Friday, September 18, 2009

The Evil, Demented, Racist Arpaio and his Masked Goons Continue to Racial Profile Latinos in Maricopa County! Shameful!

I am so disgusted! Sheriff Arpaio is the most racist and evil Racial Profiler in America! He spends millions to terrorize local residents and local businesses. Meanwhile, criminals who are committing felonious crimes are running around free! Last year, figures indicate out of 669 of Arpaio's traffic stops, 665 were Latinos.

He and his goons have to be stopped! Once and for all!! (Click the arrow in the center of this picture to see the video. The masked goon is at minute 1:00.)

I ask all Humanitarians and all Latinos to register to vote and vote in 2010 and 2012. We must make our voices heard!

Check out these Racial Profiling attacks also:

Video 1

Video 2


Anonymous said...

Masked goons? Where are the masks?

Vicente Duque said...

The Beauty and Destructive Power of Lies - The Bastardy of Lies and Racism - History of Hindenburg, Hitler and Ludendorf - Racist Losers will lose

Big Lie : that Poland was a Horrible, Big, Humongous threat to Germany in 1933, the poor Nazi Germans. ( We are celebrating 70 years of the Coward Bastard Nazi attack on Poland in September 1939 )

Some Bad Germans from the Junker Nobility convinced the Old and very ailing Marshall Paul von Hindenburg ( 84 years old ) that it was necessary to appoint Hitler as chancellor of the Reich because Poland ( with warrior horses and lots of poverty ) was a threat against the Powerful German Panzers, Messerchnitts, Luftwaffe, etc ... and against the Powerful German Industry.

That decision to appoint Hitler was devastating for the three million of Polish Jews.

You see the power of lies .....

Recently Pat Buchanam ( that was a Republican Presidential Candidate and also a bureaucrat ) has been defending the Junker Fallacy that Poland was a threat for Germany and that Hitler had to invade Poland ( Panzers against old underfed horses ).

Pat is very racist and antiSemitic as the Anti Defamation League of the Jews has repeatedly expressed in documents.

So six millions Jews died in Europe because of lies and there are also lies today, not only Pat.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement that the Holocaust was "a myth" is "totally unacceptable", the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement ( of course, Russia doesn't want anything with the stench of Hitler and Nazis )

So it is very sad what happened to poor Poland invaded by the powerful Wehrmacht and the PanzerDivisionen and fighting with all underfed horses and swords against the armored vehicles.

The aging General Erich Ludendorff was for a time a strong supporter of the early rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. After learning of Hitler's appointment as Chancellor, he expressed his disappointment to German President Paul von Hindenburg: "By appointing Hitler Chancellor of the Reich, you have handed over our sacred German Fatherland to one of the greatest demagogues of all time. I prophesy to you this evil man will plunge our Reich into the abyss and will inflict immeasurable woe on our nation. Future generations will curse you in your grave for this action."

Lies are like flies that go to excrements to be fed with more nourishment and that contaminate what is sacred and beautiful in the kitchen.

Lies can only be defeated by Intelligence and Racionality ... Racists have been losing power inch by inch, millimeter by millimeter, Racism has a lot to do with Inferiority Complexes, inadequacies, being a failure in sex, love and business, being a loser, etc ... They will continue losing and being losers.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...


Watch the video. The masked goon is about 1 minute in.

Arpaio has a whole gang of volunteer goons. They wear masks to hide their identities.

These masks are the new White Hoods!

Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right? I watched both videos twice and never saw even one "masked goon". Video two was a total waste as all it showed was the filming of feet. WTH?

Dee said...

Let me help you. In the center of the PICTURE on this post titled Arpaio's East Valley Sweep, July of 2009, is an ARROW. This means this is a VIDEO. Click on the ARROW and watch the video -- at about 1 minute in, you will see the MASKSED GOON!!

Dee said...

These MASKED GOONS are NOT police. They are part of Arpaio's Volunteers who enthusiastically and demonistically participate in the Racial Profiling sweeps. They are MASKED because they DO NOT want their identities revealed... Just like the good ole days of the KKK!!

Liquidmicro said...

These MASKED GOONS are NOT police.
Actually the man you are stating at the 1:00 point in the video is actually a real Sheriff as evidenced by him walking from his open doored Sheriff vehicle, the Sheriff badge upon his body armor and then walking back to his open doored Sheriff vehicle.

The people of whom you are attempting to describe are actual citizens that have been deputized as Sheriff volunteers and hold some of the Sheriff powers as granted them by the deputation. None of them are in these particular videos.

Dee said...

Not so fast Liquid.
His vest also said "Medic."

It's just a vest.
Why on earth would a legitimate sheriff or a medic wear a mask. That is ridiculous.

The mask is typical of all the volunteer goons' masks. Here is another picture:

Masked Goons

ultima said...

I'm curious about why these folks wear masks. Do you suppose there have been cases where Sheriff deputies and volunteers families have been targeted or placed in danger?

The sooner we recognize that illegals need to be rounded up and that we need to use the most effective ways to do that, the sooner the problem will be solved. Too bad citizens are unable to help with this job and instead snipe at those who put their lives on the line. They don't wear those bullet proof vests because they are the latest fashion for because they are so comfortable, do they?

Liquidmicro said...

Your new link, masked goons, if you look to the picture in this group you will note that the person does not have a BADGE on his vest. His vest does state Sheriff along with SAU under it.
Photo Gallery

As for the MEDIC on the back of the Sheriff's body armor in the video, that is because he is CPR certified and probably holds other certificates as well in medical assistance.

Liquidmicro said...

As for the wearing of masks, many officers wear them, look into Mexico, they wear them busting the drug cartels, our FBI and other law enforcement wear them to protect the identity and family members of that officer. It's nothing new.

Dee said...

There is no need for a valid sheriff or deputy to wear a masked hood.

The reason the goons wear them aer:

1. To Hide their identity
2. To intimidate those they racially profile during their Latino sweeps.

As noted in the blog, out of the 669 people stopped, 665 were Latino, 2 were native american and were stopped for being brown, and their were 2 whites, probably dark/tanned.

Meanwhile countless actual felonious criminal complaints went unanswered due to these ridiculous racail profiling sweeps.

"They found that Arpaio's human-smuggling unit had arrested 669 people for immigration violations. Two were Native American, and two were white. 665 were Hispanic."

Dee said...

More --- SHAMEFUL:

The Tribune would confirm and report that in El Mirage Arpaio's force did little or no investigation on at least 30 violent crime cases, including a dozen reported sexual assaults, during 2006 and 2007.

Dee said...

There is no need for arpaio's masked volunteer GOONS to wear masks except to HIDE THEIR IDENTITY and Intimidate the Latinos they stop during their Blatant RACIAL PROFILING of Latinos in Maricopa County.

Of the 669 stopped, 665 were Latinos, 2 were brown skinned Native Americans.


Logical People Understand HE IS WRONG!

We ALL Reap what we sow.
I wonder when Arpaio and his masked Volunteer GOONS will reap what they have sown. Time will tell!!

Note to Liquid:
Try to read and interpret what I just said. Your name calling continues. That is why I will not post your latest comments. When YOU HAVE NO ARGUMENT YOU RESORT TO BELITTLING. Just your M.O.
Not acceptable here!


Arpaio and his goons' day will come. I will be watching and REPORTING!!!

Dee said...

Liquid's blatant name calling comments (which I refuse to publish any longer) remind me of something I heard on a recent comedy show.

George Lopez recently had a special on HBO. During the special he talks about the time when Latinos will become the majority in our great USA. --- We will have a beautiful multicultural society by 2040 (or sooner).

George said when we are the majority, we will treat you with the same respect and courtesy that you have provided us when you were the majority.

You REAP what you sew.

To all of the beautiful, accepting, Humanitarian Americans who have been welcoming, kind and wonderful, expect like behavior, times 10.

To all the racial profiling, intimidating, racist goons who demonize innocent latinos for theri fun and enjoyment, in their so called suppression sweeps, remember, you reap what you sow, times 10.

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