type laws to SUPPRESS the young, the poor and minorities from voting. While they allow a Gun License as proof of identity to vote, they do not allow a student ID or Medicare card.

2012 will be a World Changing year. IF a Republican is elected and pushes through Republican Laws as they've promoted through the Republican debates, all of us, WE THE PEOPLE, should be very afraid. They will change the world as we know it, and NOT for the better.

We need to rally and support our President until he is re-elected.
May God Bless America!
May God Bless OUR Presidend Barack Obama.

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