Thursday, June 27, 2013

I LOVE AMERICA and Looking Forward to Voting for Hillary in 2016!

I've been contemplating recent global, national and media events, of late.
I am many adjectives. Concerned. Perplexed. Pondering. Wondering. Questioning.

The world is a complex place.
There are so many sides to each issue.
The complexities are FAR beyond Red and Blue.
The complexities are FAR beyond American and Global.

People are Good.
People are Evil.
People are Both.
The bottom line is PEOPLE WANT POWER.

I have been studying recent events:
. Snowden
. Michael Hastings
. The Media
. Middle East
. Benghazi
. Gun Killings, Weapons of Destruction
. Hate Groups Advocating Use of Weapons (Militias)
, The Supreme Court
. Right Wing Radio (and their insanity)
. Women's Rights, Minority Rights, Gay Rights = Equality
. President Obama
. Hillary Clinton
. The Far Right
. The Left

Then considering ALL OF THIS, how on earth can we expect the very political right and left to come together to establish a mutually agreeable policy to resolve our Immigration Issues in America? Frankly, I don't believe it is possible.

So many conflicts. So much politics.
Where is the Humanity? Where is the Justice?

All we can do is ask our political leaders to allow our country to continue our Freedoms:
. Love our Families
. Make our Own Choices
. Equality for All

While I contemplated ALL of this, it suddenly occurred to me -- the REAL REASON other countries Hate Us = as was said in Shawshank Redemption: THEY HATE US FOR OUR LOVE! 

Regardless of the schemes of the Political Right or the Political Left, each of us, each American, STILL has their Freedoms. We have Freedom of Speech -- freedom to disagree or approve. We have Freedom to LOVE Our Family and Friends. We have Freedom to IGNORE! We still continue to Live our Lives REGARDLESS of Who is in Power. We have Freedom of Religion. We have Freedom of Work, Education, Freedom of Fun! Going to the Movies, Playing Games, BUT MOST OF ALL, WE HAVE FREEDOM TO LOVE OUR FAMILIES!

We are not the war torn countries. WE ARE AMERICA and I Like It Here!

WE DO HAVE the Freedom to Vote!
I Can Hardly Wait until 2016 WHEN I have the RIGHT to Vote For Hillary Clinton!!


Ned Hamson said...

Ditto! Smile

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that. Hillary isn't going to run.

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