Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hypocrite Gingrich Launches a New Hispanic Website

gawker.com reports:
Newt Gingrich Ama el Dinero Más que ser Racista
Pudgy philandering futurist Newt Gingrich has always opposed brown people and their filthy ghetto language, Spanish. Which is why (??) he is launching a Spanish-language political web site, because he might as well try to make some money off these dirty people.
Gingrich Communications has launched The Americano, a bilingual political news site aimed at Latinos that "will seek to make a profit from advertising." It is being run by Sylvia Garcia, his director of Hispanic outreach. To repeat: It is bilingual. You can choose to get your news in English or in Spanish, a choice that Newt Gingrich—the man whose company is launching this web site—believes is corrosive to our culture:

"Allowing bilingualism to continue to grow is very dangerous," Gingrich said in Atlanta. "We should insist on English as a common language. . . . That's what binds us together." That's from 1995, when Gingrich was defending his massive cuts to bilingual education and support for English-only legislation. As recently as 2007, he repeated the sentiment, saying Spanish people should stop speaking the "language of living in the ghetto," i.e., Spanish, the language of The Americano, of which he is the publisher.

In fact, according to the site's "principles," the editors of The Americano "will..renew our commitment to American values, language and history as the prerequisite for U.S. citizenship." You can read that in Spanish here. So it's basically a web site for illegal immigrants. To yell at them.


Vicente Duque said...

This is the champion of Hypocrisy.

That is why You Dee, and all bloggers are so important. To unmask this Hypocrite.

Hypocrite means "mask" in Ancient Greek, the "Hypocrite" is the mask of the Actor in the Greek Theater.

We have to show the Lies, the Bastardy and Hypocrisy of some Republicans. To all Latinos, so that they don't commit the mistake of voting for the scoundrels that despise and harm them, and that want to evict and dislodge everything Hispanic from the USA, including the language and the culture.

Thanks for your opportune and important informations.

The Politics, Statistics, Demography, Numbers, and Polls of Latinos :


Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Are we to take it that you approve of gutter language? R: the Spanish language version -- you can't convince anyone or even communicate with them if they do not understand English. This is a good example of what Gingrich is saying. In order to communicate with this segment of his audience he has to have two versions an hire someone to translate the English version into Spanish. There can be no greater waste and no greater indication of the disunity that will be the direct result of those who refuse to support English as the Official Language of the United States. I call it treasonous.

ultima said...

Don't yuh just love all the name-calling and epithets that one reads here?

ultima said...

The natural reflex of people who are not used to hearing people disagree with them and who are determined to shut them up is to call them racists.
This comes naturally to liberals, especially those educated in our great colleges and universities, so many of which have speech codes whose primary aim is to prevent the expression of certain conservative ideas and which are commonly deployed for that purpose.

Now, no one likes criticism very much, and most politicians would prefer to have their colleagues and constituents meekly and gratefully agree with them on pretty much everything.

And yes, Rep. Joe Wilson did seem to have broken the rules and standards of decorum of the House (though not of the British House of Commons) when he shouted "You lie!" in the middle of Obama's speech. But none of this justifies the charges, passed off as cool-headed analysis, that Obama's critics are motivated by racism.

There are plenty of nonracist reasons to oppose (or to support) the Democrats' health care proposals.

America depends on the informed dissent of the loyal opposition. We can learn from each other if we listen to each other with an open mind. Let's give Newt the benefit of the doubt. As a former very effective Speaker of the House, whatever he says or writes has at least as much validity as any Pelosi utterances.

ultima said...

Publishing something in Spanish cannot be seen as hypocrisy if its objective is to inform and educate people on the issues, especially those related to language. Dee's father had it right when he told his kids to learn to speak English without an accent. He deserves immense credit for his perspicacity in that regard. If all fathers did that, we would have no language problems and our country would be better off for it.

ultima said...

"...stop speaking the "language of living in the ghetto,"

Same message Cosby was trying to give to the Black kids!

ultima said...

Great idea! Hispanics should be Republicans naturally.

Dee said...

If it walks like a racist duck, quacks like a racist duck....it IS...

I don't know why the ducks get so offended when they are called ducks. It is what it is.

Dee said...

Of course he is being hypocrital. Go to my spanish website so i can tell you in your own language that you are stupid not to speak englsh.


ultima said...

Dee wrote, "So it's basically a web site for illegal immigrants. To yell at them."

To give them sound advice regarding how to succeed as Americanos and earn the friendship and acceptance of other Americans.

ultima said...

El Duque wrote, "Hypocrite means "mask" in Ancient Greek, the "Hypocrite" is the mask of the Actor in the Greek Theater."

Why use this ancient and outmoded meaning of hypocrite instead of the modern meaning?

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