Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shawna Forde Update: Accomplice after the Fact Reveals Identity of Another Accomplice

Chuck Stonex, co leader of the Minuteman Group M.A.D, with Shawna Forde, reveals more inside secrets about his involvement after 9 year old Brisenia Flores' murder. He now says he was accompanied to Shawna/Gunny's location by famed minutewoman Laine Lawless, the person who set up the website JusticeforShawna: reports:
Stonex said it’s time for Lawless to publicly acknowledge that she met with Forde, 41, and co-defendant Jason Eugene Bush, 35, within hours of the killings. The meeting occurred at an Arivaca house that Stonex said he now believes was the home of Albert Gaxiola, the third defendant in the murder case.“She was there, too. She saw everything that I saw,” Stonex said of Lawless....

Stonex said he was in Arizona on May 30 for a quick
vacation when Forde called him about 8 a.m. and reported that one of her “scouts” had been hit in the leg by a ricochet bullet. She said she was in Arivaca, but made no mention of the killings there just hours earlier, Stonex said. Stonex said Bush got on the phone and asked him to pick up medical supplies, including sutures to close the wound to his leg. Stonex agreed to do so, but not until later in the day, after he attended a picnic at the Sierra Vista headquarters of American Border Patrol, a group run by Glenn Spencer.

Stonex said Forde called him at the picnic and asked to meet about 9 p.m. in Arivaca. He was talking with Lawless, who he said he’d met for the first time that day, and she asked to accompany him. They drove to the meeting place with Forde at a strip mall just off the highway. Forde showed up in a teal minivan, a vehicle that matches police reports of a similar one used hours before in killings. Stonex said that Forde led them to a small house in Arivaca where he provided some first aid to Bush. He said he was unable to find sutures to close the wound, but it wouldn’t have been possible in any case, because it was more of a large, superficial gouge.

“The bullet took a hunk of hide is what it did,” Stonex said. Forde and Lawless spoke together while he patched up Bush, Stonex said. Earlier, he said Lawless had stopped to buy note pads. Lawless later told him she hopes to find a way to sell Forde’s story, he said. Stonex said he left and returned to his hotel. He didn’t see Bush and Forde the next day, but hooked up with them in Tucson the day after. They ate dinner at a restaurant that specializes in Mexican-style seafood, Stonex said.

Stonex said he has taken a lot of heat for acknowledging his contact with Forde after the Arivaca killings, but he said that coming forward was the right thing.


Laura said...

Stonex is now saying Lawless has threatened him, and told him to keep his mouth shut. All the more reason he needs to speak up and tell the whole story.

Vicente Duque said...

Laughing at the Village Idiots that listen to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck - Obama Hypnotizing American Children for Fascist Communist Youth

Mike Papantonio of Air America's Ring of Fire and comedian and cartoonist Matt Filipowicz laugh at idiots. Very interesting conversation, these guys are intelligent and cultured.

September 10, 2009

Every so often we come across news stories that seem so outlandish and just plain crazy it makes you feel like youre the last one on the planet with a brain. About the only thing you can do in a situation like that is try to look at the humorous side of things, which is why Mike Papantonio of Air America's Ring of Fire spoke to comedian and cartoonist Matt Filipowicz about some of the most ridiculous antics of the GOP and the traditional media, including the president's alleged plot to indoctrinate our school children with liberal propaganda.

Obama's Plot to Brainwash School Children - PT. 1/2

Talk on Glenn Beck and his personal vendetta against Van Jones, an idiot forcing the resignation of an intelligent man.

Anthony "Van" Jones (born September 20, 1968) is an environmental advocate, civil rights activist, attorney, and author who served from March 16[1] to September 5,[2] 2009 as Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) in the United States.

It is shocking that an idiot like Glenn Beck forces the resignation of a man that is vastly superior to him in intelligence, achievement, projects, etc ...

Obama's Plot to Brainwash School Children - PT. 2/2

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

We should be loving and weeping for Glenn Beck - Instead of attacking him for being a fool without brains

First, before occupying myself with poor Glenn Beck I want to comment on Joe Wilson's insult to president Obama. This Republican Representative yelled "You Lie" to the President.

For me this insult to Obama was Racist, like Racists are the birthers, and those that paint a Hitler Moustache to Obama's Photo.

And Racists are the guys that don't want the President to speak to Children to tell them to be nice and study hard for a good future.

And Racists are the guys that say that Obama is Communist and dangerous against Liberties. Or that Obama is going to confiscate all guns and rifles.

They are pathetic in their hatred and fear .... they are poor, or ignorant or failed in life ... they are losers and want to blame Mr Obama for their lack of success in Love, Sex, Business, etc ...

That is the Mechanics of Racism. Even rich guys like Glenn Beck have a horrible past.

Glenn's father abandoned him, Glenn's mother committed suicide when he was a child, Glenn was alcoholic and used pleasure drugs. Later he became a Mormon, intimate friend of God and weeper wrapped up in the flag.

We should be weeping for Glenn Beck instead of attacking him for being a fool without brains. We didn't have his sufferings and traumas. Now he is very rich, but he is perturbed.

Seriously, we may be poor or sick or have bad luck in business, we may be not millionaires, but we didn't suffer from lack of love in our childhood.

We may be unemployed and stop eating the best Beef Steaks, but at least we knew caring love in childhood, and we want to give love to others, instead of perturbing the beehives of Hatred and Fear.

If God exists then please bless Glenn, and forgive us when we laugh at the histrionic foolishness of this guy of one thousand gestures, grimaces and facial expressions.

Vicente Duque

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