Sunday, September 20, 2009

Special Alert: Brown Berets To Protest Minuteman Leader Shawna Forde and Brisenia Flores Murder; Minutemen to Counter Protest!

On Friday, September 25 at 9am, members of the Brown Berets de Aztlan (a Mexican American activist group) are planning a demonstration outside of the Pima County Superior Court. The demonstration is a response to the May 30 murders of nine-year-old Brisenia Flores and her dad by Minuteman Leader Shawna Forde and her partner Gunny Bush.

The Brown Berets said the reasons for their demonstration this week are:
1. To DEMAND JUSTICE for the murder of 9 year old Brisenia Flores, her dad Raul Flores and all other victims brutalized and murdered by Minutemen.
2. To protest hate Groups and the sponsorship of Minutemen organization by politicians.
3. To ensure Minutemen political supporters are held accountable for their support of these Hate Groups.
4. To demand politicians stop funding and put an end to the Minutemen (and similar)organizations.

Of Note:
The minutemen and their supporters are conducting a counter protest across the street from the Brown Berets protest. Local Tucson racist Roy Warden, best known for burning the Mexican flag in numerous demonstrations, will be leading one of the counter-protests. Laine Lawless, friend (and some say co-conspirator) of Shawna Forde will also be at the counter protest. Jim Gilchrist has talked to azstarnet about attending the counter protest.

Hopefully, enough people will be on hand to ensure the safety of local residents and all involved.

I will reporting about the demonstrations as I hear any updates.


Anonymous said...

September 20, 2009

Joe Cremeans,
Brown Berets


Dear Mr. Cremeans:

I invite you to take the opportunity provided by your protest and my counter-protest in front of the Pima County Courthouse on September 25, 2009 to engage in peaceful debate on issues of mutual concern.

The Right Wing media has portrayed your organization as a “Pro-Communist, Neo-Nazi Racist Hate Group,” while The Southern Poverty Law Center refers to me as a “White Supremacist, Racist Hate-Monger and the most dangerous person to emerge in the border debate.”

Although you and I are divided on the issue of Open Border Policy, our mutual goals and the public interest would best be served if you and I can use this opportunity to engage in a civil discourse, to present our views, to debate and thoroughly examine the contentious border issues which divide this country.

Frankly speaking: the Pima County Establishment will use the possibility of violence to stop public discourse and end debate so they may obscure the real issue which is: their promulgation of Open Border Policy in violation of federal law, and the economic exploitation of Mexican citizens.

Let’s show everyone that you and I can engage in civil discourse without engaging in name calling and fisticuffs!

Additionally: If it is agreeable to you, I would welcome a format by which the public, and media, can participate by asking questions.

Would you please contact me so we can work out the details?

Thank you for your courtesy.

Roy Warden, aka “The Notorious Mexican Flag Burner.”

Dee said...

Well Mr. Warden,
Let us know if Mr. Cremeans accepts your invitation.

Please forward any pictures you take of the events and I will publish them on my blog along with your article.

Send them to:

Vicente Duque said...

Dee :

I quote this comment :

"Roy Warden, aka “The Notorious Mexican Flag Burner.”"

This guy is bragging of burning flags !!

I would be ashamed of burning the flag of any country..... even of a rival sports club !! ( like hooligans do )

This is nothing to brag about .... This guy has a lot of Hatred inside.... I hope there is some police to avoid contact between the two groups.

I am worried about the Racists starting violence. ... They are very adept at it .... It is inside their brains of frustrated losers, and failed lives...., inferiority complexes and inadequacies, many of them like Shawna Forde are Dysfunctionals, I mean the sons and daughters of Dysfunctional Families, taking revenge of their own miserable lives by beating the underdog.

Unfortunately the police is sometimes corrupted by Hatred, as well..

This is like cats guarding the cheese so that mice don't eat it.

The cats end up eating the cheese. ( in many fables )....

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

You can continue to rant away in your OFF TOPIC comments. I won't post them. You've already sent me several.

The issue is, two groups are going to demonstrate on Friday. The BBs have no history of violence. They are going to demonstrate against the violence perpetrate by Minutemen Leaders Shawna Forde and Gunny Bush. (see past posts for their affiliations with Gilchrist, Simcox, Lawless and Spencer)

That is what they are protesting.

Long time MM Roy Warden has invited the BBs to a debate. Warden does have a reputation, which he clearly shares with all that will listen, of outrageous demonstrations, including flag burning, gun waving, etc.

I asked him to bring pictures and I will post them of the activities from this weekend. See his and my comments.

Anonymous said...

The topic is the Brown Berets and the MM. I posted about the Brown Berets. How is that off topic? No, you just didn't like the truth I posted about the Brown Berets. You use this stupid tactic of "off topic" all the time when you don't like the truth about the "on topic" subject. Shameful and disgusting behavior because it is a lie that I was off topic. How do you live with yourself? I would rather slash my wrists then be someone like you but then I have a conscience and you don't!

Dee said...

I had to let my viewers see your latest comment. Sometimes if you don't see them, you don't believe anyone can be as wacky as you!

This one made me laugh out loud!

But nuff said. Stop it!

Anonymous said...

September 22, 2009

Joe Cremeans,
Brown Berets

Re: Beware Tucson Police Department Directed Violence

Dear Mr. Cremeans:

Thank you for your response. I look forward to our Rally at 9:00 am in front of the Pima County Courthouse on Friday, September 25, 2009.

Please be advised that “The Establishment” is prepared to take steps to see that our rally results in violence. Several years ago the Tucson Police Department began instructing and directing a group of students to commit acts of unlawful violence at my rallies so they could in turn move in and arrest me for engaging in self defense.

I’ve documented police misconduct by use of film and witness testimony, and now the issue is before the federal court and Arizona Appellate Court.

The Tucson Police Department may use the same tactics on Friday, so they may discredit both of our groups.

For my part, if I personally attend the rally I will stay away from the front entrance to the Courthouse, so that you may peacefully conduct your rally. I have no desire to disrupt your communications so I will construct a small roped perimeter from which I will speak, to keep our respective groups separate.

Regarding the use of “Agent Provocateurs,” and other Government inspired violence: If you Google “COINTELPRO” you will read about an FBI directed program which began sometime in 1954 and continued on until 1972 when it was exposed by the United States Senate, and ended.

For additional information regarding crimes committed by government you may also want to read: “Political Crime in the United States” by Julian Roebuck and Stanley C. Weeber.

Someday you and I may indeed “go to war” regarding the contentious issues that divide us. If we do, let it be because you want it and you direct it, not because the Tucson Police Department inspires violence in order to protect “Fat-Cat” Republican contractors and otherwise assist local politicians hide the real reason behind Pima County Open Border Policy and the economic exploitation of millions of Mexican Citizens.

Roy Warden

Dee said...

Mr. Warden,

Please make sure you allow your videos and cameras record the events. That way you ensure safety for all.

I will be happy to publish your photos/videos.

Laura said...

I'd like to see Shawna let of of jail for 10 minutes while the BB and MM are there on Friday. Wonder which group would get their hands on her first. Just give her the shot already!

Proletariat Defender said...


I thought you said the "Aztlan" movement thing was a figment of paranoid white people's imagination?

And yet, these "Brown Berets" have the word "Aztlan" in their title...

I STILL believe that people need to get over their skin tone (ALL PEOPLE) and finally deal with making the world a better place, and not being sucked into some delusion that they are different because they have a darker (or lighter) tan.

Equality starts with the mind, not fist.

Dee said...

Azstarnet reports no one showed up, and blowhard roy warden claims success because he hid his glock in his fanny pack and burned two flags. Typical MM blowhard!:

from azstarnet: "I swung by the scene of the planned Brown Beret protest and — seeing no demonstrator but Roy Warden in shorts and his promised fanny back turned around in front — decided to head into the office to get some other work done. Friends at the scene are reporting one piece of tan headgear has appeared. Other than that it has been a complete bust. I predicted that!"

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