Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nativist Republicans are Blocking Immigration Reform in Congress! Demand No Healthcare and Border Enforcement First!

ABC News is reporting House Republicans are Blocking the passage of the Gang of Eight's Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) bill. These Republicans are demanding that newly legalized workers now working in the shadows should have no access to government-sponsored health care programs during their 15-year pathway to citizenship. Democrats say that since these newly legalized immigrants would be paying taxes they should be eligible for benefits.

The Republican's BLOCKAGE of the Bill is not expected to be solved. Additionally, Republicans are insisting that any Immigration Reform bills will move forward in a piecemeal fashion starting with increased Border Enforcement. Read this to mean the passage of a National Immigration Bill similar to Arizona's infamous Racial Profile bill "sb1070."

This latest development represents a huge blow to immigration reform advocates because the House is likely to pass several smaller bills that address Secure Borders, but would not include a pathway to citizenship. It creates a much longer and arduous legislative road to a bill President Obama would be willing to sign.

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