Monday, September 28, 2009

ACORN Video Racist O'Keefe in Black Neighborhoods Ridiculing Minorities in "Bailout Prize Patrol!" Then to Planned Parenthood Targetting Black Babies!

O'Keefe, of ACORN Video fame, has a LONG HISTORY of "gotcha" videos (selectively editted) targetting and ridiculing blacks/minorities. In this video, he targets Black Neighborhoods for his Video Ridicule. You can SEE O'Keefe saying to himself "Stupid nxxxxx!" Look at him!

In this next STING, he targets Planned Parenthood centers and Offers to give a donation if there are "less Black Kids out there."

These videos go to show you what a RACIST, DESPICABLE, SPOILED BRAT THIS O'KEEFE IS!! Additionally, you can see how heavily this video was editted. We never heard the caller call himself by name, yet we hear footage of the receiver calling him David. My question, "What was editted out??" These are RACIST, RACIST videos and it is very clear, O'Keefe only shows what he wants us to hear!


Dee said...

James O'Keefe, the man who dressed as a pimp to secretly videotape ACORN employees condoning illegal activities was found to have received funding from Peter Thiel, a politically controversial Conservative hedge fund baron - along with several other conservative donors. According to the Village Voice, Thiel admits paying O'Keefe approximately $10,000 for a video project despite the videographer's claims he is "absolutely independent", repeatedly stating he was not funded by outside parties.

Peter Thiel, who co-founded the online payment service PayPal and provided start-up funds for the multibillion-dollar social networking success Facebook also has been outspoken against "multiculturalism" in the US as a member of the Federalist Society alongside Robert Bork, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Thiel's controversial views came to light earlier this year when concerns grew over accusations Facebook was collecting and archiving personal information on members that could prove embarrassing to them later in life.

Dee said...

O'Keefe had also hoaxed an abortion provider in another uncompleted project, himself a former member of the Leadership Institute, a neocon think tank also attended by Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, and homosexual escort turned Bush White House correspondent Jeff Gannon. The Institute started O'Keefe off with a $500 "Balance in Media" grant in 2005 to begin a right wing publication and later provided him with $4,000 in moviemaking equipment.
Voice author Stephen Thrasher surmises O'Keefe was likely still coasting off Thiel's "Taxpayers Clearing House" money when he shot the ACORN videos this summer in NY, California and Washington, DC. Philadelphia ACORN workers noted O'Keefe also secretly recorded his undercover pimp act in their offices but were cut from his feature when they didn't fall for his hoax.

Dee said...

As we learn O'Keefe was actually a YOUNG OPERATIVE given extensive support to focus on causes that benefit WEALTHY SPECIAL INTERESTS, it SHATTERS the "average guy on the street" ILLUSION to prove once again that these operations are simply paying to make it seem like this was the product of a couple of hustling youngsters producing a fully independent film.

Dee said...

Perhaps the worst thing revealed in this report is the alleged lying by O'Keefe to cover his tracks after the fact. This shows his awareness of popular perception of the underhanded 'astroturf' movement, in which well-oiled conservative groups pay extra to create the illusion that the protests against Obama's policies are coming from average middle class citizens.

Instead, we see these efforts are FUNDED and AIDED by the wealthiest of the anti-populist upper class looking to SUPPRESS VOTER TURN OUT IN POOR AND WORKING CLASS AMERICAN COMMUNITIES, continuing the work of the Bush Administration during the DOJ firing scandal and the vote-caging outrage in which lists of voters from heavily Democratic districts were discovered being sent from Karl Rove's RNC office server to a White House web server in order to intentionally bounce eligible voters from election rolls.

pcorn54 said...

Also a story going around about this moron when he was at Rutgers.

To test the water, he complained to the provost that Lucky Charms cereal was demeaning to the Irish. Himself being Irish, and eventually got the cereal banned from the food service lines at Rutgers.

Anonymous said...

For more stories about racism - check out a new film on the subject of Black Genocide called: maafa21. Clips here:

Vicente Duque said...

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Great Economists like Dr Jeffrey Sachs from the Earth Institute at Columbia University give us a different view of History, Politics and Futurology. This strongly contradicts what people in the street or subway believe. Mr Sachs is my favorite Economist, I constantly have to look for his videos and articles. ( because I lose them, and Search Engines are not perfect )

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We see this even in Liberal, Democrat, ProChoice and proObama sites.

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Anonymous said...

Check this out: www.maafa21com

ultima said...

The bad news for ACORN just keeps pouring in. Last month 11 ACORN workers in Florida were accused by prosecutors of falsifying information on 888 voter registration forms. The month before, ACORN’s former field director in Las Vegas agreed to testify against the group’s activities there. Las Vegas election officials say that up to 48 percent of the voter registration forms the group submitted were “clearly fraudulent.” Although it has barely been mentioned by the mainstream media, to date some 70 ACORN employees in 12 states have been convicted of voter-registration fraud.

ultima said...

To think anyone would defend this corrupt organization is beyond reason.

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