Monday, May 6, 2013

At NRA Convention, Racists TARGET the President!

The NRA Convention was held in Houston, TX and ran from May 3 - May 5th. The NRA allowed a company, Zombie Industries, to sell a range of three-dimensional "life sized" targets that "bleed when you shoot them." The Obama likenesses were on display until the last day of the Convention.  A Zombie Industries booth worker told BuzzFeed: "They thought (the Zombie) looked like President Obama." When asked if the Obama likeness was intentional the worker said, "Let's just say I gave my Republican father one for Christmas."

There was tons of anti-American bashing of our President. The new President of the NRA called our President a "Fake President." Crazeee Wayne La Pierre said our President “launched an historic, all-out attack, a siege on our gun rights.”  Meanwhile, at the Bushmaster booth on the bustling exposition floor, Bushmaster invited little children to pose for photos with a .50-caliber sniper rifle with a 30-inch barrel. Air-headed Sarah Palin used her usual rhetoric to attack our President. Republican Rep. Steve Stockman attacked our President screaming "Impeach Obama." He also invited far right extremist Ted Nugent to the affair. Glenn Beck held assault weapons, spewing attacks against our President. Ted Cruz, his usual self, was also on the attack.

The Tea Party Republicans are on their last leg. Patriotic Americans are on to them. TeaParty NPA members are clowns, spewing racist attacks against our President, his Administration and the safety of the American People, all to support the rich and powerful NRA. They are sounding more and more like Domestic Terrorists.

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