Sunday, June 2, 2013

Good Riddance Cable News: Media Fails to Report on Improved Economy and spends their time on Bogus Right Wing Conspiracy Theories

I've stopped watching Cable News for now. They've gone completely over the brink. They've decided to spend their time on Bogus Right Wing conspiracy theories, made up by the Tea Party.
Look at what they are reporting on:
1. Benghazi: It has been proven there was no wrong doing by the President, his Administration, Hillary Clinton or anyone in our government. A small Syrian militia group attacked a small mission, a thousand miles away from the Embassy in Tripoli. The attack lasted an hour and a half. They attacked a CIA Annex that was 5 miles away about 4 hours later. The attack on the Annex lasted about an hour and a half. America could NOT send in fighter planes to kill the local townspeople. The attack was over. There was no cover up. It just took time for the FBI, CIA, etc to find out what happened. All these groups put together the talking points which were read on the morning shows 5 days later. Everything the Right Wing / Tea Party says about this are bogus, right wing conspiracy theories.
2. IRS - Tea Party: This whole story is so convoluted. The IRS wasn't attacking the Tea Party. The Tea Party was ASKING for Tax Free status. For all of the millions and millions they have collected, the DID NOT want to pay taxes. To qualify for this type of "Tax Exempt" status, you CANNOT be partisan. Of course the IRS scrutinized their status and asked them many questions. Of course they are politically biased right wing extremists frequently attacking our President.  This entire issue is ridiculous.
3. Freedom of the Press - "Leaks" in the Government: This one is silly. Everyone in the press is mad about this one. According to a  Federal Contract worker, the only reason he divulged CIA Security information about North Korea -- which could have endangered American Lives, was because a Fox News reporter coerced and wooed him to divulge these secrets.
Since when is it a "Whistle-blower" or a qualified "Leak" when a government worker reveals confidential Military Secrets which could jeopardize American lives? Of course the FBI/CIA investigated the saboteur and the coercer (reporter). Besides, last year, Republicans ATTACKED the President, blaming him for the leaks. Now they are defending the coercer?
Now, many members of the media are throwing silly Hissy Fits and are angry at the President and the government for rightly investigating the coercer (reporter).
These media members obviously do NOT understand the intent of Freedom of the Press. The intent is to protect actual "whistle blowers" -- those that risk their lives to expose government wrong doings that jeopardize American lives and American freedoms. Whistle blowers should NOT be confused with those that endanger American lives by revealing Military/Confidential information.

Now, all three of these stories are being played over and over and over again in the media, as if on an endless, recorded loop. What these cable news folks don't realize is, WE THE PEOPLE don't care about their hurt feelings or the bogus, far right conspiracy theories.
Personally, all their belly aching is giving me a headache.
They are also  potentially endangering important issues by not reporting on them. They are not reporting on the improved economy, increased jobs, home sales, the stock market at an all time high, states who have successfully implemented the exchanges (Obamacare) whose participants have seen significant reduction in Healthcare costs. They are not reporting on many of the successes of the Obama Administration. WE THE PEOPLE are seeing and experiencing these successes.

So to all you in the MEDIA -- WE DON'T CARE about your Hissy Fits.
To the Tea Partiers laughing and gloating about the "media finally reporting what they want to hear," WE DON'T CARE about your conspiracy theories because we know they are lies.
Personally, I am GLAD all of your ratings are going down. I've switched to watching anything OTHER than Cable News! Good Riddance!

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