Saturday, June 22, 2013

IF Greenwald assisted this Traitor -- Edward Snowden --, Greenwald will be exposed and he knows it. He jeopardized the fate of America all for the sake of an exclusive headline.

According to Reuters: The United States pressured Hong Kong on Saturday to act quickly on its request to extradite Edward Snowden, a former U.S. National Security Agency contractor charged with espionage for exposing secret U.S. surveillance activities.

I'm just speculating, but here is what I think:
Snowden had a horrible childhood. Parents divorced. Nobody wanted him. Very dysfunctional.He Never succeeded at anything. Failed in school, in the Army, at jobs. Always Lied about his resume.

He went to Reporters Poitras and Greenwald with some bogus government info from Dell. They knew it was stupid information, but also viewed Snowden as a great pawn. Greenwald convinced Snowden to ditch Dell and somehow, Greenwald helped  Snowden get hired by an inside informer from Booz Allen. (Greenwald previously trashed Mike McConnell so he probably had an inside informant at Booz Allen.)

As I continue to speculate, once Snowden was hired by Booz Allen, Greenwald must have manipulated Snowden to download specific data from Booz Allen.

Snowden (the dropout) had NO CLUE as to what he was stealing, he blindly gave the requested information to Greenwald and to the other New York media outlets. These media outlets are now controlling this stolen data and publishing it willy nilly.

As I continue to speculate, Greenwald connived Snowden and arranged for Snowden to be spirited away to Hong Kong. There is no government protection, merely Greenwald's blind promise to protect the very na├»ve, unloved, easily-used and blindly trusting Snowden.

It is clear that Greenwald made Snowden his stooge.
Now Greenwald portrays himself at being up in arms, flailing, attempting to protect Stooge Snowden.
Greenwald is beginning to understand he is toast. He knows his own crimes. (Starting with espionage and Treason for his role in exposing Military Secrets to the Opposition.)

The FBI has, through the Patriot Act, ALL the records, phone and email, needed to convict Snowden and his co-conspirators..
IF Greenwald assisted this Traitor, he will be exposed and he knows it. He jeopardized the fate of America all for the sake of an exclusive headline.

Does anyone, ANYONE believe that Hong Kong will protect those that expose Military Secrets?
Update 6/23/2013: Hong Kong quickly purged themselves of Snowden. Now Snowden has fled to Russia. (Russia!?!). Greenwald just said he is en route to another location... possibly Venezuela. Some think Iceland.


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